Heist Patch Notes, Item Filter and Passive Tree Information

GGG, please do NOT downgrade unique map tiers this time when using the convert button in the stash tab

T14-T16 unique maps turned to T1-T3 or so last time, which is a HUGE loss in value
Hum, the tower map turning Tier One map, could farm it early for nurse card or shav's card .... not bad.
what will be awesome is if GGG can bring in an ingame POB that once imported will choose next passive point as you level up, will make respeccing a tad more difficult, but as a player you will just have to work around it.
Reddit post to update your POB until launch so you can do some planning.


More to master, For a sake of learning, or to stay amused, is on you to decide Exile.........

Am sure, one day we are going to get a game that has beginning, middle and the end, and that game will be deemed the best game ever made.....
so, where's the new tree?
Capacity Rod
Potentiality Rod
Eventuality Rod

Haha !
Nice league for fishing, ain't it ?
tier 16 map pool is just dumb.
fk archnemesis.
Forget a Tabula when you can farm a Kaoms or Shavs in T1.
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