[3.11] Hand-Free Cyclo Zerker (not a real guide)

hi everyone, my knowledge of the game and its mechanics is not so great so I don't think I'll ever be able to create a real guide but I still want to share this build that I think is really fun to play!

This is the PoB: https://pastebin.com/eMBwCBx8

is not min-maxed but i think 23~ Million of DPS are enough to do something in the game....

playstyle is simple : active bloodrage and cycloning all the time thru the maps and when something now explode in front of you click Berserk skill, drink some pots and wait all die......

must have items:

for dps boost u can add:

ok they nerf the rings but are great enough

for fast mapping but not mandatory u can use something like this:

-15 mana cost are not mandatory but u can grow up your Precision skill if u have it
same as the Explode prefix is only for more fast mapping,
Tailwind is a great boost but your goal is to have (i can't afford it) tailwind+elusive+onslaugh.

the Unnatural instinct is a BIS for cap res and a double Precision mod on a watcher eye is the top (with some other good jewel u can reach 35~40m dps with no problem......

due to very small life pool this build is not for HC or for reach 100 easy but if u switch your concentrated effect with awakened increased area and u always cycloning is not so simple to hit you!

i'll be honest: i cant kill UAtziri and Sirus (but for this one is cos i never try to learn how to move in that fight) but i melt all the other contest due to the very large brust damage (Elder-Uelder-Shaper-Guardians-Conquerors-Mastermind-Cortex etc etc etc)

p.s. i don't know if this is an old playstyle, i was looking for something different and on poeninja i see that the max dps cycloning zerker use this setup or something similar so i copy-past and i find my way :P
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I did sirus 8 with similar kind of setup last ladder, but with duelist. Do u think this is gonna work for juggernaut for more tankines ?
Undenieble - Unyielding for dps

+ Unbreakable (if u use astral plate for more armor) or Unrelenting (for more chaos and res mitigation)

with jugg u have little more Aoe radius but lose dps (in my pob i reach ~9m dps)
but something like 20k armor i think is enough for tank something more bosses.
Trying it right now. Got a question tho.. Is it really better to skip pride for the herald ? Also what do u think if i get 2x the circle ring with mana mod for herald and use both pride and herald ?

P.s Its totally fine build, doing 13-16 lvl maps easy atm. Got like 40 % phys dmg red and 35 % block + 5200 life. Can be a bit more tanky but i think i can work arround it.
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really don't know sorry, Tiers of the maps is not a problem u can do it on close eyes, i melt every guardian (with rage up) in a second, but i have a little life pool so i think is not a tank build.....i only raccomend this if u know the boss fight mechanichs and u don't mind to die on try it,u can kill them with elusive and some other tricks anyway.....

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