[3.12] Omeglich's Frost "Night" Blade Dual-Claw Champion | League-Starter

Almos 87 level and it feels... Good! Way better than raider version in toughness, decent damage. I use mark of the elder and ring with curse on hit.
I am this... Plz tell me what to change https://pastebin.com/hLJ55btP
Hey mate! I wanna ask if theres a way to make your build 2x1h sword? I love swords, but hate claws.. If its possible would you make a PoB version of that please?
Nice build guide you got here mate! Any chances that you will update it ?
I'm having a lot of mana sustain issues on bosses, can anyone advise? I pretty much have the build in its entirety, with rare chest and enlighten lvl 2

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