[3.12] My league starter: Chin sol Galvanic arrow super cheap 3m+ dps

Galvanic arrow looks dope! So does the new rage belt!

Pob link: https://pastebin.com/EGUQLvf9
(the arrow and the cone hit simultaneously with barrage support so the pob damage is always doubled)

Theorycrafting the idea for the build

Why did i chose galvanic arrow?
The first big reason is that it can function both as a clear and a bossing skill, this means that i only need one 6l and not 2 as bow builds usually do. As a plus, i don't need any gem swap, expecially with the helmet enchant.

Chin sol is good option since we want to attack from close range anyway, we don't want to stack flat damage since galvanic arrow only has 99% effectiveness of added damage, making the MORE multiplier looking better, and it cost only 1c.

Playing with Chin sol means playing with Empire's grasp (another 1c item) to counter its downside (and king of the hill skill point too). These items are the only 2 uniques required EARLY, and with a random 6L chest they will carry you to t16 maps with 1+M dps. Look at the levellig skill tree.

Empire grasp is a shit item and forces us to build around it since it doesn't have a life roll and has a armor roll instead.
This means no evasion build and no acrobatics if you want to have good defences.
We need to go armor, and since we only need one 6L we can use a kaom's heart later in the game (not necessary, start playing with a random 6l chest) to counter the lack of life roll on the gloves.

One positive side about Empire's grasp is that it's a great corrupt and double corrupt target (being so cheap to aquire), and there are plenty of good outcomes.

Other unique choices explained

Hyrri's truth is a cheap way to fill out accuracy standing at 25c, and it's very hard to beat.

Mark of the elder is a cheap staple for attack damage builds, hard to beat, but not mandatory.

Lioneye's fall here is better then any cluster jewel option, stands at 50c, good idea to grab later in the game.

Thread of hope is another 50c item not mandatory but a good way to enhance the build later in the game.

Split personality life/int is not a very popular roll so you might be able to snipe one for very chep: it fills int requirements and provides 150 total max life. This is highly recomended but not mandatory.

Dying sun is a lategame option too, not mandatory.

If you feel spicy and willing to lose 1+k life you can try inpulsa for fancy explosions, or any other explode chest or just swap skitterbots for Herald of ice...

Skill choice

The build is kinda socket starved since i want to use kaom.
There are 2 choices.

The first is using dash with no Second Wind, so we can play mirage archer rain of arrows + ele weakness + knockback from empire grasp (great utility for grabbing distant mobs), allowing us to go for a crit corruption on gloves.

The second is going for a ele weakness on hit curse as corruption on gloves, losing the damage because of the level 12 curse and lack of crit corruption, but we gain more mobility with second wind support and more defence with enfeeble in the cwdt setup, allowing also space for spell totem + wave of conviction or just taunt totem.

Very early levelling
I will try out holy flame totem since it's a projectile skill and i'm tired of melee levelling.
I will swap at act 3 (Siosa) or keep it until i can find a good bow or the damage falls off hard.

If you have any questions or if you try this build let me know in the comments!

Gl hf

Last bumped on Dec 14, 2020, 8:32:17 PM
Sweet build, only showing 1M dps though?
1m is with the levelling tree, it's 1.7m with the endgame tree.

Then, because of how barrage works, the cone and the arrow will hit at the same time, so it's 1.7mil from cone + 1.7mil from arrow.

Btw if you want to play this build just level up with Quill rain, it will be a blast.

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