[3.11] Hollow Palm Technique - Cyclone - Max Block Without Rumi's - Around 2M Realistic DPS


+Relatively cheap in total
+Really easy to level
+High block and spell block
+3 Endurance charges
+Decent evasion
+No Rumi's flask

-One with nothing costs about 1ex
-Only about 5k – 5.5k life*
-DoT can be dangerous**

* This is pretty much irrelevant! I did uber lab at lvl 68 with only 3k life and started doing maps right after without a problem. Was already easily clearing red maps with 4k life without dying.
** Get a jewel with immunity to corrupted blood (more info in the Items section)



includes 4 leveling steps on the tree (click on "lvl 95" next to "Reset" at the bottom left of the passive tree)


Deathless A8 Sirus:
Not sure why the video is so dark. I might reupload a better version some time.




The build revolves around this jewel. You can't have items in your weapon slot 1 or 2, or gloves slot for this to work. Remember to make sure the Auto Equip option in Options > UI is off to prevent accidental item equips.

Recommended Uniques:

Wildwrap is almost unbeatable. It gives more damage than perfect T1 dexterity + T1 increased dexterity + 6% increased attributes craft. The only advantage over Wildwrap would be life, and any special influence mods like -15 mana cost, enemies explode, etc. These items will cost many times more than Wildwrap though.

Astramentis is the standard item for pretty much any attribute stacking build.

Other Uniques:

Garukhans's Flight adds roughly 200 flat life, making it a great choice for the build. The immunity to burning, chilled and shocked ground is a very nice bonus.

Fluid motion adds a nice amout of dexterity.


Jewel with immunity to corrupted blood. If you don't have this and run into a bloodlines pack or nemesis rare with corrupted blood you will most likely die. If possible, get one with 1% block while dual wielding and increased life.

Along with the corrupted blood immunity jewel, get another similar one with life and block while dual wielding and any other useful stats you can get.

Abyss jewel with blind on hit. You don't even need a good blind roll. Even 3% chance to blind will easily blind bosses in no time. If affordable, also try to get some life and dexterity.

Cluster Jewels:
1x Large: 8 passives, 12% increased attack damage while dual wielding.
Deadly Repartee, then any 2 other notables.
There is no point going for anything less than 3 notables. You can spam alterations and get a good one for very little investment beyond the initial cost of the jewel itself!

1x Medium: 4 passives, channelling skills deal 12% increased damage.
Enduring Focus and Unwavering Focus
This one is very hard to craft (I think roughly 0.08% chance) and pretty expensive to buy. Enduring Focus gives easy access to endurance charges, while Unwavering Focus gives some stun avoidance and -1 mana cost. Unwavering Focus is a common notable so if you can't get both just get that and either Stoic Focus, Rapid Infusion or Vital Focus.

2x Small: 2 passives, chance to block attack damage.
Stoic Focus
Gives some block chance and damage. Alternatives are Rote Reinforcement and Aerialist (Dodge chance jewel)

I crafted all of mine, apart from the medium jewel. It didn't even take that many alterations to do it (a few hundred maybe - under 1ex).

Rings: -3 to mana cost of channelling skills (crafted prefix), life, resistances.

Helmet: Life, resistances, dexterity

Belt: Stygian Vise with life and resistances (for the blind jewel)

Boots: If you are having trouble maxing resistances, get rare boots with at least 25% movement speed, life and resistances.

Flasks: I'm lazy and hate flasks so I rarely bother with them. As long as you have something against bleed and freeze you are pretty much good to go. If you care about flasks, get a lion's roar and whatever else you want.

Weapon: If you want to be able to weapon swap, either for a portal gem or gem swap, get any weapon with an attribute requirement higher than you can use. Equip a ring with that attribute to be able to equip the weapon, then swap back to your proper ring and the weapon will be unusable.

My Current Gear:

I only have -2 on my rings because I don't have the -3 craft. I don't really have mana problems so I didn't bother using a crafting service.

Gem Links:

Cyclone: Cyclone, Fortify, Brutality, Impale, Infused Channelling, Melee Physical Damage

Extra info: Concentrated Effect only gives slightly higher damage than Melee Physical Damage and Infused Channelling, so not much point using it. Pulverise is a bit less damage and only gives a tiny bit of AoE, so also pointless.

Mana Reservation: Pride, Flesh and Stone, Blood and Sand, Dread Banner

Options for the last 4 socket item: Vaal Ancestral Warchief, Dash/Flame Dash, CWDT lvl 3 + Vulnerability lvl 7, Warcry, Guard Skill. Blood Rage

Extra info: You can add Second Wind to Dash or Faster Casting to Flame Dash.


Start with Cleave and dual wield Readbeak, upgrade to Princess Sabres at lvl 10 and either Wideswing at lvl 18 or dual wield Tempestuous Steel at lvl 20. Also equip Astramentis at lvl 20. On the passive tree, rush the first large jewel socket next to Point Blank, to start using One with Nothing asap (don't forget to remove your weapns and gloves). When you reach lvl 28, start using cyclone. For all other items, just use any leveling uniques or rares.

Ascendancy: Painforged > Versatile Combatant > Violent Retaliation > Arena Challenger

Bandits: Kill all
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i used to play this in 3.10. But due to heavily Impale neft and cluster jewel neft in 3.11. I find it much weaker in previous league. Though not many people choose this could lower the item's price, but seem it doesnt.

One more problem with One with nothing build is you need to invest more for those empty slot which mean, you trade off for many thing you could potiently have.

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