[3.12] Shattering Steel Champ Quick guide

This isnt anything special just noticed alot of build focusing around splitting steel, and have been questioning as to why! I took a splitting steel build (a 3.10 remake of an impale lancing?) modified it a bit, changed out some stats and did the math. came out with 4.5 million dps shattering! (at point blank) currently PoB doesnt calculate distance or shard consumption, where as splitting doesnt gain damage for such things shattering does, and BIG. i just wanted to share my PoB and anyone that has questions can message me in game anytime, its performing very well, easy early and mid game, by the end it plans to use very expensive equipment tho, but could easily still pull 2 mill on <1 ex budgets. anywho: heres the Pob:
If theres any further questions on mechanics, alternatives, ect ect, please message here or in game (just add my account name as a friend)

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end game viable? pale court,uelder,ushaper ect..?

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