[3.12] Barrage & TS Impale Boss Slaying God with Full Screen Clear Too

14 Seconds Clears all A8 Bosses



3.12 PoB: https://pastebin.com/wcPTrjuY

It looks like the nerf hammer was kind to Impale this time around. My damage is identical using the updated PoE fork. No real changes to the build except for Call to Arms getting a longer CD and needing an enemy to generate an endurance charge. This means we can't pump up 3 endurance charges before a boss fight. Not that big a deal, but a hit to our survivability.

If you are planning on league starting this build, it might be rough on you. Without leveling uniques, specifically weapons like Death's Harp/Oath, you're gonna be doing a lot of kiting in boss fights. You'd want to rush the bow nodes as fast as possible if you are league starting. Basically damage damage damage and hope you get some decent life on gear. Expect to die to one shots a lot.

Personally, I will be league starting as either ED+Contagion or Bane+Soulrend Trickster, a GC Miner, or a Bow Bleed Gladiator. The latter will make it easy to transition into this build as you get to red maps and make money. There's a good Split Arrow + Puncture build on this forum already so I won't bother making a tree, but bleed gladiators move through the game pretty easily without much investment and you can even scale the build up to tear apart the endgame too.

I'm sorry for those who wanted to use this as a league starter, but it's more of a build to transition to when you have currency. If you enjoyed this build, try out a bleed gladiator. The playstyle is somewhat similar. It also moves through the early game easily and can take you to red maps without much currency invested so you can save a lot of it to transition to an Impale Champion if desired.

If you want to watch my league start progress, catch my stream as soon as the league starts.

UPDATES - Last Update 9/4/20


9/4/2020 Well I just so happened to be talking to someone in my clan today who follows my build, so if you're reading this, what's up slayer?! Anyways, he was using a mod on his Amulet that gave him damage while leeching instead of the -10 to non-channeled attacks. Since my mana pool was large enough and my mana cost already low enough, I decided to give it a try. I also tried another thing - dropping Vaal Molten Shell for Vaal Haste. My armor at 6k wasn't really giving me much use out of Vaal Molten Shell, so I swapped in Vaal Haste for a quick burst window at the beginning of really tough encounters. Both of these things upgraded the DPS of the build from 53 million to 56 million without Vaal Haste and from 56 million to almost 63 million with Vaal Haste. That's 4 seconds of nearly 7 million damage that can be incredibly beneficial if timed right.

I also added a bit of a disclaimer/explanation under the PoB images and links to tell you guys a little bit about versatility and doing what is right for you. If you have more armor than me than you're going to get more out of Vaal Molten Shell than I did. If you're constantly running out of mana, don't bother adding Damage While Leeching to your Amulet and keep the -10 to Non-Channeled Skills. Make your own choices. This build can be flexible. It's quite obvious that even with lower than 40 million DPS you can annihilate the endgame, so make the build your own. Hell, you can destroy the endgame with lower DPS than that, it might just require a bit of, you know, dealing with mechanics as the developers intended. That's all. I hope everyone has a great weekend. My wife and kid are away for the weekend so I know that I will!

9/1/2020 Updated the PoB since I bought a new Circle of Guilt with a 11% Damage Implicit. I might be able to get the DPS up to 54 million if I can manage to get a perfect roll on both the Buff Effect and Increased Physical Damage, but right now I only have a perfect Buff Effect roll and that alone was enough to push me over the 53 million DPS hump so I kinda gave up. I'm also working on adding a kill of a 6-man scaling Chayula kill. It was sloppy as hell, but I did it. There's not much else I'm hoping to do this league except record a video killing the Harvest boss and get to 24 Challenges for the Harvest Cloak.

My thoughts on Heist so far, you ask? I hope it's not as confusing as Betrayal was/is. It reminds me of Betrayal and even though that league was fun and you could have fun just going willy nilly with your Betrayal board, it took some serious dedication and research to get your Betrayal board set up so you could make some serious money. AND THEN YOU COULDN'T EVEN KILL THE LEAGUE'S END BOSS BECAUSE IT WOULD RESET THE THING! Ugh, I really hope they learned from that.

I also will be on the lookout for changes to this build, mainly Impale being nerfed. I really hope that doesn't happen because the amount of investment required to make Impale an absolute boss annihilator is quite large. Another thing I'm looking for is Molten Strike buffs. If Molten Strike gets changed back to the way where you can attack the ground and have molten balls shoot everywhere, that may be where I lead as a league starting character. We will have to wait for the patch notes and see.

8/24/2020 Posted new "End Game" version of the build with a 688DPS bow as my final upgrade. I decided to leave both PoB's listed below to see the difference between less than 100ex investment and a lot more than 100ex investment.

8/19/2020 Posted a video of a Deathless Cortex Kill

8/14/2020 Posted a video to show off the Clear Speed with no Movement Speed Flask. Only Movement Speed is on the Crit Flask.

8/8/2020 Posted a quick video on Reddit of the build destroying A8 Conquerors and A8 Sirus and got a lot of advice from people, including LocalIdentity, the creator of the community fork of PoB. They gave me a lot of advice, including some advice on the tree and some advice on replacing items. Mainly, I replaced the Frenzy on Hit mod on the chest with Attacks Give 1.5% Critical Chance and +1 to Socketed Supports, and on the Quiver, I added Chance to Get Frenzy on Crit. So the Non-Farrul's Fur Fantasy Stands! Thank you Reddit, Thank You PoE Community!


Hi everyone, I'm Skinny. No one has ever heard of me and no one ever should have had a reason to hear of me because I stream very rarely and very rarely release videos of my builds killing endgame content on YouTube. But I am trying to do more of that again recently with the whole COVID-19 thing.

If you guys enjoy this guide and playing this build, please drop me a sub or follow on Twitch, Twitter, or YouTube. I can't work right now so I'm trying to make the content creation thing work. I play mainly Path of Exile, The Division 2, and Destiny 2 on my channels, along with some Warframe and a few other games like the Dark Souls series and Souls-like games. If that sounds good to you, you might just enjoy a stream or two.


The "Boss Slaying God" aspect does not come without spending currency on the build or using Harvest to craft yourself some of the most badass items possible. I also want everyone to know that this, like most other builds on here, is not original. Two leagues ago someone posted an amazing Impale Champion using two Lioneye's Falls on the bottom left and right of the tree that I just loved. I ran juiced T16 with Harbingers for a month straight with that guy and never got tired. That inspired this. I saw how few there were on PoE Ninja and decided and build this up myself.

Now that that is out of the way, I've never done one of these. I just know I love this build, and want to show it to people and show what it's capable of if they have the currency to go all out. Hell, even if you aren't rich as shit, you can still hit 10 million pure physical DPS without breaking the bank.

- Incredible Single Target DPS
- Also Amazing AoE DPS
- Can do all content in the game
- Decent Armor and on use Vaal MS
- Consistent 3 Endurance Charges

- Can't do Physical Reflect (without a Sextant)
- Swap to a Hybrid flask for No Regen Mod Maps
- Only around 5k Life
- Expensive to achieve crazy DPS levels
- Getting started without leveling gear sucks
- Speed - I don't use a movement flask





I'm going to leave all 3 Path of Building links here because there are subtle changes to the Expensive Build and End of League build that are completely your choice. You can keep Vaal Molten Shell as a way to mitigate damage. I'd actually suggest doing this if you manage more armor than I did.
But if your armor is lower than 10k like mine, Molten Shell isn't doing much for you. Vaal Haste will give you 4 seconds of crazy DPS at the beginning of a fight. So really, the choice is yours. The one thing that sucks is being starved for gem slots. Cast When Damage Taken would be great for Vaal Molten Shell and Increased Duration would be amazing for Vaal Haste, but we have neither. I'm just saying this to say the choice is yours. Everyone's build is slightly different and one may work better for one person and not for another.


I use the LocalIdentity Fork of Path of Building which includes Impale and other goodies into the DPS calculations. That's why the number is so damn high. And if you click the image above you can see I've checked many things in the Configuration just to see how much DPS I can pull, so you can call me a PoB warrior all you want, but this build just melts stuff. Anything. I haven't a problem killing anything, usually before even my flask charges wear off. Especially map bosses, even T16, those are a joke, regardless of the modifiers.


I know I didn't cover a leveling route to take in the PoB, but I play softcore so I usually always push damage first. I would swing down to Fury Bolts and then make my way down past Golem's Blood until I got to the bottom of the tree. Pick up Iron Grip while you're down there as all the Strength you have is gonna give you a lot of damage.

Now go right, stop and pick up Point Blank as having that and Barrage for boss fights is a big help. Then stay on the outside path until you get to the bow nodes and pick up both, King of the Hill then Master Fletcher.

If you have a Lioneye's Fall already (they are pretty dirt cheap this league) then go for Jewel Node and pick up Claws of the Hawk and Soul Raker.

At this point, you can do whatever you want. If you feel you need some damage, pick some up. If you need some life, go that route.





In the end, I decided against mirroring the crazy 740DPS bow that was made in this league because it basically cost two mirrors to make. A 230ex fee for a mirror service is insane in my opinion, and with this new bow, it would give me maybe 10mil more DPS. Don't get me wrong, I paid a hefty penny for this new crafted bow, but it wasn't even as much as the fee of the 740DPS.



Barrage - Vicious Projectiles - Maim - Brutality - Slower Projectiles - Impale


Tornado Shot - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Vicious Projectiles - Chain - Impale - Brutality


Ensaring Arrow - Ballista Totem


Flesh and Stone - Herald of Purity - Pride - Enlighten (4)


Dread Banner

Precision (Level 1)

Blood Rage


Vaal Molten Shell

Enduring Cry


I need to do a little bit of research, find some viable pieces that are cheap and can still pull decent DPS. In the mean time, I know the Arborix Bow is a great replacement for a GG crafted bow. You can also rock some Tombfist Gloves for a cheaper alternative to some GG crafted Gripped gloves. The belt, The Nomad is already cheap so no worry getting that. The Farrul's Fur is a cheaper alternative yet still kind of expensive but not when considered to a GG crafted chest also. As for everything else, the main thing is making sure you're filling your Resistances, getting Maximum Life where you can, and also finding Physical Damage and Critical Multiplier where you can. You should also looking to get a +1 Bow Quiver as they can be found pretty cheap and adding a projectile to Barrage is a HUGE DPS gain.


Deathless Uber Elder

Deathless A8 Conquerors & Sirus

Deathless Uber Guardians & Uber Elder

Deathless Shaper Guardians & Shaper

5-Way Legion Deathless

T16 Clear Speed (No Movement Flask)

Cortex Kill Deathless

New Bow Killing A8 Conquerors & A8 Sirus

100% Delirious T16 + 4 Catalysts + 4 Sextants Map Clear

6-Man Scaling Chayula Boss Kill (Sloppy)

Destroying the Harvest "Boss"


LL VD+DD Necro Destroying A8 Conquerors & Sirus (Deathless)

LL VD+DD Necro Destroying Twinned Carcass Bosses & Metamoprph

Toxic Rain Pathfinder Beating A8 Conquerors & Sirus (Deathless)

I posted these because I had a lot of fun in this league. I barely paid attention to the Harvest crafting mechanic except to change a few resistances and a few other things, but for the most part, I played it like Standard and had a ton of fun. I made three characters who all got stronger until they were godlike one after another. It was amazing to see.


I'm not perfect, so if you have any questions or even some suggestions to make that would improve the build, please post them below. I'll respond as soon as I can.
https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2919821 - Impale Barrage Champion Build
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Can you give a summary of what mods are needed in each gear and how to craft them
donxiquote wrote:
Can you give a summary of what mods are needed in each gear and how to craft them

I'm not really able to do that as I purchased most of my gear with the currency made from my first 2 characters.
https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2919821 - Impale Barrage Champion Build
I like your build. Managed my first kill of Sirus with only 1 death. It's expensive, but worth it. Thanks for the post.
Last edited by yman69 on Aug 16, 2020, 1:33:06 AM
too expensive for me
POB link?
Last edited by Vickereine on Aug 16, 2020, 8:27:42 PM
yman69 wrote:
I like your build. Managed my first kill of Sirus with only 1 death. It's expensive, but worth it. Thanks for the post.

Thanks for the kind words and glad you got Sirus down for the first time! And yeah, it is expensive. I'd say around 100ex, but the cost can but cut here and there while, of course, sacrificing some DPS. Even with Arborix and my current gear, I can hit 26mil DPS which is more than enough to kill anything.

I might actually start with this as my league starter next league to see how it goes.
https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2919821 - Impale Barrage Champion Build
Vickereine wrote:
POB link?

PoB is in the main thread, below the DPS screenshot.

Edit: https://pastebin.com/stviFPzu

If ya couldn't find it :D
https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2919821 - Impale Barrage Champion Build
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dwdie wrote:
too expensive for me

It is definitely an expensive build to min-max, but you can comfortably farm T16s with an Arborix and half the gear quality to work your way up to god-tier status :)
https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2919821 - Impale Barrage Champion Build
Amazing build second time im playing this type of build(1st was in legion my god it was amazing still missing 20k molten shell shields but oh well).Anyways improvements i could make ? Got around 60 exalts left.

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