[3.11] Staff pure physical EARTHSHATTER Juggernaut; low budget


this entirely my own creation, so probably it still can be further optimized and developed by more experienced players - I'm not a streamer / super-duper-pro. This build I created from scratch not only as theory-craft in PoB - I actually playing it and I'm very happy with it.

Currently I don't even have all gems at lvl 20, not mentioning 20 quality. My gear is "average-tier" at best. I was able to do T10 maps with lvl 74 char if I remember correctly, and T15 rare maps (carefully) with lvl 80 char. I did Sirius A7 and some T16 shaper guardians. Still waiting for reaching Sirius A8, Shaper, Uber Atziri etc, unfortunately this league I don't have as much time to play PoE as I want...

There's my PoB with example gear. Note that Eartshatter and of 2 of my support gems are not supported currently, this why you see Earthquake in PoB, so don't look at exact damage numbers:


From now on pick whatever suits you best: another Power Charge, another jewel socket, more life... I still leveling this char up to lvl 95/96.

What I wanted:

- using staves, cuz staves are fun and normally nobody use them for melee
- using block and power charges
- have good sustain
- be able to clear with no problems and also be able to kill bosses relatively easy (I really sux at bossing FYI)
- no gear dependent
- be able to fine-tune based on personal playstyle
- be able to level up with a skill of my choice (Earthshatter)
- not one-button build (It's still not the crazy piano build, but you'll need to rotate keys all the time)
- be able to do T16 crazy-modded maps with no problems, not dying every minute


- 5700+ HP @ lvl 90, can easily reach 6k+ at lvl 95 and with better gear
- 6 endurance charges all the time
- 5 power charges all the time, ~60 crit chance, ~400 crit multi
- blocking some attacks and spells
- life leech (1000+), life regen (~300, just to make sure our skills are cast for free with Blood Magic)
- pure physical
- good phys reduction
- exploiting cumulated MORE DAMAGE mechanics with new support gems
- stunning & knocking back everything including map bosses
- FUN TO PLAY (very important for me, more important than actual "meta-clear-speed-and-shapers-per-second-damage"

Playstyle, skill rotation:
Eartshatter is unique 2 stage skill - you deal direct damage first (and you can kill most white mobs with that easily), than you can detonate spikes with warcy (or other slam, which we don't use), this I use to clear nearly entire screen of normal/magic and often rare mobs with just 1 rotation.

You can cumulate 3x Eartshatter's spikes sets (up to 15 spikes), which mean that when you detonate them, especially near single target, they'll deal good amount of damage.

You further boost your attack and detonation damage (Exert them) by using Warcries BEFORE you attack, this enables crazy MORE damage mechanich (if u don't know the difference between increased and more damage in PoE, check this thread: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/320366

My typical rotation for maps looks like that:

I use both Seismic Cry and Intimidate Cry, than I close to pack of the mobs, use Earthshatter ONCE, detonate with Endurance cry, repeat rotation with next pack.

I usually refresh both "damage boosters" every 2 pack of mobs. It requires some practice, but once you get used to it, it becomes second nature.

When you need damage burst (like bosses, or Harvest harvesting :P) I do exactly the same, but this time I use 3 attacks before detonation, to maximize spike number. The damage, the stun, and the knockback makes this pretty safe in most scenarios.

Of course during bossing or harvest add flasks on top of that.

Gear required for build to work:

NONE :), you can do everything on rares, hell, probably rare weapon and amulet are your best end-game high-budget options (no surprise there).

Gear recommended or worth to consider:


use rare staff/warstaff with at least 500+ phys damage and other useful bonuses (like Conqueror's influenced staves), CAN BE EXPENSIVE!

helps greatly during leveling (can be used from lvl 20), cheap, can be of course switched for very good rolled +life +phys damage rare amulet, just remember to make sure you have enough DEX on your gear somewhere, you don't need INT because you get it from the tree:

helmet with "Earthshatter deals 40% increased damage" enchant - it's best to buy good pure STR base and use Essences, chaos spam or your other favourite crafting method to roll +life, res and other useful bonuses on it.

5-link or 6-link rare armor with as much life as you can get, you can also consider uniques like Loreweave or Belly if u want - it's up to you.

Watcher's Eye with 6% life increase and highest possible attack damage bonus "X% increased physical attack damage while using Pride"(the rest auras and mana/ES mods are worthless for us, so the jewel is actually very cheap and easy to get).

Other gear::

Besides items mentioned earlier in recommended gear sections, we'll be using rares. Stat priority:

- resistances, until capped
- life
- physical damage to attacks
- crit multiplier
- armor
- chaos res
- other luxury mods from Elder/Shaper/Conqueror's gear like endurance/power charges, +crit change for skills from body armor etc. - all these will be expensive

REMEMBER that elemental and chaos damage is useless with this build.


I recommend 1 life flask:

add to this some other flasks, that gives you bleed and freeze immunity/removal at least (or you can craft "Cannot be frozen" on your boots). Curse immunity is less important for us becasue of free movement, other effect like burning or desecrated ground we more or less ignore with our health pool and regen. Example flasks (far from being best):

Gem links:

Main dps:

6-link: Earthshatter - Ruthless Support - Fist of War Support - Brutality Support - Pulverise Support - Melee Physical Damage Support

(use Awakened versions if u want, IMO it's very last improvement and not very important)


4-link: Seismic Cry - Intimidating Cry - Enduring Cry - Second Wind


2-link: Dash - Second Wind

Defense, golem autocast, curse autocast:

4-link: Cast when Damage Taken (lv 1) - Ice Golem (lv 3) - Immortal Call (lv 3) - Increased Duration Support (max)

3-link: Cast when Damage Taken (lv 7) - Punishment (lv 10) - Increased Area of Effect


2-link: Pride - Increased Area of Effect


1-link: Portal

Counter, because why not:

1-link Vengeance
1-link Riposte

Bandits, Ascendancy, Pantheon, Anoint:


KILL ALL; Oak's bonus is worth less than 2 points IMO


It's truly a freedom of choice. I recommended this order:

Unflinching (gives perma endurance charges)
Undeniable (solves accuracy problems)
Unstoppable (movement speed and stun immunity)

4th choice depends on your gear.

I use Unbreakable, which is more defensive option

But you can also consider both Unyielding (very good) or Unrelenting (probably the worst node for us)


Again it's based on your preferences and playstyle, and maybe even on you flasks.

I use Solaris & Ralakesh


Titanic Impacts is probably the best (and also very cheap) option. You can also consider something more defensive, it's up to you.


Use standard setup like Tabula, Wanderlust, Goldrim, some rares to cap your res and give you some life. You can level up even on 4-link.

You can use Eartshatter from lvl 12, BTW I did whole leveling easily with:

During leveling use "Life Gain on Hit" gem, it really helps.

You can also level with different skill, like Ground Slam, Tectonic Slam or something similar.

Map mods:


Physical reflect - NO, NO, NO!

No leech - no problem
No regen - no problem


If you have both no leech & no regen rolled it's still doable, but be prepared for use life flask. Not very fun to play.

Feel free to ask questions, I'll try my best to help you.
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no video?
I may try Earthshatter next league, thanks for the guide

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