Require experienced ED Contagious Spellslinger players advices.

Hello Everyone,

I just follow some builds regarding mentioned build in the title, but still i cant even pass 4 ascendancy stage, if someone can give me some tips on how to improve my build i will be very grateful.

Pastebin link :
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You have a lot of work to do. Heres my Budget Life Chaos Spellslinger-ED, Contagion and Soulrend. It is really fast mapper. However like every Chaos spellslinger, its only downside is single target. You need self cast version for end game. But i still like to just 1 click. You will have problem against T13+ map bosses without investing currency.

Heres what you should look for.

Wand (dual wield for huge dps boost)- Chaos damage over time, spell damage, +1 chaos gems, +1 spell gems, increase damage over time

Helm- Spellslinger has reduce 15% reservation is really important for me here. Have this enchant and a few Reduce mana reservation nodes, allow you to 6L ED, 3L Contagion and 4L Soulrend

Body armor- Anything you want from budget to high end chests

Glove- You need 'Socketed gems deal 30% more damage over time' from Essence of Delirium. This essentially makes your Soulrend 5link. You just need 1 projectile from Soulrend for higher DPS and fast clearing against Enemies that are immune to Range and Soulrend pierces through all targets.

Boots- Anything with at least 25%-30% movement speed.

Amulet- Chaos damage over time multiplier, +1 chaos gems, Spell damage

Rings- Resistant, etc

Belt- Stygian vise

Jewels- Chaos damage over time multplier, Damage over time, Life, Spell damage

You get most of your damage boost from 'Chaos damage over time multiplier' Prefix. Spreading Rot jewel allows my Blight totem to inflict Wither. Good luck
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