[3.13] Rustys Vaal EQ 2h 6-25M+ Bleed Dot Beginner Friendly League Start into Sirus 8 Farmer

Hello Exiles

I'm Rusty this is my Earthquake Gladiator Two Hand Ailment Bleed build

This build is designed for New and Existing players to enjoy an easy to play character that will excel for a league start & Sirus 8 killer whether you are a SSF or Trade League player item choices and combos are designed to never reach a damage wall.

3.13 Ritual League

Maven kill showcase

Echoes of the Atlas Buff/Nerfs
Harvest Crafting actual crafting returns
Gems + Warcry Fortify for Unbound Ailments
3.13 Ascendancy Gladiator
-5% more bleeding about -3mil dot

Blood in the Eyes now gives: Attacks have 50% chance to cause Bleeding Buff
More consistent Blind in Blood stance while bossing Buff

The -5% more bleeding damage resulted in me pathing a different direction this means that pathing for Thread of Hope is no longer the most effective way to build the character. I have decided to completely remove the use of this as too many people rush this option and do not build a foundation which results in a overall lack of damage.


- Kill all + 2 passives

The Pantheon

Major God

Minor God

Labyrinth Trials

Normal Labyrinth Arena Challenger
Cruel Labyrinth Blood in the Eyes
Merciless Labyrinth Gratuitous Violence
Uber Labyrinth Outmatch and Outlast

Pros: Cheap League start | All-Content | Bosses Killer | Dash Mobility| Awakened Gem Options
Cons: Warcry Rotations | Glass Cannon Feel | Leap Slam bugged | Gem Attribute requirements - 70 Int & 126 Dex

Damage 10/10
Survivability 6/10
Mobility 5/10
Life pool 7/10

Quite easy to reach 5.5-7k Health 3 Clusters 5 Generic Jewels. War Cry Damage/Defence bonuses. 2 Stances, 1 Banner, 2-3 Auras. You will want at least -7Mana cost to both rings.

My own Thoughts on Defence in PoE

Every single build that ever existed in Path of Exile that reached immortality status was nerfed this includes Aura stacker and 1hp Builds. GGG do not want the player base to play any character that has so much defence it kills build diversity and trumps all content easily.

This build goes all in on Damage and forces you the player to adapt to boss mechanics. You can skip boss mechanics if you "phase" which means dealing enough damage to bypass boss mechanics similar to Izaro in Uber Lab 0-100 him and he goes back under you can do this to every single boss in PoE.

GGG doesn't seem to nerf high damage builds only builds that are popular and since this is a very off-meta build chances are slim. I prefer to double down on damage with this build.

Path of building

You may have to keep Community Pob Fork up to date to see links sorry

You will not tell what your Tooltip dps is in Pathofexile you need Pobfork it will say like 4-12k when in reality your doing around 5-9mil Bleed Dot which is 18-70mil total dps

I would highly recommend downloading and running this App it will inform you with more advanced tools that help you scale any build especially Bleed and Impale


Axes were the better version and I only want to update this Weapon type

Two Hand Axes

41 AoE Radius | Higher damage| Higher Attack speed

Budget Anoint: Fangs of the Viper | Risk Management
End game Anoint: Dirty Techniques

All Damage versions are dependant on how good your 60% more bleeding weapon is a 750pdps will get 20mil with other high end gear.

Cluster Jewel Version League start with 1.5mil dot 5L + Warcry

Cluster Jewel Version End game with legion Jewels Glorious Vanity Xibaqua/ Lethal Pride lvl 95+ 15-25mil

Cluster Jewel with Intuitive Leap lvl 97+ 20-35mil
Late Game only 50-100ex

Thread of Hope / Unbound Ailment 10-20mil.
10-30ex Outdated overall weaker now

League Start and 90% of people's Passive Tree

Levelers Sweep Gem Setup

All other sections are very detailed I recommend browsing through them to understand the Passive Tree Pob, Gearing options and Flasks.

Sweep is a Two handed only skill gem to get you the player used to two handed gameplay when you switch to Vaal Earthquake. We will run generic melee physical gems for this skill only.

Attack setup
Act 1-2
3L 3R or 2R1G Cleave had better acceleration with no items 1H skill

4L Pick up Sweep level 12 and switch to a 2H weapon

Act 3-10 - You should have done Normal Labyrinth by now

5L x5R or 5L 4xR1xG

Optional Drop War Banner on Act Bosses for banner buffs
Act 1 Blood&Sand (Sand Stance)

Act 2 - 2L Flesh n Stone with Maim (Blood Stance) Drop Blood&Sand

Act 3 keep at level 5

Act 4-9

Leap Slam is good for bridge jumping. Dash is superior get used to it
Act 1

Act 2 2L Leap Slam with Faster attacks

Act 3 2L Dash with Second wind

War cry & Totem
Act 1
Enduring Cry has huge life regeneration better than any Life flask

Intimidating cry keeps enemies close + Double damage for 2 hits

Ancestral Protector provides significant attack speed

Act 4 2L
Lvl 5
Lvl 7

Viridian Mana Leech Jewel
Act 4-9 try to get this done asap
You will want to find and craft or purchase a Viridian Jewel with a physical damage Leeched as mana jewel in order to run a Sulphur flask so you will no longer have to use a mana flask

Act 10

Firstly you should have your Vaal Earthquake & supported gems with enough experience to transition into this skill. We hold them in the weapon swap while we finish up the Acts.
If you have not already done your 3rd Labyrinth now is a good time before engaging Kitava because straight after the fight you will get minus penalty to resistances. Which then will start a new storyline of quest chains for white maps.

Vaal Earthquake With Fortify Setup

You should 20 Quality all your gems especially movement

Vaal Earthquake is the attack gem of choice and while we do not scale this build to use attack gems we will utilize the Aftershock only to gain huge amounts of more multipliers from Normal and Vaal versions respectfully normal 150% and Vaal 350% more ailment damage at level 1.

With the Addition of Heist League we now have even more ways to mid-max through the use of Alternative quality gems throughout this section you will see gems I have chosen as they were what I tested and prefer.

Body Armor Vaal Earthquake

Starting 5L is no Swift affliction

End game much more important to upgrade Swift first as it doesn't mess with duration

Weapon Warcry & Dash

Starting 6 socket 4L with 2L | 5L add Dash | 6L add Enhance

Weapon Swap Ensnaring Arrow

3L set up I like to use culling strike until it's crafted on my weapon

Helm Mobility + Defence

Gloves Auras/Stances
Blood&Sand always then Pride or Herald of Purity + Vitality lvl7-13

Boots Stance & War banner

Check List

Consider this your Item upgrade list

1) Mana Physical leech jewel
2) Physical/Damage over time Cluster Jewel
3) Vulnerability on hit Ring level 5-8
4) Chaos Resistance Positive at least +50%
5) Elder Rare Weapon with 60% more bleeding starting at 500Pdps+
6) Physical damage over time Amulet Optional Gloves
7) 100% Elemental Ailment Avoid Bench Crafts
8) Awakened Gems x2 level 1 with 20 quality
Awakened Brutality provides a minor buff this makes it optional
9) 6L Warlord Influenced Chest with +1 socket support gems & -15 mana cost to attacks

Path of Exile has changed so much over the years that now in Yellow to Red Map tier content Map Mods, Bosses, Betrayal encounters, Temple of Atzoal, Conquerors and Guardians plus Delve you need positive Chaos Resistance or you will die without knowing really why

Equipment slots



Entry is 6 socket and 4L | 5L is better


Hezmana's with the cluster set up used all the way up until sirus 4 crazy right. We get to reserve Blood&Sand/Flesh+Maim/War banner and Pride or Herald of purity + Vitality. This makes it so no other weapon is better early on.

Rare Weapon

If you are unable to craft an Elder weapon with 60% more bleeding getting your hands on a high Pdps weapon will feel better when Hezmana's damage feels too slow.

I would advise to aim to have an Elder rare with 60% more bleeding by the time you engage Sirus 6-8 which is t14-16 maps

Elder mod 60% more bleeding Weapon

Whether you make a 600 or 800+ PDPS weapon these are extremely strong and you will kill Sirus 8 very easily with one if you are new to crafting or looking to buy these are perfect choices.

How to craft a 60% More Elder mod Weapon

With Harvest gone you are much more likely to hit only Physical and Bleed mods using a 3 socket Resonator

You will need an Item level 83 base to start this process

1) Socket a Perfect Fossils into a 1 socket resonator
2) Use a Perfect Fossil on the weapon aim for 25-30% quality
3) Socket in the Jagged, Dense and Corroded Fossils into a 3 socket resonator
4) You will notice hitting the 60% more bleeding mod more common now aim to start at 500 pdps then Bench Craft to boost damage even more

Ctrl Copy and Paste into Pob Fork to inform you on the pdps good luck

For a Axe you have 1 option

1) Karui Chopper Highest base damage Pdps weapon in game for bleed

So why even bother crafting one?


Body Armour

All-Rounder Body

Start of a fresh League rush Incursion in order to get to Maximum Life to Max Life body with resistances eg Horror Salvation below. Cheap 6Ls usually are corrupted 6L or Div cards

Influenced Body Armours

Astral Plate is the desired body armour however go with what you get/afford Warlord is now the ideal Influence from now on as you can gain access to -15 mana cost to attacks. +1 socketed gems will provide always give the most damage increase


Whether you decide to go with Rare or Influenced Rare Helmet you will need to get an open suffix for Avoid Elemental Ailment Bench craft

Since I have updated the build to use fortify we no longer gain more bleed duration from unbound ailments. This means if we ran Vulnerability curse effect the duration will drop below 4 seconds this is a nerf. Below are now the best enchants keep in mind an Elder helm with -9% Take physical is just as good as an enchanted helm.

Helmet Enchants

1) Increased Earthquake damage 40%
2) Increased Earthquake damage 25%
3) Attacks Exerted by Seismic cry deal 50% increased damage
4) Attacks Exerted by Seismic cry deal 35% increased damage
5) Pride has 15% reduced mana reservation
6) Flesh and stone has 20% reduced mana reservation
7) Dash has +2 Cooldown Uses | 100% Increased Travel Distance

Budget Helmet

High Life/ Resistances/ Chaos resistance/ Ailment Avoid Craft

Elder Influence Base with Ailment Avoid Crafts

Helmet must be Item level 85 for Nearby enemies Take 9% Increased Physical damage anything lower and your wasting your time. You may want to Awakener orb craft infuse Fortify increased Effect, Shock or Chill Conflux


Whether you decide to go with Rare or Influenced Rare Gloves you will need to get an open suffix for Avoid Elemental Ailment Bench craft

Generic Gloves

Life | Elemental Resistances & Chaos Resistance

Hunter DoT Gloves

Why hunter over Elder? Hunter has less overall mods that make crafting these gloves to get Life, Resistance, Physical Dot and open suffix


Boot Enchants

1) Regenerate Life per second if you were hit recently 1.5-2%
2) Attack/cast speed if killed recently 16%
3) Damage leeched as life if killed recently 0.6

Boots without Avoid Elemental Ailments

Life | Resistances | Chaos Resistance | Optional Attribute

Shaper Boots with Avoid Elemental Ailments

With the rework to the Atlas from 3.13 onwards Two-Tone base has become extremely cheap as they drop all the time aswell as adding influence onto body armour (boots). If you cannot get a Two-tone just get a regular pair with Life/ Resistance/ Avoid Ailment with Crafted Movement Speed

Blight League Anointment


Fangs of Viper Anointment
----- Clear,Teal,Azure

End-Game Cluster Jewel + Glorious Vanity
Dirty Techniques Anointment
----- Amber, Amber, Silver

End-Game Intuitive Leap
Disciple of the Slaughter
----- Amber, Verdant, Golden

Normal/Uber Atziri Queen of the Vaal
Risk Awareness Anointment
---- Clear, Verdant, Indigo

Optional Defensive
Crystal Skin Anointment
----- Sepia, Black, Silver


Scout Towers Range
---- teal,Violet

Scout Towers Damage
---- Amber, Amber


Budget Unique with Anoints

Carnage heart is generally dirt cheap good all rounder amulet

You may get this drop by today's standards this amulet is not very good. The exceptions are if you are in SSF and have this drop before gaining access to a Vulnerability ring then this is a buff.

Whether you sell or keep The Jinxed JuJu it provides high easy access Chaos resistances, Pride aura effect, Vulnerability curse effect, solid in Dexterity and Intelligence gains

Budget Rare & with Anoints

Crafted Life, Elemental Resistances, Attributes or Physical to attacks generally speaking these are your 1-5c range purchases | You can now get very cheap Anointed Talisman amulets if you are a smart buyer.

Elder or Hunter Influenced Physical DoT Amulets

Bases: Turquoise | Jade | Citrine | Onyx
Life | Physical damage over time | Elemental Resistances | Physical to attacks

Even after the removal of Thread of hope there it is still worth while crafting +1 minimum frenzy if you have the option to do this its 4% more damage per

Hunter Influenced Amulet

The Goal here is Life 16% Physical over time & +1 level of all strength gems Optional to craft +1 minimum Frenzy

Bases: Turquoise | Jade | Citrine


Abrasive = Damage | Fertile = Life | Intrinsic = Attribute


Ryslatha Coil

I'm tired of answering the question about this belt it honestly seems like most people look at PoE ninja and then ask me why I don't use the belt that every Bleed bow or Bleed Shield build uses. They scale their damage differently to how I do.
Bleed Shield builds: 1 notable Aggressive Bastion 30% Increased Physical "attack" damage while holding a shield. Bow builds = Vicious Projectiles and Lioneye's Fall Jewel

2H Vaal EQ = Aftershock gains 150% more ailment damage to get the most out of this we have Increased Physical damage & Global, Damage over time, Physical DoT, DoT, Ailment damage we also benefit from Adds Physical damage and Physical "to" Attacks.

Where is the Physical "attack" damage? none of the passives on the tree have this why would I want to go out of my way massively gimp myself to buff my average hit.

This means you can run the Elder Rustic Sash with a double increased Global Physical roll aim for at least 45-54% total (24% implicit + 21-30%).

Unique Belts

The Magnate

Can be used all the way until you craft your Elder Rustic look for 30% increased minimum.

Soul Tether

Provides an easy access to High Int and Defence purposes. People like this item alot however I will never use it.

Elder Belts

Global physical damage | Life | Resistances


Fertile = Life | Intrinsic = Attribute | Prismatic = Resistances


White|Yellow|Red Map Tier Rings

Vermillion | Cogwork | Two-Stone | Influenced | Synthesis based
Life | Elemental Resistances | Chaos resistance | Crafted Non-Channel Mana Cost | Optional Intelligence Attributes

Vulnerability Curse on Hit rings

The Cluster Jewel version will require at least one ring to have -7 mana cost along with Warlords -15 to 6. The Intuitive Leap version requires both rings to have -7Mana cost with +1 frenzy crafts.


Abrasive = Damage | Fertile = Life | Intrinsic = Attribute | Prismatic = Resistances


Viridian Jewel

You could also use literally any roll with leeched physical as mana to start with heres a few examples of a more end game option

Generic Jewels

Life & Physical DoT with Chaos resist Elemental Resist or more damage
Life Attributes Resistances

Abyss Jewels

Since dropping Phase flask I now run 1 jewel that has Phasing on kill. It will become more expensive to also run Onslaught on kill this may be become big quality of life for map clear speed.

Corrupting Blood Jewel

Optional if you are not confident with Sirus otherwise Bleed Flask is fine

Increased Physical Damage Large Cluster jewel

Aim for 8 Passive Large

This is now the backbone of the build for early game damage. I generally pick up Master The Fundamentals, Furious assault and Exploit Weakness.

Physical or Damage over time Medium Cluster jewel

You will want to Rush x2 Exposure therapy to get a quick +60% chaos resistance against DoT early on which will carry hard. Any combo afterwards with Wasting Affliction, Vivid Hues, Exposure Therapy, Rend, Wound Aggravation Brush with Death, Flow of Life, Student of Decay will work. Once you get more chaos resistance across gear slots you can keep 1 Exposure therapy.

Aim for 4 Passive Medium

Small Cluster Jewel

Aim for 2 Passive Small
Elegant Form (30% avoid elemental)

Aim for 3 Passive Small
Chaos resistance | Blessed, AntiVenom or Born of Chaos

Unique Jewel

To build defence you will Need not want Need +75% chaos resistance alongside Xibaqua at lvl 95+ to provide a total of +80-83% chaos resistance

Intuitive Leap lvl 97+ provides the highest end game damage however it requires a passive rework and only viable option for high level character pushing a 15mil dot into 25mil+

100% Avoid elemental Ailments

This without a doubt is the best defensive layer in the game for a solo player

What is An Elemental Ailment

Shock | Ignite | Freeze & Chill | Scorch | Brittle | Sap

Shocked & Chilled ground map mods with 100% you become unaffected

The goal is 100% total Avoid Elemental Ailments through Items and Bench crafting we achieve this with varying cost

1% Chance to dodge Attack Cluster Small Jewel

Helmet | Gloves & Shaper Influenced Boots bench crafts

Body Armour Bench Craft

Above is easiest way to gain it.
Below is more niche ways but require more funds

Synthesis Ring

Implicit Range 18-25% you will need to apply a Blessed Orb to reach maximum

Crystal Skin Anoint

As a Non Gladiator the 15% avoid can come in clutch however I find if you pick up this its generally for the +1 to all Maximum Resistances


You will always gain more benefit from applying Glassblowers up to 20% quality per Flask

Without 100% Ailment Avoid set up
Any combo of Flasks with Remove Bleed | Freeze & Chill | Shock | Optional Ignite

X2 Life 2 Utility 1 Damage Flask
With 100% Ailment Avoid set up

A Huge boost to damage is a Bottled Faith you'll have to shuffle bleed immunity onto a different flask like granite or quicksilver we focus on this part only. Consecrated ground created during effect applies 7-10% Increased damage taken to enemies

Do not use a Lion's Roar if you want a damage boost run Sulphur Flask or Bottled Faith. As a Ailment bleed build we gain nothing from More Melee damage this flask provides Armour and Knockback only

Maps & Map Mods

Will update to fit Echoes of Atlas expansion

No Leech Life & Mana
The direction Ive taken the new Cluster jewel version this map mod isn't as taxing as it was once before. If we run Hezmana's we aren't effected at all. If we run Warlord Chest + x2 -7 mana cost rings skill mana cost becomes 0.

Players cannot regeneration Life/Mana/Energy shield
A lot of our defensive layer comes in the form of regeneration from both wary cry spam and basic regeneration from the tree we have a lot of life leech from the tree and Mana Leech from jewels or gear. Blood of Karui Flask keeps you on full life all the time this map mod comes down to personal choice you as when you take a hit you'll notice it.

Atziri, Queen of the Vaal
You will need either of these 2 options to not die to Queen Atziri both during her phase and mirror phase we deal way too much damage
1) Elder/Warlord Physical Immunity Chest
2) Sibyls Lament ring with Risk Awareness Annoint

Physical Reflect
Just like above if you run any of the Immune to Physical set ups work as well as sextants on watchstones
Simple | Prime | Awakened Sextant Modifier use on any colour watchstone

Monsters have a %50 chance to Avoid bleeding
With A8 bonus this becomes 62% the build can still do this, for the most part you won't notice much change. You will however notice it on the map bosses, you will notice it in delirium maps keep that in mind its more frustrating than a make or break for most builds.
While Vaal Earthquake is active it has 100% chance to bleed and since you pop this many times in a map you won't notice the down sides

3 Month League Gear


3.13 Rusty's Ritual League Gear

75% gear is complete as follows pride aura + war cry 18mil vs sirus. General mapping with frenzies + herald of purity/Vit 7.5mil in Sand 22mil + warcry 600 pdps weapon. I could easily spend another 40-60ex to be well over 40mil dot do I need that much damage nope beat all content already, it would be just because I can.


Weapon Swap Quiver can be anything


3.12 Rusty's Heist League Gear

Filthy Mid maxing Heist Trade League
29-31 Mil Bleed Dot


Recrafted and run now just for damage testing

For Sirus

Contracts/Grand Heists I prefer Chaos income currently


This Combo is for Gem levelling only I do not use an Ensnaring Arrow totem set up my bleed dot is already at 4.9 seconds

29mil ailment dot tree

3.12 Rusty's Heist Private League Start

SSF Atmosphere Private League limited trading 9-10.5mil Ailment dot very reasonable


For Maps

For Contracts/Grand Heists situational

For a long time I was using my warlord ring and rather than multimod craft into better I bought the synthesis base and crafted it into what it is now

10mil ailment dot Budget Version

3.11 Rusty's Harvest League Gear

26mil Bleed Dot


26mil Ailment Dot Harvest Trade League

Tips/Tricks & Trade


Are you new to PathofExile and not sure what is considered a Prefix or Suffix?

This website will help you understand


Step 1) Choose Base group - "Body Armour"
step 2) Base " STR/Dex
step 3) Each tier has an Item level weighting
This is the most user friendly way to learn items, yes there are other websites but I use this one the most.

Right click and open new tab for easy viewing

Loot Filters

Every league I make a custom built filter so I pick up less and clear maps faster. In a way making your own filter gets you familiar with all items


How to search for Jewels on https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/

All damage nodes on the tree have Physical tag with them this means unless your allocating a Life + 2 damage Stat Jewel in most cases any random jewel will become a straight downgrade. With this in mind how do we look for Jewels?

Generic Jewel

Since over 5k people have seen this picture expect to pay a little more now generally they will still be cheap 1-20c also remember that the timing and duration of a league determine how easy and costly these get

Right click and open new tab for easy viewing

Cluster Jewels

Since over 5k people have seen this picture expect to pay a little more now generally they will still be cheap 20c - 1ex also remember that the timing and duration of a league determine how easy and costly these get

Right click and open new tab for easy viewing


I do my best to record with what I have usually showcase A8 boss fights new league content can be on a lesser Awakener level

Rotational Ramp

Fist of War Area of Effect


Ritual 3.13 Content

How to generate Ritual League points

Rusty Vaal EQ New Cluster Jewel Version

Uber Labyrinth Gift of the Goddess Playthrough

Heist 3.12 Content

The Vox Twins

x3 Unique Contracts Conditionally

Uber Elder x2 Player HP

10 mil Bleed Private League

29Mil Bleed lvl83 Contracts Xp Loop

Pre nerfed Heists Budget gear

Harvest 3.11 content

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nevermind its just hidden
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Just doing some tweaks to make it easier to read
What do you think the gear on your 116m harvest build was worth (the first one linked)? Do you think it's gonna be more expensive to craft without harvest?
Last edited by jealkeja on Sep 16, 2020, 2:27:57 AM
jealkeja wrote:
What do you think the gear on your 116m harvest build was worth (the first one linked)? Do you think it's gonna be more expensive to craft without harvest?

besides the kauri and thread of hope I crafted everything I couldn't tell you how much each item piece is I don't usually play path of trade much anymore. Some of the items I made would sell for alot 20ex+

Your going back to a heavily unfavoured RNG crafting system that is about spamming to get an outcome the items you might get lucky with are

weapon, gloves, amulet, belt, all jewels, flasks and hunter ring (you dont need the influence at all)

now you can't copy exactly but you will be able to roll something similar since you can't just add remove life/resistances to get t1s

the warlord ring, boots, double influenced helm and body will be extremely hard to copy, my budget options are a very realistic gear set with a solid dps
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Really nice guide, GrimExcuse! Thanks for taking the time to put it all together :)

Going to try replicate it to the best of my ability this current 3.12 Heist league. I doubt I'll do as good a job as you but hoping to have some fun with the build.

Thoughts on good unique axes to use before we can craft one with the elder mod?

Thanks again 🙏
Could you use Kitava's Feast as a viable weapon? And if not; Why?
TwistedFocus wrote:
Really nice guide, GrimExcuse! Thanks for taking the time to put it all together :)

Going to try replicate it to the best of my ability this current 3.12 Heist league. I doubt I'll do as good a job as you but hoping to have some fun with the build.

Thoughts on good unique axes to use before we can craft one with the elder mod?

Thanks again 🙏

Hi twistedfocus I've done my best to make it as user friendly as possible, Its still very solid choice in Heist even without the harvest crafts which my budget builds were purposely designed for a fresh league you'll do great.

I personally like a Nice rare %phy,adds to phy with attack speed 350-520 pdps

My goto unique would be Hezman's 440pdps then I upgrade into a rare than an elder

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