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Last bumped on Jun 1, 2021, 7:53:57 PM
With changes to some vaal skills it would be very nice if fist of war could support vaal skills, imagine a vaal ground slam with fist of war! The feeling of power.
Fist of war should be counted as exerted so that it can work with the new change of Vaal Ground Slam.

"This Attack can now be Exerted as though it was not a Vaal Skill."
I was directed here because I was saying I was sad about Golems not being able to use the gem. I can kinda get zombies but golems are sentient in some cases, why couldn't a stone golem use Fist of War? That's the lore argument but the power creep argument is that stone golems aren't doing 100 million dps even with fist of war so who cares?

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