[3.12] HunterKee's💨Splitting Steel🗡️|| League Start || Fast Mapper & Max Block

In 3.11 Splitting steel is a new "MELEE" skill gem that shoot projectile and split in range (Basically melee tornado shot). It has build-in 60% chance to impale and really good flat damage in the gem. Also you could get the gem super early which make it a decent league start Zoom Zoom build.

When you consume a steel shard, it will keep split and clear packs for you. A new "Call of steel" can give us instant shard if there are impaled enemy nearby.

League Start Update:
Since POB update and in game testing and the bug we had, you could use Concentrated Effect instead of slower projectile.

Thus, you will need at least 30 int on gear.

For marks, sniper marks really good at early game, assassin mark on ring will be better in late game

The new jewel wont help that much on single target but really smooth the playstyle

You should get 100% speed with damage

Build Review

Reach rank1 Gladiator dps on 9/25/2020.

After I did all the thing and content, now I have a good understanding of splitting steel the skill itself.

Splitting steel has build in impale and split mechanic. This means with call of steel, our map clear are really insane. You dont really need a lot of investment to speed farm maps.

However, you do need some investment to deal good amount of single target damage. If you are not really understand standard attack build league start, it might has lack of dps.

In the end game min-max, para with saviour are our best choices of weapon because saviour summon will have infinite shard which can also proc by call of steel.

I will be working on my next build so I wont be upgrade my splitting steel gear that often.

Thanks for@Archernick invest a lot of currency into this build and give huge amount of feedback and how well it proferm with min-max gear

Change Log
9/23/2020 T16 Mapping video up
9/20/2020 Early T5 mapping playstyle showcase video
9/19/2020 Update POB, gem section and assassin mark ring
9/17/2020(3.12) Build has been made

https://pastebin.com/qEsKJ6Hk (Budget)

https://pastebin.com/P6zN17gT (Min-Max)

Gem Link
Main Link:





This weapon will give us Farshot and +2 proj for each


A really nice chest to scale projectile damage. Also try to get URSA, it will give you more dmg and use rallying cry.

This could give you intimidate on hit

You could use this ring and another shaper ring to boost our projectile damage if our other ring are shaper ring. We want to have a assassin mark on hit ring which are also shaper base.

All other rare
Try to more life and resistance. If you want to use Divine flesh, also looking for chaos resistance

Early Flask:

Min-Max Flask:

You could use Divine Flesh or Corrupted Soul for defense option

Rare Jewel Looking for :
Crit multi
Crti multi while dual wielding
Projectile damage

Bandit: Kill all

Arena Challenger -> Painforged -> Versatile Combatant -> Outmatch and Outlast
Anointment: Command of Steel

Major: Soul of Solaris
Minor: Soul of Gruthkul

Leveling Tips
Splitting Steel - Piece - Maim
Splitting Steel - impale - Brutality - Vicious Projectiles -> Maim -> Slower Projectile

Utility help for single target:
Ancetral Protector, War Banner, culling strike

Check your hit chance:

Why Gladiator?
Because compare to other choice, gladiator has pretty good defense also is really fast. Its gonna help us to farm Heist and not dying to lose every loot.

Why not melee crit multi when this is a melee skill
Splitting steel use weapon to fire a projectile. Our main damage are projectile which does not scale with a lot of "melee" keyword node. This gem dont have melee tag.
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This is exactly what im looking for. I was planning on champion but gladiator
just has so much QoL with challenger charges....

Ill be following this closely as league start approaches
Bookmarking this
Please make my dream of becoming Magneto come true.
what about call of steel?
Last edited by helpmetodie on Sep 17, 2020, 4:43:18 AM
helpmetodie wrote:
what about call of steel?

You will have call of steel when you use any steel skill. Is kinda like focus.
Sick looking build! Gah I can't decide between this or champion
What do you think about single target? Will it be good?
RichRamp wrote:
What do you think about single target? Will it be good?

Well base on my purely calculation, with that unique sword you can end up about 1M shaper DPS which is pretty good for a zoom build.

Also, in game you will have the new Sniper Mark to help boosting your single target damage.

The return feature might be super good and I will need to test that out.
Thoughts on a deadeye for the chain? I’m stuck between scaling the impale damage vs pure projectile deadeye.

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