We're continuing to showcase Harvest-themed artwork, submitted by the community to our latest competition. If you're interested in participating - you still have plenty of time to do so as the competition ends on the 10th of August (PDT). In the meantime, check out the highlights we've selected for today.

Artwork by RrocketBest

Oshabi by koris14

Oshabi by deathsp

Mists of Delirium by Madly500

Oshabi by QwikDawn

'Sowing a New Path, Harvest a New Meaning' by CheeseNachowithCheese

Oshabi by kanterbow

Oshabi by xXN3onXx

Omniphobia, Fear Manifest by Doranex

Oshabi, the Heart of the Grove by RivotrilChan

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Grinding Gear Games
Such a good work from all fans
Good stuff
Really digging the style of Mists of Delirium!

Pretty great submissions as usual. :)
Just a lowly standard player, often found in global 2.

Current IGN: Don_Juan_de_la_Nooch
Amazing works. These artists rock!
definitely the best. (not belittling others)
Such great work by all!
They're all great, but that omniphobia is sick!

Single horticrafting station with space upgrades when? ;3
Some Masterpiece here!!
dank. :)

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