[3.11] Ngamahu's Cyclone Scion [Budget, Reflect Immune, All Content, Fast]


- Reflect Immune
- Extremely fast Moving
- Cheap to Fully Gear (Around 1-2 EXA Full Buyout from Market)
- Relatively Tanky
- Beginner Friendly Playstyle
- High evasion (Around 37-40K Eva// ~75% Eva Chance / 68% Attack Dodge / 40% Spell Dodge)
- Maintaining Easy ~5K Life
- Nearly Full Unique so no need to Craft Items
- High Leech & Regen
- Super Fast Mapper
- Nearly Caps out on Resistances with a Ring slot Still open and full Uniques

- Absolutely not SSF Viable (5 Build Enabling Uniques Required)
- Only Partially Hardcore Viable
- Takes around Level 30 to "Start" Playing the actual build, and 55 to gain Traction
- 5 Offcolors on Chest
- Struggles with no Leech / No Regen (less bad)


Build Idea:

Take a Ngamahu's Flame Cyclone Raider Setup with Frenzy Charges as a base, Add Xoth's Blood and Place it on a Scion with Elementalist and Raider Ascendancies, to increase damage, and get reflect Immunity.



https://pastebin.com/z0ckZ9P0 [OLD VERSION 5K Life Lower Damage]

https://pastebin.com/b7aQXgLc [Update 1 4.7K Life and +100k SDPS]

To the Rough Order of nodes:

I Used Burning arrow to level so my path was:

Pick up Sentinel
Pick Up Lava Lash
Pick Up Disciple of slaughter
Pick up Golems Blood and some other health and frenzy nodes in the area.
Pick Up Primeval Force
Pick Up Herbalism
Move up to Blood Drinker and take the frenzy nodes on the way
Pick Up Resourcefullness
Pick UP Phase Acrobatics

You Should be finished with the story by now.

Get the other nodes focussing on what you think you need.

Need more Damage ? -> Get the Crit nodes and Forces of Nature

Need More Defense ? Grab the Defense/Life nodes still open.

Also Pick Up Axe nodes only when you have a Ngamahu's or use a Fire Damage Attack Skill with a 2H Axe otherwise wasted nodes





Legacy Item, Now has
60% of Damage Converted to Fire Damage
Doesnt really make a huge difference since it lost some damage in return.

Build Enabler, and due to the "Trigger level 16 Molten Burst on Hit" being locally added by the weapon (which mean all socketed gems affect it anyway) no need to 6 link it.



Dont mind the Gems linked in this one they are wrong !

QOTF gives us not only a really good amount of evasion, but also some Life and Resistances. The -25% Negative MS is negated since we end up with 40K Evasion, capping out on the max MS gained by it.

6L on this item is technically not necessary (5L however is !) since our bulk damage comes from Ngamahu's, but is Highly recommended.



Not Much to say, BIS Item since we go for Frenzy Charges, Adds Movespeed, some dodge and Resistances.



Technically replaceable by some Rare Gloves (Specifically Gripped Gloves due to the "(14-18)% increased Projectile Attack Damage", but most likely not worth since we get a enormous amount of stats from them.



Same With Shapers, can theoreticallyget replaced by some Rare Armour, but in this case Devotos is just Irreplaceable in a sense.

Alternative if you need more EVA:




Mine Bricked in the Double Corrupt Altar, Hence no Linked amulet.

100% Necessary Item, not replaceable and this is the enabler to make us reflect immune.



Technically BIS for us, Can get Replaced By a HH, put "of heat" on a flask then.



Vivinsect Is Amazing for our Build, since you cna 30% Qual Corrupt items via beastcraft and lower mana cost of cyclone like this.

(In theory we shouldn't even need it though since cyclone on paper costs 5 mana but we regen 13.7)

For levelling a Praxis is Amazing



Alternatively you can Replace the Diamond Flask with a Quartz Flask.

For BIS Flasks use either "Surgeon" or "Perpetual" Prefix.


(Numbers describe Priority)


1. Elemental Damage with Attacks
2. Vicious Projectiles
3. Added Fire Damage
4. Elemental Focus
5. Concentrated Effect
6. Greater Multiple Projectiles



1. Cyclone
2. Fortify
3. Infused Channeling
4. Added Fire Damage
5. Elemental damage with attacks
6. Elemental Focus

Since i know people will ask why Fortify and Infused first, Cyclone is not the main source of damage, and this describes not the levelling cyclone gems, but for a finished build.

Also Choose Cyclone not Vaal Cyclone, and use the 20% Quality Recipe for vendors to get a 20/20 Cyclone, Optimally a 21/23. Also in your second gear slot put extra cyclone gems in to level them as well to make your vaal attempts on them.



Anger (If possible in Vivinsect)
Huge DPS Increase

Herald of Ash
Really good Herald

Blood and Sand
Technically not an aura but a Stance, Still some good are and damage Increase depending on the stance

Linking to an Enlighten is not necessary but possible.



Leap Slam (yes the skill is buggy sometimes, but still really good.)

Blood Magic Essential link, so that you are never OOM and cannot get out anymore.

Faster Attacks

and lastly

Endurance Charge on Melee Stun This Support is in here because i run a CWDT- Immortal Call setup as a defense mechanism. if you want to use something different, just add a Golem of your liking into the Link here.

(Sidenote: Alternatively you can also use a Flame Dash Setup (will render the ECOMS useles though); Just replace Faster attacks with faster casting and you will be fine.)


Defense Gems:

Here you have a lot of options;

For Example:

CWDT (lvl.2) - Immortal Call (lvl.4) - Flammability (lvl.6) - Increased Duration

Is what i Mostly use, but other things like a Totem Curse and Steelskin setup is just as valid.



TL:DR You dont really need Elementalist Ascendancy early on, Raider Provides before Ngamahu Transition just straight up more benefits.

You can Alternatively take the Inquisitor node from the Templar Tree, but loose your reflect resistance like that. If you chose to do that fully level the Templar tree instead of Ranger and move the singular node from the Ranger Starting point to the templar one.

Exact Same thing Apllies to the "Beserker" node of the marauder Tree, that has a benefit of giving you stun immunity and is just as viable.

Also change the linked node to the starting point because of


Bandits: Kill em all

Major: Solaris for Mapping & Lunaris for Bossing
Minor: Garukhan or Tukohama or Ralakesh or Rysaltha(Only if you use a Life Flask)

Minor Gods are in my opinion more "Variable" on what you need.


Ngamahu's Flame: 1c (Basic) / 50 C (Six Socket Proper Colors)
Devoto's Devotion: 5C
Queen of the Fores: 1c (Basic) / 2 EXA (6Link proper offcolor sockets/white sockets)
Shaper's: 1c
Darkray: 1 Alch
Xoph's Blood: 35 C
Cyclopean coil: 3 C (look out for the % attribute stat)
The Wise Oak: 5 C
Dying Sun: 10 C

Every thing except for Chest and Weapon is easily self colorable and linkable with Delvecraft for socket colors and Links

(Or Currently Harvestcraft)

Personal Notes:

Get the gear on the way as you level. Darkray Vecors are relatively early available and give you a nice benefit if you have DOS and some frenzy nodes.

Iron Grip's Damage increase is HUGE for Ngamahu's since it's easy to get to and in lategame noticeable.

Dont Underestimate Flasks and Flask Quality!
Beastcraft Flask Suffixes to save Alts.

You can sell a Lvl 20 Gem and a gemcutters Prism to any vendor to get the same gem as 20% Quality and lvl 1 back.

This is extra relevant as most of our gems benefit from a higher Quality.



Q: What About Cluster Jewels?

A: Pick ones that give added fire damage, or Projectile damage. Uniques are mostly uninteresting for us (aside from The Siege and Natural Affinity), but Good Notables Include but are not limited to:


Cremator (yes we run Elemental focus, so our skill can't ignite, but Herald of ash does, which is irrelevant but i thought i'd mention it.)

Smoking Remains

Essentially stats we are looking for are:

Fire Damage
Elemental Penetration
Projectile Damage
Area of Effect
Attack Speed

In roughly that order.

Q: You Picked some nodes Inefficiently or you could Improve X or Y.

A: Tell me Where and i'll fix it ASAP. I am not perfect and i'm sure im made some mistakes along the way, or missed some niche item that would add a super big benefit, but yeah thanks for the feedback.

Q: Can it Run Content [Insert Anything you want here] ?

A: In theory Yes. The Elementalist Ascendancy makes you reflect Immune, and other than no regen (which is more of an inconvenience due to vivinsect lowering our cyclone cost to 0) there is only no leech, which is not recommended to run, but not impossible. Considering Endgame Content, you can Melt normal maps with ease, and only Al-hezmin of the Conquerors is really annoying. UE and UA are doable since we have a bunch of leech, and "good Damage" but it is recommended to know the mechanics since you don't mindlessly Steamroll through the content, due to some lower Single target damage.

TL:DR YES you can in Theory Run absolutely Everything.

Q: Can I Replace X or Y with Z ?

A: I Made some annotantions on gear you CAN swap and only on those; do i recommend it? Not really, small changes in the node tree or with some more variable stuff like Flasks are fine, and the Build is not suddenly not going to work because you added a life flask instead of a diamond one.

Just be aware that everything you change does something, and if you f.e. put a life flask instead of a diamond one in, Suddenly Soul of Ryslatha is more appealing, and the other flasks should be perpetual instead of Surgeon Ones.

Q: What do you recommend for Levelling?

A: I'm still working that Out Myself

Q: Will you update this Build for Coming Leagues

A: Yes!
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Leveling this build at the moment. nice guide btw ^-^
why are you going for crit? you only have 14 % crit chance
First of all, Good question.

Mainly Because we are running 8.49 Attack Speed, and are spawning 9 Projectiles Per Hit which procs Ngamahu's Molten Burst, which results in massives spikes of damage in case we do crit, which is less relevant against normal mobs, but noticeable against bosses.

Also and that is the bigger part, we get a bit of crit through the Feller of foes node, and have essentially nothing better to take, as we need Fire Damage, or Elemental Damage or Elemental Penetration Which unless i missed a cluster we have already everything we could get, or stack further crit or Defenses.


You could reallocate some nodes to obtain "Assasination", "Trickery", "Will of Blades" "Blood Siphon" and "Coordination" which would palce you at around 20% crit, but that is around the highest we could reasonably go without having any detours, or stacking cluster Jewels (which is not the point of this build, as it is budget)

I Did throw around some points in POB, mainly taking away some WOL nodes and allocating afformentioned nodes which do give a 70K SDPS Increase at the cost of ~250 Life, and the jewel socket which is still open, which seems reasonable, and should still suffice to survive some endgame hits (aside from physical ones).

In that Case Diamond Flask would be the better option Compared to Quartz.

This Could Be used together with some Elemental (OR Crit) rings and [-X to Channeling Skill cost] (Elreon Craft) as well as some Life and Crit/ Elemental Damage To Attaks mods to Exceed the Original. (which outside of a crafting league like this one could get really expensive really fast), which obviously is the "better" choice but not really budget.

Hope that anwsers your question.
is the only way you are gaining freny charges off kills from disciple of slaughter?

Also im just riding along cus I liked the concept of the build, I was however curious about accuracy. Im mostly new to the game and my experienced friend tells me that accuracy is very important for onhit builds so I dunno. Im about lv 29 rn and will pick it up again tomorrow.
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to the First Question,

We also get frenzy charges (i'd even say the bulk of them via our Raider Sub Ascendancy, which will also insure uptime for bosses, and since each projectile from our Molten Burst also counts as a hit they can also give frenzy charges.

to the Second Question (I'm assuming it was meant in a "do we have enough accuracy on there" way)

Yes your friend is absolutely right. Accuracy Is important.

We are currently sitting at 96% accuracy and could (if needed) Socket in Accuracy with the Gems, get Accuracy on the rings, or reallocate to get a single cluster more (which all of that is reasonable to do, but considering we are already at 96% the missing 4% is in my experience barely noticeable.

I am also in Regards to my previous question looking into taking up the crit cluster and reallocating some stuff, which puts us (in the new version, which is now live) at a cozy 100% hitrate.

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Hello, I find myself dying a lot due to, I think resistances not capped while not having all flasks up - anything I could upgrade to remedy this?

I've just picked up my last piece of gear for this build, Xoph's Blood. I'm wondering what oils you recommend. I'm thinking of sticking with Explosive Impact at the moment.
Fun build by the way! I'm planning on working on this Scion in Standard for awhile before I jump into heist.
Having dementia now is almost as much fun as I had being a pot head in the 70's. Only difference is that nowadays the weed is better.
RunAmuckChuck wrote:

I've just picked up my last piece of gear for this build, Xoph's Blood. I'm wondering what oils you recommend. I'm thinking of sticking with Explosive Impact at the moment.
Fun build by the way! I'm planning on working on this Scion in Standard for awhile before I jump into heist.


For Annoint's i personally use: Kinetic Impacts (AMBER, AZURE,VIOLET)

but other good choices include:
Martial Experience (Clear, Verdant, Azure) For more leech and damage

Harvester of foes ( 2x Amber, Violet) for massive DPS

Heart of Flame ( Teal, Azure, Golden) The slightly more expensive Option for DPS

Divine Fervour ( Verdant, Opalescent, Silver) THE MIN_MAX OPTION

Unpredictable offense (Amber, Teal, Azure) If you need stun res & you dont run berserker


Heart of Oak ( Verdant, Crimson, Golden) as kind of the only defensive node that makes sense.

but if you find any other part "lacking" you cna just try to up that with oils.

Or Look in the POB with "show node power" shich node glows bright red, since that most likely going to be a good call...

EDIT: After looking at explosive impact, its underwhelming, since it only gives us ~4% TDPS increase, since we convert a lot of damage, which is why phys damage will scale better than raw fire damage.
In addition to being relatively expensive to annoint. the area of effect is nice, but not really noticeable.

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Wiiry wrote:
Hello, I find myself dying a lot due to, I think resistances not capped while not having all flasks up - anything I could upgrade to remedy this?

Sorry didn't see the question earlier since i took a break, in the build you are almost capped on resistances, so you could fix it realively easy, by:

Taking the resist nodes instead of the proj. damage nodes at the scion starting point,

utilizing the open gem slot at the scion starting point,

and to utilize a "better" ring than i did. Later in the league once craft services are back up, you wanna run a double rare setup with the "elreon - channeling cost" craft, so that way you ahve another ring slot open to "fix" resistances.

Also you could just try to gamble improve the resistances on the uniques which can get really expensive real quick, and i would not really recommend unless you are sbolutely min-maxing
I really wanna play with Scion, use a fire skill and use a two handed weapon, so this build looks exactly what i want. I've already have all the gear and can get what i don't, easily BUT, i'm not understanding how are you capping resistances with this gear. Also, what is the other ring to use besides Vivinsect? Is this build able to kill and survive easily at T12-13 maps? Also, what about Thread of Hope? I have like 4 and i really wanna use one in a build.

Sorry for so many questions, but this build got me very interested, but i need to have more info before putting time and some "money" into it.

Thanks in advance.

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