[3.11] Devon's Zoomer Boomer | Kinetic Blast / Power Siphon Pathfinder | Fast Clear + SSF viable

A build that excels at speed farming and shattering stuff (even t16!) by reaching 280%+ movement speed and maximum avoidance with evasion and dodge mechanics!

Request for this build was given by Yannik. Thanks to him, this build came into existence.

+ goes very very very fast
+ clears maps with ease
+ great speed farmer
+ avoids most of attacks/spells
+ flaskfinder -> less stressful flask piano
+ SSF viable (many variants to choose from, Cold, Fire, Lighting)
+ no gem swapping for bossing/clearing
+ immune to ailments
(+ shatter satisfaction)

- maxing out is expensive (Levels, Jewels, Wand, Rings, Amulets,...)
- squishy with around 4,8k-5,2k life (what I was playing with)
- prefers killing stuff before it kills you
- can't do really tough endgame bosses like Uber Elder or Sirus without extremely high investment
- requires some skill (avoiding attacks that could one shot you)


How does it work?

It's very simple. You Zoom, everything go Boom. Kill stuff faster than it can kill you. MF characters can relate.

Kinetic Blast is used for clearing everything in your path (check gif below) and Power Siphon is used to kill tougher stuff, sometimes rares, most of the time Unique bosses (check gifs below). By utilizing the maximum amount of evasion we do not only get the movement speed that's desired from a build like this (with the help of queen of the forest) but also the maximum amount of survivability when paired with dodge attacks and spells from other sources (Atziri boots, Acro/Phase Acro, Vaal grace, etc...). You will keep spamming flasks, phase run and run around Shattering everything in your path with your Kinetic Blast.
Herald of Ice is used to proc Onslaught and generate Power charges through the Assassins mark + Curse on hit + Onslaught setup.


T16, Toxic Sewers

Boss GIFs




Video Showcase

Leveling + Endgame showcase

Path of Building - Pastabin

Note: The "Elder, cold" setup is the one shown in the videos and gifs.

Remember to get mana leech from the nodes early on.

localidentity1 fork
https://pastebin.com/sXXk3EdR (24.07)

The currently selected setup is the Elder gloves pure cold build. To select a different variant, you must select the appropriate tree, gearset, auras and select the appropriate "Main skill" to be displayed. For example with the Lightning variant you would select the "Endgame - 95 (Lightning)" tree, "Thunderfist Gloves (Lightning)" item set and "Main Skill: KB (Lightning) or Power Siphon (Lightning)".

Use this as much as you can, everything is inside. I even incorporated the Normal/Cruel/Merciless/Endgame trees (only for the cold variant), to the bottom left where it says "Endgame - 95", click on that and you can swap out the trees to see what you need to prioritize. Also here you can check out the whole tree, gear, gems, enchants, damage, etc. Basically you can see everything that I had and what you should aim for.


Leveling Uniques/Rares

Leveling tips:

- Use one of these for leveling: Mana pots / Wurm's Molt leather belt / Praxis
- prioritize Life and Resistances -> a good starting item is Goldrim, you can basically wear it to maps with the resists it provides, afterwards you want an armor based helm with life and resists
- boots should have movement speed -> Wanderlust are a great choice for starting out, later on you will swap them with Rare evasion boots or Atziri's Step
- remember to keep updating your Weapon/s (as with any attack skill)
- links are important, more links more damage -> at Act I you should have a 3L, at Act III a 4L and around Act V if you get lucky or buy one (shouldn't be too expensive) buy a 5L chest and throw an alch/essence on it
- Kinetic Blast will be placed in the gloves slot and Power Siphon in the body armour slot

Leveling Guide:


Act 1

If you already have a character, an excellent starting bow is the Storm Cloud bow.
Pick up Split shot after killing Hillock, support it with pierce.
Look out for 3L items that have at least 2 green sockets, 3rd color can be anything.
Finish the Tidal Island side-quest and take the Quicksilver flask and Onslaught as a reward. Place Onslaught anywhere (can be in secondary weapon slots as well) so it levels for later.
Purchase Mirage archer and link to burning arrow if possible (2L GG).
Pick up dash as well and socket it somewhere to be able to traverse gaps.
After killing Brutus take Precision(lvl it only to lvl9) as a reward and buy 2x Added cold damage supports from Nessa (1 will be needed for KB, other PS)
This is a decent (3L) starting setup to have:
Barrage + Added Cold + Mirage archer/Added Fire/Critical strike chance
Rain of Arrows + Added Cold + Mirage archer/Added Fire/Critical strike chance

Act 2

Make sure to keep upgrading your weapon (bows), better DPS = better damage (not necessary for them to be full elemental, just look at the DPS). Feel free to buy physical ones as well, you can also use Hrimsorrow gloves that will convert that Physical into Cold damage (not necessary ofc).
Buy Herald of Ice and Herald of Ash and if possible, support HoI with Onslaught that we acquired before.

Act 3

Roth's Reach or Doomfletch bow is a nice bow to have at this point. Try looking for a 4-link item. Keep checking the shop for 4Ls and watch if a 4L drops from monsters.
After killing Gravicius pick up Hatred and buy Assassins mark (save for later when you get curse on hit when u kill Malachai)

Act 4

Complete the Normal lab before killing Malachai (might make it easier).
After you kill Voll you will be able to pick up the Ice golem as a reward and you will be able to purchase Phase Run from Petarus and Vanja. Use Phase Run with the Quicksilver flask and you'll be pretty fast. Note that Phase run ends once you start attacking or when you Dash.
After killing Malachai take GMP, Ice golem and Curse on hit.

Act 5

Aim to get a 5L body armour or a weapon so you can do even more damage. The links with a 5L should be something like this: Rain of Arrows + Added Cold + Added Fire + Elemental Damage with attacks + Cold Penetration

Act 6

After completing the Fallen from Grace quest you will have access to all gems from Lani. From here on out try to setup the gems as I have them listed in PoB. It's not extremely important but you should have it done by the time you reach maps, aka the end of Act 10.

Act 7

You can get the rest of the trials and go for Cruel Labyrinth.

Act 10
Before going for Kitava you can try to do the Merciless Lab since you wont have Kitava's curse yet.

And that's about it :)

Passive Tree, Bandits and Pantheon

Passive Tree


Kill all - 2 passive nodes - the build is already stretched thin for nodes so this is highly recommended


I mostly go with: Lunaris + Shakari

Alternative Lunaris + Gurukhan - Just for the move speed (gottagofast).

Lunaris, the best option for any aspiring gottagofast enthusiast. Provides movement speed and avoidance of all sorts.
Shakari is great vs chaos and poison obv.
Gurukhan provides some weak evasion that's walled behind a "when you take a savage hit" condition but the movespeed is useful.

All Links

Preferably use a 21/20 Power Siphon gem (don't use Vaal as you will need the souls for Vaal Grace) and a 21/20 Kinetic Blast gem (can be 21/0 as the aoe is not that useful for KB).

[from most important to least, prioritize like this] (this is for the Elder, cold setup I used, for other variants check PoB)

Body Armour (6L) = Power Siphon(21/20) (6L) = Barrage(20/20) > Added Cold(21/20) > Elemental damage with Attacks > Cold Penetration > Inspiration

Gloves (Elder influenced, pseudo 6L) = Kinetic Blast(21/20) (6L) = Added Cold(21/20) + Inspiration(20/20) + Greater Multiple Projectiles(20/20) + "Socketed gems are supported by lvl## Faster attacks" + "Socketed attacks have 50% to critical strike multiplier"

4L = Herald of Ice(20/20) + Onslaught(20/20) + Curse on Hit(20/20) + Assassins Mark(20/20)

4L = Blood Rage(20/20) + Vaal Grace(20/0) + Phase Run(20/20) + Increased Duration(20/20)

3L = Precision(9/0) + Enlighten(3) + Hatred(20/0) (Wrath, Anger for other variants)

3L = Dash(20/20) + Summon Ice Golem(20/20) + Meat Shield(20/20) (Alternatively Minion Life(20/20) if you want him to be alive for longer)


Elemental modifiers are a priority on all items (in my case it was Cold modifiers).

Good Unique Wands that you can use before finding a good rare are: Corona Solaris (Fire), Moonsorrow/Obliteration wands for Physical->Cold conversion or Moonsorrow paired with the Thunderfist gloves.

Best in Slot (BiS) weapon is a well rolled Elemental wand that corresponds to your element of choosing or if you're going for the phys -> cold conversion a pure phys Rare wand.

Gloves that you can use for various elements:
Any element


Physical -> Cold conversion

My Gear

- possibility of getting the Assassins Mark curse on hit on a ring which will free up 2 gem slots on the Herald of Ice setup
- make sure your used element is also your highest resistance (for Wise Oak damage)
- try getting as much evasion and life as you can on your gear (if you're using rare gloves, preferred are evasion ones)
-for damage, look for modifiers like: adds cold damage to attacks, adds cold damage, cold damage %, elemental damage with attacks % (usually on rings, amulets, belts or weapons)


Use Dying Sun instead of Quicksilver when fighting guardians or endgame bosses (Elder, Shaper, Sirus,...)


Damage: Wandslinger

Life: Constitution

Movement Speed: Art of the Gladiator

Personal achievements with the build:

[3.11 - Harvest]
-killed all Conquerors (A7)
-killed Elder (x2)
-killed Shaper (x1)

Check out my other guides:
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Guide looks great!!

Do you know how much investment would be required to be able to farm t16s?
Juliont wrote:
Guide looks great!!

Do you know how much investment would be required to be able to farm t16s?

Thank you very much :D

And well, it would require at least lvl91-93 (easily achievable in Delve or just spamming t10 maps honestly), 20/20 gems and something like 10-20ex depending on the market. Honestly most of this is cheap apart from decent gloves, wand and watchers eye (I'm using a single stat watchers eye).

Hope this helps!
"Let your smile change the world, but don't let the world change your smile." -unknown
"The Emperor beckons and the world attends." -Izaro
"Shine boldly so that all may find you when the night falls." -Izaro
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Any updates for this build in 3.12?

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