Embrace the deadly beauty of nature with the Night Lotus Scourge Arrow Effect! This cosmetic replaces the standard visuals of Scourge Arrow Skill Gem with purple lotus flowers. Watch the video below click here to check out this microtransaction in the store.

For a matching outfit try out a combination of purple cosmetic effects from the store, such as the Madcap Armour Set, Madcap Hood, Madcap Cloak, Madcap Character Effect and the Madcap Weapon Effect.

Thank you for your continued support!
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Grinding Gear Games

Girls will like it.
Noice 👍
looks good
Nice, we lacked purple mtx recently! (only half mtx are purple :/ )
Nice!!!!! Now I just have to find a good scourge arrow build!
Beautiful design, looks wonderful. Much love to you GGG
awesome effect!

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