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Last bumped on Oct 22, 2022, 9:03:57 PM
For context, I'm using Deadeye/Voidfletcher dex stack bow for cold damage. Nothing too special, i think the most inventive I get is a frost bomb for single target (lol).

Every permutation I've tried of Barrage support + [some arrow skill] has fallen behind just using Barrage for single target damage. In my current character (HahaArrowsGoBrr) in this league, I tried comparing Ice Shot + Barrage support and 4 other links to Barrage and 5 other links and I lose about 20% of my single target damage from my skill to use Barrage support. Likewise with Galvanic Arrow and Barrage Support, one of the skills that should be the most performant with it on paper. You can certainly invest in these methods of scaling to the point where it doesn't matter, but it feels weird/bad that a support that should excel at providing single target damage falls behind a much less interesting skill.

Additionally, the Assailum helm's Snipe skill cannot trigger skills with Barrage support linked. I don't know if it was a technical issue or what, but I started a build in Delirium assuming it would, and proceeded to faceplant and have to radically rework the character away from what I had intended. This made me really sad, because charge-release gameplay is by far the way I prefer to play bow skills.
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On paper its supposed to be the strongest multiplier, but man that attack time increase feels so bad. I thought i could finally use split arrow for clearspeed and alternate with barrage for clearspeed, and boy was I wrong. I feels soooooo bad to throw all those projectiles.
I am extremely disappointed to learn that Barrage Support is not modified by Volley Fire.

Doesn't it make more sense to have them work together? If people aren't using Barrage Support and wouldn't this be more likely to entice them to use it?

Am I missing how this would maybe break something?
I'm not actually using it on any build right now but after taking a peek at the wiki it seems off that there is no functional difference between a level 19 and a level 21 barrage support aside from level and dex requirements.
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