Huge Sale on Pets and Hideout Decorations This Weekend

Would've been more interesting with the occasionally free box on top of it. Pets and Hideout decorations are my least favorite MTX.
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I counted exactly 200.

200 = more than 200 mtx

So this must be even newer "new math" (which is now old school).
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Necessity may be the mother of invention, but poor QoP in PoE is the father of frustration.

The perfect solution to fix Trade Chat:
sadly the sheep pet isn't on sale.

aren't sheep the natural symbol of nz, err wraeclast? closely followed by kiwis?
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They don't even pick up gold, guess the technology just isn't here yet
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I probably beat a dead horse because it has been suggested multiple times in the past, but it would be great if GGG could come up with a new model for their hideout MTXs.

Currently it is completely impossible to build an hideout based on the hideout mtxs for a reasonable cost. Having made several fully decorated hideouts I can say that I usually need between 50 to 100+ decorations to wall up an hideout, giving that a wall mtx is on average $5 that'd would be $250 - $500 per hideout. No one will put that much money for an hideout, I have never seen anybody using a lot of these MTXs decorations for a reason.

I do believe that it'd be a lot more profitable for both GGG and the players to get a reasonable pricing model when it comes to the hideout mtxs. Ideally, as it's been suggested multiple times, it would be great to just unlock them as a new decoration as you'd do for an hideout, but I also know that they are used as a filler for the MTX boxes which means once a decoration has been unlocked it'd be necessary to design more decorations for GGG so people feel like they've gained something from the box.

Selling them per let's say 20-30+ would be nice and it'd at least make it possible to make a small hideout with them. Many of these decorations are great and could be used to make so much more things in the hideout department, which would result in more sales for GGG for both tilesets/decorations and even boxes, but at the present moment they're just way too expensive. I can understand that a shiny classy throne is expensive, but decorations such as walls/floor/supplies that you need in great number should be sold in large bulk for the same price.
My hideout thread :
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Can GGG make golden retriever pet pretty pls???

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