[3.13] Infernal Blow Dual Nebuloch Juggernaut

Are you tired of getting one shot? Do you like explosions? Boy do i got the build for you!

This is my first build guide, so please forgive anything that's unclear

Generic T14: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smU6kDSYYLE

Minotaur: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FoOikRuA-eY

A8 Warlord: https://youtu.be/_FQ4lGix-qU

the videos are sorta shitty, but I never edited anything, I plan on posting a Sirus one as soon as i get some decent footage.

I'm not really good at the game and i'm being able to kill A6 Sirus now, if you're mechanically good, you might even get better results.

-Very zoom zoomy, especially with rotgut
-Can facetank almost anything


-Depending on gear, you can be melted down by nebulochs on -resistance maps
-Somewhat expensive, not league starter friendly.

Passive tree:

Note: Don't believe POB damage, it doesn't calcute the explosions


Our Weapons are the dual nebulochs, with them we get a nifty armor bonus, chaos resist, elemental damage reduction, the works.
While leveling you can use Brutus Lead Sprinkler.

For gloves we go for some rare Spiked gloves, preferrably with the hunter mod for strike skills hit +1 enemy, so we can swap our annointment for galvanic hammer

I'm personally going for Loreweave, for the maximum elemental resists and Elemental damage, a cheaper option here would be a Death's Oath, if you have deep pockets you can go for Sporeguard too, Another option is a Belly of the beast, or simply going for a decently rolled rare, preferably with +% max life.

For the helm we're going for a warlord influenced rare, with increased elemental damage, and resists, nothing too special

For boots, you can go for some warlord influenced rares, with +1 extra endurance charge, if you can't get +1 endurance on boots its alright too, you can also go for deaths door here, or a corrupted or non corrupted kaom's roots, however if you go for Kaom's be sure to swap Unstopable for Unbreakable on the passive tree, and give up the Ancestral totem links, you can use the extra weapon slot to put Ancestral Totem in that case.

For rings we're going with dual Kaom's Way, for the extra endurance, while leveling or if you're short on money you can go for the Kaom's sign, however the life regen will be missed.

Our amulet is Xoph's blood, no questions here, gives us extra fire damage, extra str and max life, an all around very good choice

We want a hunter influenced belt, to increase our life pool, and if you get get also a elemental damage with attacks


Soul of Akraali is your best bet, since it further diminishes the damage from the nebulochs

for minor pantheon you should go tukohama for normal mapping and ryslatha for sirus and other such bosses


Life Flask with curse Removal, you can also go for a instant recovery or Blood of the karui here

Generic Silver Flask with bleed removal, you can swap for inc duration if wearing Death's door

Sulphur Flask, i'm goin with the Overflowing here because i have recover charge when hit on my other flasks, but you can go with a generic sulphur here

The Wise Oak, for increased fire penetration and additional resists

I'm going with a RotGut here for extra zoom zoominess while mapping, you can also go for a Lion's Roar here, for extra damage, however i hate the pushback effect, so I just don't use it.

Gem Setup:

Weapon 1 = Awakened Blasphemy -> Flammability

Weapon 2 = Vaal Purity of Fire -> Herald of Purity -> Enlighten

Helmet = CWDT -> Wave of Conviction -> Summon Ice Golem -> Vaal Molten Shell

Boots = Increased Duration -> Vaal Ancestral Totem -> Blood Rage -> Enduring Cry

Gloves = Leap Slam -> Faster Attacks -> Culling Strike
-> Blood Magic

Chest = Infernal Blow -> Melee physical damage -> Elemental Focus -> Elemental Damage with Attacks -> Fortify -> Multistrike

There's also a free slot on the weapon, you can go with enlighten or anything else, I'm personally going for a portal


Welp, you just jump headfirst into packs and explode everything :), but mapping isn't really the problem with the build. When you're taking too much damage you can press the vaal molten shell and enduring cry panic buttons, be sure to always keep blood rage up.

For bosses you want to pop everything when you know you'll get a good damage window, for bosses with multiple phases you can pop some buffs and save others, also be sure to Leap Slam somewhat frequently to keep fortify up, it gives you some nice damage bonuses, also be sure to always keep 3 ancestral totems active, as they're a big part of you single target damage.

Your burst bonuses are: Vaal Haste, Vaal Ancestral Totem and the charged WarBanner

I updated the guide and made some changes to items and skill gems, thanks a lot to DETH_METH who helped a bunch to rethink the build
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I figured I'd throw my 2 cents in about the build since I think people rarely ever give direct feedback about new builds on forums.

-You have a lot of phys mitigation (Expected from a nebuloch jugg build) and a lot of elemental damage mitigation (also, expected from a nebuloch jugg). However, I don't think you translate this into anything meaningful. You have sub 5k life and roughly 1 mil shaper dps (without them covered in ash) with all your flasks up (which you won't have for the majority of the fight).

-I don't think Veruso's Battering Rams are worth it. Swapping a pair of 1 socket Tombfists into your POB, I see an immediate DPS boost. A generic pair of Spikes Gloves with attack speed on them would give you more life without really compromising your dps (40% increased melee damage isn't really worth it because you can't abuse damage conversion calculations with that)

-I would recommend you explore trying to scale your damage off of crit instead of Elemental Overload. You spend 6 points to get to it and won't have it up all the time because of how low your crit actually is. Because you're already pathed near templar, you actually have access to the really good mace crit nodes.

-Your life flask is not a seething life flask and barely provides you any health regen when it's popped (about 400 life per second). Because your chaos resistance is so high already, you should probably use a forbidden taste since it's effectively a free full heal. Additionally, your only real way of getting life back is with Enduring Cry or hitting the monster about 20 times (as seen in your minotaur video). This is really bad for actually staying alive.

-I would recommend you explore using cluster jewels. In general, builds that use maces typically run the Mace/Staff damage cluster with the Overlord notable to enable them to have fortify all of the time. Which, speaking of, unless you are proactive about it you will not be able to maintain fortify on a boss fight (that minotaur video as example). Having to leap slam every few seconds to get your fortify back seems like a sub-optimal setup and is designed better for general mapping.

Hopefully this gives you some direction on improving your build. I don't want any of this to come off as an attack and I think making any sort of mistake is the way to learning how to get better. You have a solid foundation for a build, it just needs to be tweaked.
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Hey man! thanks for the reply!

First of all, you didn't come off as offensive at all, it seems you're really trying to help. I haven't played the game in some 5 years and this is my first league, I did my research as best as i could and i'm really having a blast with the build, despite it's problems, that's why i decided to post here, i also posted cuz I thought maybe people would have their own ideas on how i could improve, something I'm not seeing.

I'll go through your points explaining my reasoning behind the decisions.

- The fully optimized build, with all the life rolls i'm trying to get on garden will have around 6.2k life, which i thought was pretty reasonable with all the damage mitigation built in, as for dps, that's the part i'm really struggling, as whenever i increased my dps I seemed to plummet on the tanking end, but you can't really trust POB on infernal blow dps (from what i read at least), cuz it doesn't count the explosion procs.

- So, the reason behind the Veruso's was actually Sirus, i was getting wrecked by his beams, for having shock up on me, so i switched to them, i used to use a generic spiked gloves.

- I didn't go for crit here, mainly because my intention was hitting as fast as possible to proc the explosions, and from what i read the explosions NEVER crit, so that's why i didn't bother with crit nodes and went for overload. Do you think I'm going on the wrong direction here? Would it be better to just scale the initial hits?

- Ok, i was gonna test forbidden taste, but never actually got around to it, i'll do that and get back with the results.

- I never intended on going with cluster jewels purely because of the rng involved (i don't really think the clusters are a good mechanic), since Overlord seems to be a medium notable i'll give it a try and see how it feels, i could also swap fortify on leap slam for fortify on ancestral totem, do you think that would be better?

Again, thanks for the feedback, and if you could help me further I would really appreciate it.
thanks your build :D please update Pantheon
Hello, first I would like to say thank you for the build. I dont play marauder much at all but wanted to try it. I will say that I dont have a Loreweave so is there anything else you would recommend for it until I do get one. Also I was wondering how do you maintain capped resists.

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Hi, I'm sorry for the incredible delay, I don't go much on the forums and I never saw the message notification, and didn't think anyone would be too intersted on this

I dont play marauder much at all but wanted to try it. I will say that I dont have a Loreweave so is there anything else you would recommend for it until I do get one. Also I was wondering how do you maintain capped resists.

Any 6 link chest will do until you get the loreweave, but its important you get it asap so you can do -max resists maps comfortably. As for the resists, you just get some rares with very high resists, and your endurance charges give you 4% resist per charge, so realistically you only need about 60% resists to be overcapped, you don't have to worry about chaos tho, you will have 60% resist by default with 10 end charges.

thanks your build :D please update Pantheon

Pantheon updated

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