[3.12] PURIFYING FLAME MINER | League-starter to AMAZING DMG | All-Content viable


Welcome to my very first build guide in this game, that I made it for you guys so you can try and play it, hope you will enjoy what I created :).
I created miner, because I like spells, elemental mechanics and also mines, cuz they are very powerful and have an interesting AoE.



Patch Notes

Heist 3.12 Changes: Nerfed: Circle of Anguish ring - The randomly generated Herald Modifiers now grant 15-20% reduced Reservation Cost (from 30-40%), and 40-60% increased Buff Effect (from 70-100%) - this means we got less mana to survive/play on and less dmg ( if you are using the buff effect mod ), but its not a big deal


Pros & Cons

+ Can do almost every content with budget 10-15EX ( min. 7mil mapping dmg or 11mil boss dmg
+ Detonating these mines feels satisfying
+ League-starter possible
+ If you or players are low on life, you can everyone heal with these mines :)
+ Easy to do, this is not a complicated build
+ Great attack and spell dodge chances ( 60% + )
+ Can be done with 2 classes ( Shadow->Saboteur or Scion->Saboteur/Elementalist )
+ Very powerful on endgame with BiS/Top gear ( min. 20mil mapping dmg or min. 28mil boss dmg )
- Glass Cannon, it has 4.8k+ life, 700+ mana
- Expensive with BiS/Top gear with around 40EX +
- Some people dont like miner playstyle
- Not a fast mapper
+&- I dont know if its HC viable or not, but I definetly wont test it, sorry ( I am not that type of player ) :D

Path of Building + pastebin ( Passive Tree )

I have 3 pastebins:
1. Shadow->Saboteur: - https://pastebin.com/bAuPA7M5
- This pastebin contains BiS/Top endgame gear only, skill gems, passive tree with levelling progression tree
- This variant with BiS/Top gear has: 4.8k life, 650 mana, 949k / 1 mine mapping DMG ( 21.82mil / 23 mines ) | 1.28mil / 1 mine bossing DMG ( 29.44mil / 23 mines )
- Easier to do than Scion variant
2. Scion->Saboteur/Elementalist: - https://pastebin.com/5YRFgKsc
- This pastebin contains same BiS/Top endgame gear only, same skill gems, but 2 versions of passive trees without levelling progression tree, because its almost same progress. Good thing that I only see on this variant is +1 golem, and little bit more DMG, mana. Those versions you can find at bottom of screen, first one is where we are starting from Scion tree and second one is with refunding 9 passive points from Scion start. location and placing them to Shadow start. location = we are doing this, so we can benefit from it.

3. Shadow->Saboteur: - https://pastebin.com/DyHfd7j9
- This pastebin contains my own character that I made in 3.11 on Standart ( LOW-BUDGET 10-15EX VERSION )

Ascendancy | Bandits | Pantheon

Shadow as Saboteur: 1. Bomb Specialist -> 2. Explosives Expert -> 3. Pyromaniac -> 4. Demolitions Specialist ( for DMG )/ Born in the Shadows ( for more DEFENCE )

Scion as Saboteur/Elementalist: 1. Dex and Int then Passive Point -> 2. Saboteur then Passive Point -> 3. Path of the Shadow then Int -> 4. Passive Point then Elementalist

Bandits: - Kill them all, 2 Passive points are more important than getting buffs from bandits

- Major one: Soul of Lunaris
- Minor one: Soul of Ralakesh


Skill gems + supports
5L & 6L Purifying Flame: 1. Purifying Flame 20/20% + 2. Minefield support 20/20% + 3. Blastchain Mine support20/20% + 4. Trap and Mine Damage support 20/20% + 5. Elemental Focus support 20/20%, if you get money, take Awakener Elemental Focus support 05/20% + 6. Concentrated Effect / Increased Area of Effect support 20/20%, if you have money, take Awakener Increased Area of Effect support 05/20%

4L Aura setup: 1. Herald of Ash 20/20% + 2. Summon Stone Golem 20/20% + 3. Summon Skitterbots 20/20% + 4. Enlighten support atleast 03/20%, higher lvl means better, if you dont have money for Enlighten support, you can go with 20/20% Culling Strike support

3L Movement speed setup: 1. Flame Dash 20/20% + 2. Arcane Surge support 08/20%, this lvl is good enough, dont go higher + 3. Second Wind support 20/20%

4L Curse setup: 1. Flammability 20/20% + 2. Curse on Hit support 20/20%, if you have money, take Awakener Curse on Hit support 05/20% + 3. Wave of Conviction 14/20%, this lvl is good enough, dont go higher + 4. Cast When Damage Taken support 11/20%, this lvl is good enough, dont go higher

4L Guard & DMG Buff setup: 1. Vaal Righteous Fire 20/00% + 2. Increased Duration support 20/20% + 3. Immortal Call 13/20%, this lvl is good enough, dont go higher + 4. Cast When Damage Taken support 11/20%, this lvl is good enough, dont go higher

3L Vaal Buffs setup: 1. Vaal Clarity 20/20% + 2. Increased Duration support 20/20% + 3. Vaal Grace 20/20%

Blastchain Mine support - Correct use: For mapping, just throw mines and kill enemies, repeat... For bossing, prepare atleast 10,15 or 20 for best mines on ground, press detonate button once and when it starts to detonate all mines, go and throw more mines on ground ( hold right click ) and then the support will detonate them too, you ask why we are doing this? Heres answer: Supported Skills deal 5% more Damage for each prior Mine in Detonation Sequence - in short, you are just dealing higher dmg to bosses if you do this process.

If something else will be problem to understand, feel free to ask me here on PoE forums.



heres PoB pastebin to my 3.11 standart 92lvl character with gear that costs around 10-15EX https://pastebin.com/DyHfd7j9


This gear costs around 10-13ex ( bought in Heist League wheres 1ex=60-70c at a time of writing this )

heres pastebin to PoB where I created BiS/Top gear which costs around 35-40EX+


Weapons of Choice:
- Best in Slots are |rare| Dual Sceptres = most powerful variant of weapons, others are possible, but you get less DMG. Dual Wands may be second strongest variant of weapons.
- Mods priority: - |Prefixes|: 1. +1 to lvl of all spell skill gems 2. +1 lvl of all fire spell skill gems 3. gain #% of phys dmg as extra fire dmg - |Suffixes|: 1. #% crit strike chance for spells 2. +#% global crit strike multi 3. #% increased fire dmg
- if some mods are expensive, try to find cheaper ones but only those that gives us dmg
Mandatory Items: Xoph's Blood amulet
- gives us second 50% phys to fire dmg CONVERT, we wanna deal full Fire Damage
- Annointment: Destructive Apparatus - because of 10% increased Mine Throwing Speed.. more mine throwing speed = better ( we are faster, having less than 0.45 Mine Throwing Speed is best, if higher, you are literally a snail.
Body Armours:
|unique| Carcass Jack body armour - gives us life, ele res, aoe radius and dmg, so its pretty decent and not expensive 6L
|rare| Shaper Body Armour - if you want even more dmg and other stats, then maybe this is Best in Slot ( expensive )... it will give you min. 155k dmg, more life, mana and res, but you will loose some evasion rating and evade chance (12%)
|rare| Helm
- primary mods: life, res and mana
- secondary mods: evasion or some other defence mods
- what you should have: crafted suffix mod * #% increased Mine Throwing Speed *, more speed = very useful for us
- enchant: best for us is * Purifying Flame deals #% increased Damage *
|rare| Gloves
- primary mods: life, res and mana
- secondary mods: dex or str whatever of those you need
- what you should have: for more dmg, you wanna use Fingerless Silk gloves because of an additional spell damage ( expensive )
- enchant: it really doesnt matter what enchant you should use... pick whatever you like, but maybe the fire ones would be good
|rare| Boots
- primary mods: life, res and movement speed
- secondary mods: some defence mods like evasion would be good
- what you should have: for more res, you wanna use Two-Toned Boots because of an additional res ( expensive )
- enchant: some defence enchants would be good like * chance to dodge attacks/spells... regen, movement speed *
|rare| Belt
- primary mods: life, res
- secondary mods: dex or str whatever of those you need, elemental dmg, spell dmg during flask effect, you take #% reduced extra dmg from crits
- what you should have: for an additional dmg or attributes,
you wanna use Stygian Vise belt ( expensive )
|rare| Jewel
- we are not using any jewels in tree, but if we use Stygian Vise belt, we wanna put there Abyss jewel with mods: dex or str whatever of those you need, life, mana and res
|unique| Circle of Anguish ring - not mandatory, but its very recommended that you should use this strong ring for this build because of Herald of Ash buffs, also has an additional str, fire res, fire dmg, we wanna use only one
|rare| any Ring
- primary mods: life, mana, res
- secondary mods: dex or str whatever of those you need, some additional dmg mods like global crit multi, fire dmg to spells
- what you should have: if you want an additional life, mana, res or ele dmg, there are rings called: Vermillion ring ( life ), Cerulean ring ( mana ), Opal ring ( ele dmg ) or Prismatic ring ( all ele res )... but expensive
|magic| Life Flask -> Eternal Life flask - required mods: immunity to bleed/freeze/poison
|magic| Mana Flask -> Eternal Mana flask - required mods: immunity to bleed/freeze/poison
|magic| Speed Flask -> Quicksilver flask - required mods: immunity to bleed/freeze/poison
|unique| The Wise Oak Flask -> Damage flask, you should use it, its pretty cheap
|unique| Bottled Faith Flask -> Damage flask, if you have money, use it, because its strong ( expensive )
|magic| Damage Flask -> Diamond Flask - if you dont have money for Bottled Faith flask, this is cheapier option, required mods: immunity to curses


Levelling Gear


Nothing special, just get Tabula Rasa ( free 6L body armour ), and I think you are good to go.
More uniques that can help you:
Goldrim helm, Wanderlust boots, Astramentis amulet is useful if you need a lot of attributes, Atziri's Foible amulet, Le Heup of All ring, Meginord's Girdle belt, Wurm's Molt belt, Lifesprig wand, Axiom Perpetuum sceptre.
In short, there are lots of uniques that can help you, but those above are one of common ones.
About fire damage conversion, its up to you if you want from beginning deal 100% fire damage. If so, you can use unique quiver called The Signal Fire + any bow that will be strong enough. But I dont think it will be a big deal from beginning.




More videos coming soon as I kill every tough content.
3.12 League Starter's gear ACT10 Kitava kill: ACT10 Kitava Kill
3.12 League Starter's gear Uber Lab kill: Uber Lab Kill
3.12 Mid-budget's gear AW 4 Sirus Kill: AW 4 Sirus Kill
3.12 Mid-budget's gear Vaal Temple T16 + Metamorph Kill DEATHLESS: Vaal Temple T16 + Metamorph Kill DEATHLESS
3.12 Mid-budget's gear Elder Kill: Elder Kill
3.12 End-game budget's The Hall of Grandmasters map Kill: HoGM Kill
3.12 End-game budget's The Uber Atziri Kill DEATHLESS: Uber Atziri Kill DEATHLESS
3.12 End-game budget's The Chimera Kill DEATHLESS: Chimera Kill DEATHLESS
3.12 End-game budget's The Phoenix Kill DEATHLESS: Phoenix Kill DEATHLESS
3.12 End-game budget's The Minotaur ( with 39% more life ) Kill DEATHLESS: Minotaur Kill DEATHLESS
3.12 End-game budget's The Hydra ( with 51% more life ) Kill: Hydra Kill
3.12 End-game budget's The Shaper Kill DEATHLESS: Shaper Kill DEATHLESS



And thats my build, I hope that you will really like this build and appreciate if you can share it to yours friends, etc...I wish you big RNG and good luck with your game, stay sane Exile ;)

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I'm thinking of doing this has my 3.12 league starter because I like mines to and because it looks cool
Tiger2209 wrote:
I'm thinking of doing this has my 3.12 league starter because I like mines to and because it looks cool
I am verry happy to hear such a thing :). You are first player that is gonna play my build and I wish you a great luck next league.
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Great work mate! I appreciate your efforts. Good build, very nice skill, perfect for league start. Let go 3.13!
A little bump, i'm too lazy to make my own guide and still not experienced enough to do so, + you made a quite interesting and comprehensive one, i'll just add my little experience, i've been developping my own version of PF miner and the spell really is one of the best possible for Saboteur imo, it's really safe, it hurts like a freaking truck and it is pretty simple and easy to understand how to improve gear.

Your main issue is as usual physical damage, i'll try to improve that in the next version of my character's gear. Also, you people DO have to grab decent chaos resistance as it is starting to be a regular damage source everywhere on Atlas, but overall, it was imo one of the best league starter for 3.13. Decent cleaner and a true beast against bosses (1.000.000 dps per mine while i manage to stack 6922 HP without using heart of Kaom), x19 mine, and another 19 mines because Tremor Rod allows you to detonate them twice !), can delve to 700/900 and more with adapted gear.

Still need helmet enchant (... Good luck with that) and get rid of belt's ES to slam it with warlord's exalted orb + adding chaos resist on ring, aftee that maybe i'll go for Low Life version, idk, there's no real point to do so imo, but who knows.

Final Pob at lvl 100 (without belt and ring's improvements and without helmet enchant) :


You can easily lower the total life to 6000+ and win 200/250K DPS in exchange, even if i don't know what you're gonna do with it, you can switch for Minefield instead of Swift Assembly but personnally, i hate using Minefield with mine throwing speed above 0.30s, it makes you a lot more vulnerable to hits. You can also annoint Destructive Apparatus instead of Counterweight and put points to reach counterweight, it gives you decent attack block chance which is pretty nice to stack with dodge/eva, you can spec point all around Templar's final elemental damage wheel, etc... it's versatile, you just do what is needed, depending of you feeling and preferences.

Sirus A8 easily deathless: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQjNB53ZCps

(thanks for 17 exalts Sirus, and btw i didn't sleep all night long lol, i didn't even set up the detonating sequence with blastchain mine and miss a lot of DPS cause of being lazy, still he dies decently fast, it could have been much faster, but i was a zombie IRL, sorry)

Anyway, thanks for letting people know this build/class, good luck to all of you and ofc, stay sane ! =)
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