[3.11] The meme flicker vengeance raider

I pretty much built this character on a whim trying to test out if flickerstrike could work in a setup scaling off multiple elemental to chaos conversions with Eternity shroud.

Video here for t16 map clear:

Expected this build to be scuffed AF but it turned out pretty decent.

I figure some of the mechanics of this build can be used by other players trying to attempt something new. Hopefully someone out there can take this build to it's final form.

So basically what this build utilizes is an interesting interaction between Flickerstrike, gluttony, vengeance, lycosidae, paradoxica and a watchers eye with a damage taken gained as mana mod.

Flickerstrike is a movement skill which cause you to take physical damage as a hit because of gluttony.

This in turn procs vengeance which scales off the insane flat cold damage lycosidae provides. Which is then doubled by paradoxica.

With flat cold damage gems like Ice bite and Awakened added cold damage supports to both Flicker and Vengance we do a significant amount of damage while flickering.

The watcher's eye mod which grants mana gained over 4 seconds with damage taken synergizes nicely with gluttony self damage ensuring that you will never be out of mana during fights.

Because Lycosidae causes your hits to not be evaded, not having to invest in accuracy is pretty sweet.

Here's the POB:

If any of you have suggestions to make this better do let me know. I kinda want to make this build work and may just league start on it next season.


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