[3.11] Doryani's Fisting General, 3 million damage per warcry

This build gets around the poor attack speed of Doryani's fist to make a smoother experience while maintaining the large single hits of Doryani's Touch. We scale our damage by going crit and stacking sources of flat lightning damage and are able to one shot most rare and instaphase many bosses.

Damage is around 3.5 mil per use of General's cry.

Leveling is pretty smooth with General's Cry. I leveled with Facebreakers and Earthquake before switching to Doryani's fist at level 63. Early on we're getting Warcry nodes, so you can really just throw in any skill you want with General's Cry at first.

The build is pretty budget friendly to start out, as you just need Doryani's Fist and Redblade Banner. When you transition to crit you'll need Rigwald's Curse, but the noncrit version is fine for a long time.

One of the main parts of the build involve using Redblade Banner in order to ensure that you have a consistent 5 mirages every time you warcry. This also lets you use other warcries to their full potential without worrying about finding extra monsters. It also lets you make use of certain cluster jewels such as Warning Call (25% armour per 5 power) and Mob Mentality (5% chance to gain Power/Endurance/Frenzy charge per 5 power) bringing the chance of gaining a charge up to 100% regardless of how many enemies there are and giving you the maximum value of 100% increased armour each time you warcry. This also causes Enduring cry to get you the maximum number of endurance charges each time.

Another interesting interaction is with the Berserker node War Bringer. Having infinite power allows you to reach max rage every single time when you are below 25 rage. This lets you easily bypass the usual mechanics need to hit things to build rage.

The other main mechanic is the use of the unique Brutal Restraint timeless jewel with the Nasima variant. This lets you get the Second Sight keystone giving you a massive 25% more critical strike chance. The keystone causes you to be permanently blinded, but it ends up not mattering because Doryani's Touch cannot be evaded. It reduces our Smite DPS, but that doesn't really matter.

Passive Tree:

For the tree we mostly focus on getting all the nodes that reduce warcry cooldown as our damage is directly based on how often we are able to warcry. With all of the nodes and gear we end up with a pretty short cooldown of 1.33 seconds. The rest of it we just get life and some crit nodes.


The only things 100% necessary are Doryani's Fist, Rigwald's Curse and Redblade Banner. For everything else try to get crit chance, crit multi, lightning/elemental damage, and flat lightning damage.

Skill links
Link 1) Inside Doryani's fist:
General's Cry - Lightning Penetration - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Pulverise
Lightning Pen can be switched out with Concentrated effect, but the reduction in area is pretty brutal.

Link 2)
Cast when damage taken - Wave of Conviction - Conductivity
This lets us shred a good amount of lightning resist on the tougher enemies along with our lightning pen.

Other gems:
Desecrate - Faster Casting - This lets us summon corpses for our General's cry

Herald of Thunder, Wrath, Smite - Doryani's Touch scales flat damage with a 600% multiplier, so any sources of flat damage adds a ton to our DPS. It's nice to have Smite so we can do something while we wait for our mirages to attack too.

Berserk - With our easy rage generation Berserk has a huge amount of uptime.

Tier 15 Lava Lake (sorry for the horrible framerate)

A6 Veritania
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That's one smart and cool build, thanks for sharing :-)
Thanks! It was a lot of fun to play and make
I've always wanted to play a fisting build. Thank you.
damn this looks really fun, good use of generals cry, war bringer plys doriyanis

i like the sound of this ! pretty big chance of using this as my starter since other league starters are the generic boring stuff.

quick question : why not use cyclone cast when channeling for desecrate/wave of conviction/conductivity since we have a free chest with easy 4/5 link ?

also what did you use for leveling with face breakers ?
Cyclone with cat when channeling would be a great way to build it as well. I personally don't like the movespeed decrease you get when using cyclone. I feel like it's easier to find time to use smite that way too. You don't actually need a large number of corpses since they aren't consumed, so I thought a cast when channeling setup would be overkill. I think having Wave of Conviction and Conductivity on command instead of waiting for Cast when damage taken would be nice though.

I used Earthquake to level up, but I think you'd probably be fine doing Ice Crash or any other skill too. I focused on taking the warcry cooldown nodes while leveling; it helps you use General's cry as your main skill sooner.

If you end up using it, let me know how it goes! Hope you enjoy it

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