[3.11] Sidefx Sire of balls (Magma Orb) - Cheap decent map clear!

****PLEASE READ*****
I play multiple builds through out the leagues will do my best to keep these up to date.

Hello, I'm Sidefxmayinclde , I enjoy trying to showcase something that someone checked off or deemed "bad" So this time we took a look at Magma Orb!

Some of this guide may seem out of place or not in the Path of building. It's hard to 100% upkeep every guide I have. Always follow the POB any questions you could always ask!

PoB Magma Orb Sire of Shards PoB

I may not be playing this build when i'm live as i play tons of builds per week.

Basis to the build
This build has a similar play style to a basic cyclone build Spin to win!

+ Skill not used often
+ Cyclone
+ Super fast map clear
+ Super hyped with a HH
+ Tons of room to grow with gear

- Not a bosser. Can kill them just harder. This is more of a speed farmer/Seed grabber.
- Not to much damage mitigation
- leveling felt weaker, but picks up 100% after you equip sire at 49



This build focuses on Cast while channel to cast our Magma orbs while cloning as the channel skill.

Any questions please feel free to ask on my stream! Www.twitch.tv/Sidefxmayinclde or Click this image! please dont forget to FOLLOW to know when i go live!

This build was a idea I had at running through a map without having to deviate too much besides in a line also to rush seeds. I think you will honestly like it.

Bandits :

We are going to Kill all Those skill points are tooooo strong!

Required Uniques:

Can also throw in a Dying sun for + projectiles and more AOE!

Starter Gear and Min maxed gear


Got my helm with correct enchant and placed a Warlord exalted orb on it to pass it influence.

*Min maxed gear direction*

These items are a perfect path, for example the gloves just add ES instead of Life, the boots Add Elusive instead of Tailwind on boots also ES over Life. HH is just fun and the flask is just more crit!

Stat Priority/Flask
Energy Shield -> Elemental res -> Chaos res

Flasks : Anti Bleed flask(Any choice flask) - Dying Sun (More projectiles) - Cinderswallow (your ES regain flask**) Quicksilver (move speed variant) Diamond Flask (Anti freeze)

Gem links
6-Link Setup: IN ORDER of PRIO

• 6L (NEEDS TO BE IN WEAPON) Magma Orb -> Awakened Cast While Channeling or Regular for budget -> cyclone -> Inspiration -> Concentrated Effect -> Awakened Fire Penetration

• 5Link - (chest)Immortal Call lv3 -> Cast When Damage Taken Lv1 -> Storm brand Lv1 -> Combustion -> Power Charge on Critical **In open link Vaal Righteous Fire (only using the vaal part)

4-Link Setups:

Herald of Ash -> Blood Magic -> Vaal Discipline -> Vaal grace (only using vaal)
Dash -> Second Wind -> Arcane Surge (open slot for a gem lv or portal gem!
Anger -> Precision Lv1 -> Zealotry -> Enlighten Support 3/4



(ranger) Deadeye: Far Shot - Ricochet - Gathering Winds - Endless munitions

Tips and tricks:

None really needed at this point. Will add if I feel there needs to be some here!
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Hope you guys enjoy the first of many Sidefx branded guides as i make my return. Enjoy! This was a fun seed farmer for sure!
Finally a SideFX guide~!
Nice, i'll try this build soon. I think de PoB is wrong, its from other build, can u check please?
drigomf wrote:
Nice, i'll try this build soon. I think de PoB is wrong, its from other build, can u check please?

you were correct lol. my mistake. Its been updated! this build takes off slow but when you get your items rolling. Its nice for mapping/seed farming. Something different non the less.

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