[3.11] Assassin Ball lightning + Arcanist Brand CI 5k ES 2M dps

pastebin https://pastebin.com/REJzfjB1

IN POB BL dps is 300k dps but that not real damage.
use below link calculator instead

Before you consider this build to play, I need to remind you BL+Arcanist is bad. I rate it 6/10. If not for harvest craft, I will not play this build.

Here explain why it's bad
1.Arcanist brand activates 1 per sec. self cast BL speed is 0.7 sec. It means 30% less damage
2.Arcanist brand have 40% less Area of effect. That AOE reduce 40% BL DPS directly
3.Arcanist brand cast BL on enemy further reduce damage by half
4.Arcanist brand give only 15% more damage at lv 20
total damage compare to self cast is 79%(1-(70% x 60% x 50%))less damage
5.This is my speculation. I think it's a bug that arcanist brand doesn't cast spell correctly. my build have 0.21 activation time but when arcanist attached to monster it delay 0.7s before first cast

Update#1 Sirus Fight
Baran fight
Rampart T15 Run

Why I play BL+AB? because It's fun. You don't need to aim. and kill monster offscreen. You can run, click on ground and monster die.

There is no starter for this build just play Storm brand then change to BL+AB when your lv is 70.

1.I use glancing blow to get max block and use

to recovery ES when block

2.Use Disorienting Display Notable to blind monster.
3.Use 3 Defensive flask to get some evasion
4.get elemental immunity from 3 items

5.Try to get Avoid stun on cluster,jewel
6.CI for easy chaos immunity

Mist walker>unstable infusion>deadly infusion>opportunistic

Gem link
Main skill ball lightning+arcanist brand+swiftbrand support+slower Projectile support+elemental focus+controlled destruction

sockets golem and lightning shield on wand+trigger socket spell when cast for quality of life

bind brand recall to your life click
brand recall+empower+arcane surge support+second wind

I use wave of conviction+Curse on hit+curse(elemental weakness,conductivity,assasin mark)
you can get +1 curse from affix in body armour and lv5 awakened curse on hit

mandatory,skitter bot for chill and shock(18% increased damage)
precision lv 1
third one is wrath or zealotry
forth is discipline. you can you this aura if you invest passive point to get reduce mana reserve on tree.

Important Notable
1.Use Militant Faith(Dominus to change pain attunement to Inner conviction(24% more spell damage and 32%Brand damage)
2.use thread of hope to get glancing blow and runebinder
3.try to get brand duration as much as possible to reduce fingers pain
5.Ghost reaver and zealot's oath isn't mandatory but nice to have
6.get all +1 maximum power charge

Helmet enchantmet
Ball lightning AOE is the best you can get +24% AOE is roughly 25% increased damage
Why I use +1 BL? I love to watch my balls move on my screen.

Total estimated my gear cost is roughly 1 Mirror, I guess.
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