[3.12] Hexblast Shenanigans


More to come when league launches.
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Why punishment instead of frostbite? Hexblast hits the lowest ele res and you have void beacon.

Also herald of ice is not in build, and you're running crit on a primary that can freeze.

Also I see bane in the links but I am pretty sure you're going to have to hand-cast each separate curse, which functionally limits you to two curses.

Just some thoughts I'm kicking around.
Shaper, guardians and Sirus have 50% ele resistance and 30% chaos resistance. So with Frostbite and Despair we have 7% cold and -6% chaos. If it can't choose chaos resistance then yeah we should run frostbite. Also maybe ele weaknees+frostibte could deal more damage I'm not sure since hexblast is not in PoB yet.

Since we're not scaling cold damage I think that herald of ice would be lackluster. We don't need any more clear speed, the bosses are gonna be more of a problem.

I picked up Doomsday in the tree, I don't know if it's gonna work with bane if it doesn't then maybe Vixen's Entrapment, but I'm not sure if that counts either.
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And whats with EE?
You can cast fireball or something else pro EE then Frostbite and its -94 cold resistance.
BtW you are post Ghazzy`s build ;)
You could use Eelemental Equilibrium but Light of Lunaris adds cold damage to spells so you would need to drop it. Also frostblink deals cold damage so that would need to be changed too. We don't have a lot of gem sockets left, we could remedy this with unset rings. I'm not saying it's a bad idea, it just isn't what I had in mind. After league starts I'll test it and write more. Keep tuned :)

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