[PS4] Gorgol Terror Bug - perma frozen

Video: https://streamable.com/e58cmv

Before getting into it, I should specify that i talked to a deep delver on xbox and he doesn't encounter this bug, so it must be PS4 specific.

EDIT: It only happens with Pennance Brand.

It started happening at depth 1000+ and its getting more and more often.

The last two Azurite Fissure nodes at depth ~2570 and ~2525 i had to reset 7 times and 4 times respectively until the dragon ( Gorgol Terror is the name of the unique dragon ) didn't freeze at 50% hp.

I tried isolating the bug in my numerous node resets over the past 2 weeks but i didn't find a specific action that causes him to bug out.

What i tested so far:
- tried spawning skeletons at his location before gorgol spawns
- tried spawning skeletons in his range before gorgol spawns
- tried spawning skeletons after he spawned at his location/near his location.
- stayed myself in his aggro range while spawned
- stayed myself in his aggro range until 50% when he freezes
- didn't damage gorgol at all for 10-15 seconds after he spawned
- threw flares at his location in multiple scenarios

None of the above work and the bug is completely rng. My only explantion would be that I freeze him right when he is about to enter the "flying" phase and he stays like that forever. This scenario is beyond my testing capabilities as I cannot control my damage or my crits.

Would appreciate it will be looked into as i have to spend a considerable amount of time and currency to go around this type of nodes when they dont work, which shouldn't be the case.

If more footage is needed i will happily provide it.
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Bump. Still bugged after patch.
Did more testing, bought a SB gem to swap it with my pennance gem for these nodes and surprise, it doesn't bug with SB.
The xbox delver uses Storm Brand and thats why it doesn't bug for him.

- Gorgol terror bugs only with Pennance brad
- Works fine with Storm Brand ( tried 10 different nodes, 0 bugs )

This should still be fixed as its a major inconvenience for delve gameplay with Pennance brand, i can't always switch to Storm Brand safely.
Bumping this until its getting added to know issues.
I'm wasting tens of thousands of sulphite and 1-2 hours each day doing the same nodes a bunch of time until i get rng and the dragon isn't bugged.
I repeat: it only happens with pennance brand.
bump :)

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