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Hi dudes,
My name is guggelhupf and im creating Hideouts since Jun, 2016 when my first Hideout The Mysterious Cave was in GGG's Hideout Showcase.

In this thread i will share all my little creations wich i did and will do in the future. Together with Path_of_Derrok and Sie_Sayoka ive created a Community Discord Server all about Hideouts. Feel free to join :)

Klick here for my Youtube Channel

Here you will find all my Hideouts ive done in the past and will do in the furture.

These Hideouts got featured by GGG's Hideout Showcase <3

And here are all other Hideouts from me ;)

My other Hideouts

The Unknown

The Forsaken Shrine


Secret Laboratory

The Expedition

The End of Time

Somewhere in Nowhere

If you PC is too bad or you dont know how to do it. Maybe you dont have the right programms for it etc I offer a Video Service for your own Hideout.


1.) Just leave me a comment here in my thread. I will PM you then with my Discord name so we can discuss all the details like Music, Text etc.
2.) I will record the Hideout on EU-London Realm, so be sure to relog into this realm before.
3.) I will upload the Video on my Youtube Channel and post it here in this Thread, but i cant give you the file because its too big to share for me (around 7-12 GB). So if you want, you can download it from my Youtube channel with an extern programm. If you want to upload it again, please give me credits for making the video for you <3
4.) i will post all your information into the decription you like (youtube channel, profile, forum thread etc).

Here you will find all Hideouts I recorded for the Community

Grey's Hideout : Green Eyes
Hinaro's Unearthed Hideout - Desperate Measures
Epee's Coral Hideout - Argyr Township

Here i will upload all my single & areal Creations. Some with Videos, some only Screenshots.

Map Devices



Light in the Dark

Protect the Tree of life

Dimension Portal

Vulcanic Map Device

Last Hope

This was build in the Shaped Hideout MTX

Download <<<--- save this as "name.hideout" so you can load it and if you use it for your own hideout, i would appriciate some credits ;)


Cave Waypoint (Screenshot by GGG)

Molten Waypoint

Lava Fountain

My Builds & Hideouts:
Hideout Community Discord:
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[Celestial Hideout] The Business Robbery Crew - A Hideout for all the Heist Crews out there [No MTX]

Youtube Video

This is the best place for a real Big Boss. With a planing room for the Heist, enough space for your Crew and of course a Treasure Room for all your stolen Loot from a Grand Heist Mission.

My Builds & Hideouts:
Hideout Community Discord:
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