[3.12] Emperor's Burning Arrow Flame Wall Elementalist

Hi there! This isn't going to be an in-depth guide, basically just a PoB and a showcase video paired with some explanations. Might put some time into this later, but for now playing the game takes priority.

Anyway, about the build! I've hit yellow maps and haven't run into any issues during either clear or bossing, except for porcupines. A CWDT setup with corpse removal could probably fix that to an extent, and I do have the sockets for it, but I'm a softcore player so for now I'm using those to augment my dps and considering an explode mod body armor to fix the problem eventually instead.

Build concept is to have Flame Wall automated when firing Burning Arrow, by using the Asenath's Chant unique helm. Elementalist provides some good damage and QoL, including immunity to elemental ailments which is great.

PoB: https://pastebin.com/wZX5Wsdv
Video: https://youtu.be/A7SXlEFbQN4
Character: Firewall_Breacher, my profile is public if you want a look

Leveling can be done either as Burning Arrow or Fireball.

Benefits from Flame Wall are being able to apply a DoT through proximity shields, and to enemies that are otherwise immune to ignite, which is pretty nice.

That's it for now - thanks for having a look at this. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, and feedback in general would be much appreciated!
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Cool stuff ! Thanks for sharing.
Your build still good? because i dont see anyone play like this, even on poe.ninja and now you play other build xD i just wonder
This isn't the most efficient use of flame wall, and you're not really explaining your Flame wall links, or Burning Arrow links.

For one thing; both Wands/Bows count as attacks, so Flame wall, which qualifies as a Spell, can be Spellslingered. Spellslinger, although it counts as a mana reserved, is a far more viable and flexible setup to create large amplification of Flame wall to procs, and since you're attempting to run a bow build, and likely a dex build, it might be worth investing in the new Replica Alpha's howl and having 4 Heralds with Mana Reserve reduction from Herald rings/enchantments/etc, since your Elementalist both has Immune to elemental reflect, and acendancies which reduce Herald reserves, this is almost a given build to try.

My advice:
Get a Alpha Howl with the +4 Herald mod.
Switch from Bow to Wand, and use a wand attack like Power Siphon
Link the Wand attack with a Hextouch and whatever primary elemental you're going to fuel (like Flammability).
Link Flame Wall with Spell Cascade/Spellslinger/Burning Damage
Invest in enough mana reserve reduction that you can have 3-4 Heralds including possibly Herald of Agony/Purity/Fire, and one other.

The rest would be up to you, but the output from this synergy and the lack of need to bow attach with an Asenath's opens you up to far more flexible gem filling on other slots to build defensively or add other interesting projectile interactions (like Flame Golems which throw projectiles, or Spectres with a lot of projectile attacks like a Redemption Sentry or Night Adder)

In HC I'm currently running this, and my spectres are linked in a Moonsorrow for screenwide blinding on hits, and my projectiles all flow through 3 Flame walls, for massive scaling and burning. It literally takes a pile of some 50-70 Heist mobs for me to even be hit, because I have a Vaal Power Siphon, and can just Frostblink in and Vaal Siphon the entire team. creating a screen-wide Flame wall inferno, culling all the weak ones.

I also use Holy Relic, have a Stone Golem, will have an Animated Guardian, and convert half my phys damage to cold with a Hrimsorrow. Zombies have Feeding Frenzy, which essentially makes monsters aggro my minions before me, and gets my projectile minions attacking before I set up my flame walls on Power Siphon, so the timing of kills is almost instant on everything.

Pyre is also worthwhile if you plan to use Flame wall. Massive Burning Damage boost.
Your build is a minion build. This ia a burning arrow build.

You are suggesting make a completely different build, which is crap advice.

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