GGG, your silence is deafening

As the title states, not having anyone from GGG chime in on all of these threads about the game crashing or providing any sort of direct update is turning off a lot of players in the console community, myself included. The reason most of us have put up with all of the crashing, lagging and performance issues overall is because we love the core mechanics of this game. I jumped on board with PoE when it was released on Playstation and didn't know much about the game. Slowly as the leagues were released I learned more and my builds became somewhat better. This league I tried out a Ball Lightning Miner and actually was liking the play style but after dealing with numerous crashes, reporting them and coming on here to see if there was any sort of update in regards to performance and stability, it's disheartening that our reports are met with silence.

A few months ago a post was made about better and a more clear line of communication to the entire console community. Much of the community was relieved to hear this and for a short amount of time, we were seeing more GGG staff replying to threads. While some of the replies were general, it was nice to at least know that our issues were being looked at and hopefully reported to the proper teams. During this league and the vast increase in issues most of the crashing threads have been met with silence yet when someone asked about where the bigger supporter packs are at, those get replied to. I'm sure you can see how frustration is created in situations like this.

GGG, I implore you to have a team member dedicated to the console community much like Bex is for the PC community. I also ask that we have more communication in regards to major issues and what is being done to resolve these issues. While we may not need every little detail outlined, it would be nice to know that our issues are not falling upon deaf ears which in turn will frustrate players to the point of leaving. This is the first league that I've stopped playing due to all of the performance issues encountered this league. I don't want to speak for everyone but I'm sure most would agree there are serious issues in the console realm.

GGG, I look forward to your reply but at the rate things are going, I'm not holding my breath.

- A trying to stay sane Exile.
Last bumped on Aug 6, 2020, 1:08:27 AM
As expected to this thread and numerous others, no reply from GGG in any capacity addressing the state of the game. GGG, are console players a joke to you? Does anyone care in any capacity about the console player base that they will address the current state of the game with it's numerous issues and start tackling these issues head on rather than going radio silent leaving a majority of the console community frustrated beyond belief? Once again the silence is deafening.
We've not forgotten about the issue, it continues to be worked on daily since originally acknowledged. I don't have news to share in regard to the problem at this time, when I do, an update will be posted. I'm sorry for the frustration this has caused.
Jeff_GGG wrote:
We've not forgotten about the issue, it continues to be worked on daily since originally acknowledged. I don't have news to share in regard to the problem at this time, when I do, an update will be posted. I'm sorry for the frustration this has caused.

Thank you very much for your reply. I see the latest update was on July 6th in regards to the numerous game crashing experiences we have been experiencing. I'm sure you can understand why not having any sort of update for 21 days would start to raise some questions and provide an uncomfortable feeling of abandonment in the console community. I do hope that we can continue this discussion moving forward but I do have a few questions that hopefully you can shed some light on.

Does the console community have a dedicated GGG rep? If so, is that you Jeff? I know the error that most PlayStation players are receiving isn't helping determine the cause of the crash but it's rather a generic crash code. Is there any way moving forward that the crash codes could be a bit more tailored so that it would at least provide the console development team a general idea of what to look into? I feel as if the codes were optimized a bit more it would greatly assist the troubleshooting process. Lastly, has there been any pattern that has formed in regards to what is causing these errors? I'm sure you receive a lot more than what we can view here on the forum.

I really hope the console team can get this sorted out and soon. While I do love the game, the frustration these crashes have brought on has won out this go around. I look forward to your reply.
Thanks for the reply, Jeff; it’s good to see one! Some sort of regular checking in, even if it’s with no new news regarding fixes, would be much appreciated
They have to know what the issue is, they just don't know what to do about it. Several other games had the exact same issues when switching their rendering engine over to the vulkan engine. One major one to mention was DOOM. Seemingly infinite combinations of actions caused crashes with the error code we are all getting. Its because vulkan is only partially compatible with sony's proprietary rendering engine. easy google search would show the devs this. problem is they have fully committed themselves to the vulkan engine and with ps5 and possibly POE2 around the corner they are not going to rework their whole engine for one community of players. these issues would have been identified had the ps4 community had access to a ptr server. will it be fixed before the next league start? probably not. will they fix it at all at this point? my money is no.

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