[3.12] [WIP] [League Start] 9 Curses Ice Nova/Blade Vortex making Doedre great again

Haku666 wrote:
You'd need to find replacement curses for "LV 20 Assassin's Mark - LV 10 Poacher's Mark - LV 10 Warlord's Mark" in the armour to make it viable. And a good portion of damage is triggered from these 3. You could trigger all 6 remaining curses from armour slot and free up room for something else.

It makes me feel sad that I must agree with you. Replacing Marks will really hinder some of our defences and some of our offense, but I already have a new theory in mind and I'll try making the theory tonight or maybe tomorrow. Vitality's rework seems interesting and makes us get a little closer to achieving Righteous Fire with 100% uptime, which is something I really hope I can achieve!

hey, did this new patch rip the shit out of this build, what's ur opinioin to this and is this still playable :D didnt quite understand the hexe's etc thin's :D

Well yes, but actually no. It is still playable; (the Blade Vortex variant at least. I wouldn't say it is dead, but rather will need some changes. The Whispering Ice had received a massive buff and I really got an eye on it. Perhaps dropping MoM to become a CI build and stack INT instead? That is a possibility. Also Punishment now gives us Explode on Kill for free and we've got some good buffs too.

* The Corruption cluster has moved to where Whispers of Doom used to be. It now has 6 passives, with the original passives making up the entry and left path. The notable now grants 0.2% of Chaos damage leeched as Energy Shield. The right path grants 4% Chaos Resistance penetration on each passive.

*The new Dark Intent cluster has been added where Skittering Runes used to be. It grants increases to the Effect of your Curses, reduced Mana Reservation of Curse Aura skills, increased damage with Hits and Ailments against Cursed Enemies, and additional starting Doom for all Hexes you apply.

These lines from the patch notes give me a huge hope just because MAYBE the Dark Intent cluster will let us drop Doedre's Scorn to get something else! Also the Corruption cluster will give us some survivability, which looks great.

I tested both at Standard League and Ice Nova doesn't seem to be good enough to play. As K33LIN said, it is waaay too much of a setup to do anything. But long story short, the build is not dead, just evolving to something more kinky.
How about going with Duskdawn staff and go for more block? We gain a lot of block, crit also 15% elemental dmg as extra chaos but we lose a lot of mana.
Hey, im deciding build today so have you ended up with what now 😄
Do you really want to play through curses, build a worker? Provide the changes you want
New tree after the 3.12 passive tree changes?

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