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Welcome to my shop! (Last Updated Thursday, September 17, 2020 12:18 AM),

Please message me here or ingame if something catches your eye. My IGN is zMaick.




          Divination Card          

          Abyss Jewels          



~price 60 chaos

~price 2 exa

~price 20 chaos


~price 2 exa


          Map Fragments          

          Tier 1 - 5          

          Tier 6 - 10          

          Tier 11 - 15          

          Tier 16          


          Quality Gems          

          Quality Gems 1-5      

          Quality Gems 11-15    

          Quality Gems 16-20    

~price 1 exa

          Drop Only Gems          

          Popular Gems          

~price 1 exa

          Aura Gems          

~price 1 exa

          Curse Gems          

~price 1 exa

          Support Gems          


~price 49 chaos

~price 1 exa

          Leveled Gems          

~price 1 exa

~price 1 exa

~price 1 exa

          Vaal Gems          

          Dual Res Gear          

          IIR/IIQ Gear          

~price 60 chaos

          Weapons and Armor          









          Divine Vessels          

          Offering to the Goddess          



Thanks for visiting!

Some items in this post are currently unavailable.
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