[3.12] Pathfinder Lightning Wander - Spell Damage version

This is a variant off a classic lightning stack wander. Since the Corruption Bite was ripped, I have created a new wand for the build that uses Spell Damage as a bonus source of scaling.

See Toma's wander guide for more information, it is very comprehensive:

The wand thread is here.

Regular gear


Usual setup

Pretty self explanatory. The sulphur flask is actually pretty good. Multiple flasks uses on base flask + chemist's and warding = permanent curse immunity. You can also use a stibnite base.


Dying Sun feels great for mapping since you get extra projectiles for KB. You can still get +3 with the flask effect on belt and alchemist's genius from cluster jewel

Bottled Faith is a great alternative to Vinktar, I use this in leagues since I hate the one time use on the current versions of Vinktar. Also helps you reach a good crit chance.

Trickster in a bottle. Great for general mapping/delving.
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