Mana gained when hit & mana regen

How come we still don t have something to counter mana regen abuse on frost bomb gem?

SO when I get hit after my 75% chance to block and my 40% chance to dodge, I can still count on my 4k mana regen a sec from my 10k mana pool coupled with my infinite flask mana flask regen.

When I take a hit I get 30% of the damage as mana over 6 sec quite handy when I already take 50% of my damage on the mana pool over life thanks to mom.

Well if all that was not enough I can still count on my 90% chaos res and my divine flesh.


Give frost bomb something to counter mana regen tanks.
-less mana regen rate?

Frost bomb is so clunky and move speed is so high that it won t be a very big counter anyway unless you are a turtle tank.
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ya maybe the mana regen + the agnostic needs a balance in pvp ,but mana tanks are easy to kill with impale , i have a mana tank with 6k of life / 4k of mana ( MoM ) and some skills with 100% chance to impale can kill me in 2 hits , impale doesnt have any pvp damage reduction

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