[3.11] Bladefall + Blade Blast Ascendant

Cheesy build picture below

This league I fell in love with the Ascendant and I wanted to try out a few different builds. Before this build I played a Whispering Ice Arcanist Brand and an Arcane Cloak BL. But it got boring quick because on these build I could straight up ignore every mechanic and just not die. I felt like I needed a more active play style. So this is where this build comes from.

Disclaimer: I was inspired by Mathil's Pathfinder CoC character to make this one with slight alterations. All credits are due to him.

Disclaimer 2: My gear is NOT min-maxed, and it probably never will be, simply because I do not care much about it. While I'm not a min-maxer, I do love to see great items so please showcase your gear in the comments :D

For the impatients ~ PoB ( Community Fork ): https://pastebin.com/4Qixt0CU


I will post more videos in the near future


+ Great Damage
+ Only One ( 1 ) cheap mandatory Unique
+ The crafting is cheap and simple
+ You actually have to play the game ( can be a con for some people though, sorry! )
- Lack of Physical Mitigation
- The screen clutter is real sometimes
- If you choose to buy your way into this build it will not be cheap.
- Can't do no reflect/no regen maps

Community Fork is required

I chose to go for Inquisitor for big damage and Pathfinder for flask sustain
You can chose Assassin instead of Inquis if you feel like your crit chance is low, but it's not very good in my opinion.
Elementalist is a solid contender too, with the added QoL of Reflect Immunity.

Ascendancy order:
Inquisitor > Pathfinder > Path of the Ranger



In the weapon slot we want a Shaper base, preferably Harbinger bow for the high crit chance.

> Prefixes
+ Spell Damage ( Essence of Woe mod )
+ Cast on Crit ( Shaper's )
+ +1 Level of Socketed Gems
> Suffixes
+ Attack Speed/Double damage ( of Shaping )
+ Crit Multi
+ Crit Chance/Qual ( Bench craft )

You can do without the +1 to socketed gems and craft +2 socketed support gems instead for a cheaper bow.


Redeemer Influenced Spike-Point Arrow Quiver

> Prefixes
+ Life
+ Phys as Extra Cold (Redeemer)
> Suffixes
+ Crit Multi
+ Attack Speed + Frenzy (Bench Craft)
+ Chaos Res


Asenath's Chant. The only mandatory unique. Look for high AS roll, every other stat is useless to us.

Enchant would be Bladeblast Area of Effect or +1 Bladefall Volley.


This is a fun one !
Here we want a Puhuarte temple mod on a Warlord influenced Fingerless silk gloves base.
> Prefixes
+ Life
+ Phys to Cold ( Bench Craft )
+ Spell Damage ( Warlord's )
> Suffixes
+ Cold Res / inc damage against chilled enemies (Puhuarte's Temple mod)
+ Attack Speed
+ Chaos Res


This is where Harvest really shines.
Here we want:
+1 curse
Attacks have +1~1.5% to critical strike chance
Spells have +1~1.5% to critical strike chance

Explodey mod is not necessary at all. I just use this chest piece because I had it from a previous character.


We want Elemental Weakness and Assassin's Mark on hit on the rings. Life gain on Spell hit Shaper mod is a very nice QoL thing to have.
You can get more damage combining the two curses on a single ring with an awakener's orb and getting a full damage Opal Ring on the second slot.


For the amulet we want any shaper base with High crit multi, Phys as extra Cold shaper mod, and Ele pen shaper mod (I'm missing this on mine for now).
Adding Warlord's +1 to all Phys gems or Hunter's +1 to all Dexterity Gems would be sick but also much more expensive.


Standard Tailwind boots. Pretty self explanatory.
Tailwind + Elusive arguably better but more expensive.

Any high life stygian vise is fine, nothing out of the ordinary here.
Here's my chaos spammed one

Coming Soon.

Level with you preferred spell until level 28 where you can swith to handcast Bladefall/Blade Blast.
The leveling tree I used is included in the POB.

Damage Setup ( Bow )
Barrage + Blade Blast + Bladefall + Hypothermia + Inspiration + Empower

Asenath Chant Setup
Bladefall + (Awakened) Spell Cascade + Power Charge on Crit + Concentrated Effect

~ Hatred + Herald of Purity + Herald of Ice + Enlighten ( Level 3 is enough )
~ Precision

CWDT Setup
CWDT + Immortal Call

~ Dash + Second Wind
~ Ice Golem + Frostbomb ( Does not need to be linked )

Side note: Bladefall should stay at 0 quality to minimize its area of effect thus maximizing Blade Blast overlap.
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could you briefly compare this one to the pf one?
Please update on how to craft the bow :(

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