[3.15] General's Cry Shield Charge/Shield Crush

3.15: some things have changed but it should be a good general guide; and shield crush scales the same way shield charge does. Will pop in to clean it up as we get more info.

-HUGE Boost to shield charge damage
-Physical tag + level scaling damage per armor, break point at gem level 23 which makes the damage per 15 armor go from 5 to 6 (20% more). might be a thing to keep in mind.
-nerf to diamond flask + bottled faith means I'd probably forgo attempting for crit and go the RT route.
-impale support changed a bit; might change around the optimal impale nodes

A dark seer + timeless jewel with blind/more melee crit could work; using corpse walkers for bodies.

Very rough non crit mock up (doesn't consider impale/level changes yet)

3.13 update: damage form armor scaled from 2.5 to 3.5 dmg (a 40% boost). harvest crafting back. offhand damage glove base. berserk buffs. yeah...

3.12 update: Should still work as it did, although you'll have to spam armor fossils this time around to make the shield, and can't make easy items like explode chests. I had overkill cooldown reduction anyway; should be manageable with less perfect items. New items and qualities should add some new options. Fundamentally the same build as before; just new item tools and worse crafting. PS: Call of steel.

Posting my build info for a friend; might as well share it with everyone.

Random Hunter fight where I waste flasks and totem uptime and forget to be in pride range; not attacking:


A8 Sirus; Last Phase Example:

Harvest POB:
Ritual POB:
changed the tree to drop glancing blows after the nerf for other defenses.

Note the glorious vanity stats hacking in harvest to get some sort of dps estimate from general's cry. (post-harvest PS some of the stat hacking is now better supported in POB; you'll probably need to adjust this from the time I first made it; POB in 3.15 Generals cry seems to still not get any of the exert double damage/increased/more mods that there is alot of in this build; so the general cry's actual damage is quite a bit higher than PoB might lead you to believe. also remember to tick weird things like 'boss is taunted')

Current gear is expensive; Still usable with worse gear but clearly won't obliterate Sirus levels of HP as much.

With current gear can do on average over 10-20m Sirus dmg per generals cry; (fully busting with flasks; berserk; warchief, etc) with impales (long range shield charges deal up to 100% more damage, but you're less likely to be in pride range, no self damage to add extra, etc). A bit of variance from crits, double damage procs, and impale proc/consume time.

Using blitz charges for clear speed with shield charge self cast; for a big boss if you don't need to leech you can run around at max pride range or beyond to drop blitz charges and potentially 120% crit boot enchant damage. Attacking the boss yourself adds some extra damage and quickly consumes impales; but lowers the crit rate of mirages via blitz.

General's cry will de-spawn old mirages with the large amount of CDR on bosses; but helps clearing to over cap the CDR when you charge around so fast you don't always get 6 mirages out per cry.

Leveling Tips

This build tree changed many times as I experimented; originally there was more damage on the tree and only 1 cluster set. Once Clusters became easier to get, 2 larges and 4 mediums were enough to boost damage to absurd levels with the high base damage of a good shield; leaving the tree mainly to defenses and warcry utility.

If damage turns out to be a problem while leveling; pathing to Aggressive Bastion and Defiance, and the surrounding small nodes will help. The only thing on the tree that is 100% needed to feel smooth is Call to Arms; so you can bind General's Cry to movement; and then as much CDR as you can get. Self casting desecrate for bosses and manually killing one mob yourself with Shield Charge was enough for me.

Command of Steel is slightly less damage anointed then Gladiatoral Combat with a perfect shield; but is generic damage which will scale explosions.

Magna Eclipsis is the best cheap unique at level 70; Otherwise try to get the highest stat shield you can.


General's Cry Main link - General's Cry, Shield Charge, Impale, Pulverize, Brutality, Melee Physical

Shield Charge Movement/Clear 4L, - Shield Charge - Fortify - ES Leech (Replace with generic damage if not using ES) - Faster Attacks - Impale support with call of steel is an easy bit of extra damage when less geared. Can go on attack speed essence gloves with elder faster attack.

This link could really be anything you want it to be; Shield charge will be the most damage and fastest though; but it is indeed a pain to work with sometimes.

Trigger weapon with: Ice Golem, Unearth, Desecrate

Auras: Pride, Precision, Blood and Sand, Dread Banner
Pretty loose on what can be used here.

Utility CWDT: CWDT, Tempest Shield, Molten Shell, whatever

Utility Buffs: Berserk, Ancestral Warchief + Maim Support

3.12: call of steel can be used to rip off impales on bosses for even more ridiculous damage

Gear snapshot from harvest:

using double -mana rings to have free casts of cry and charge; explodes for extra clear (note this will eat corpses; but overall its faster). High armor shield with warcry CD; a trigger weapon with desecrate and unearth.

Entirely usable without some of the specialties of the gear; works without explodes if you arn't trying to zoom; reserve less mana and grab a little leech if you can't get -mana crafts. skip the overly expensive meme CDR fority boots.

Top priority is just a high armor shield with warcry cooldown; If it isn't possible just aim for high armor from harvest crafting this league; dense fossils if Harvest isn't available. Warcry cooldown cannot be targeted besides with expensive influence crafts; so it can be tricky to find the perfect shield.

If you feel adventurous get an Abyssus for the true PoB Warrior inside of you.

Either a corrupt Vulnerability gloves or vuln ring.
Note Asenath's only work with Vuln on gloves; If its on the ring temp chains takes priority.

Asenath's didn't really work out that well; Id recommending impale chance gloves with the new Ritual offhand damage glove base, or essence crafting

I did end up getting a headhunter and while it doesnt help the general's cry part too much; it makes the self cast shield charge pretty insanely fast


Using physical cluster jewels over shield ones for explode scaling.
For warcry jewels; a warning call can improve molten shell size by alot; Mob mentality keeps up charges. Lead by example is good for perma onslaught; but I chose to just use a flask for that and get an extra rattling bellow.
Rattling Bellow and Provacateur are the 2 good damage notables; currently running 4 rattling; 2 prov; 1 mob; 1 warning call.

I went with double crit multi + life jewels over life clusters for some extra damage and skill point efficiency.

I chose Corrupted soul as my timeless keystone; with ES Support on the main travel skill for clear; bossing you can leech or just recharge when needed. Divine flesh would work fine too.

Precision or Pride watchers eyes for damage

Random Notes:
When the build was slower and didn't have explode you could lumber along and constantly get max mirages; as I've sped faster and faster up more of my clear is explode and self cast shield charge with generals zooming by to kill rares when I pause slightly.

I'm sure many people won't like how it feels; but its a nice and silly build to mess with.
I have checked; and if General's Cry impales are consumed by Call of Steel, explode chest will proc. pretty good interaction


First weekend starting the build, just leaving a gear snapshot here, can do up to sirus in reasonable times; tankier, juicier, mavened bosses go down slow so far. a lot of room to go on the gear once I start farming harvests.

I'll probably check back on the thread every here and there.
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just i leveling for "copy" your build for poeninja.

Nice job whith that build, interesting combination.

If i see some interesting mecanic for build try to share here.

stay safe

This is rather cool, looking forward to seeing some videos and more detailed guide, I spent a while pulling your POB apart and it's legit, rather impressed with that crazy damage.
I tried to make generals cry builds, but my mirage warriors never do much damage. Does my weapon damage affect the damage of mirage warriors?
General's Cry uses your weapon to do the attack; or in Shield Charge's case, your shield.
faids4you wrote:

Don't work because Mirage Warriors from General Cry counts as Allies, so all the buff or interaction with the word "You" don't work. So they will not spread the impale.
I've really enjoyed playing this build. It moves fast with high damage and tanky enough to survive some burst damage (AL8 Sirus die beams).

I would describe the playstyle as being a turbo bowling ball colliding into pins.

My gear setup ended up a little different:

-Self-cast shield charge socketed in essence crafted Elder gloves instead of in fortify boots.
-Shaper explode mace instead of warcry cooldown Hunter axe.
-Determination Aura
-Flesh and Stone + mid level Precision instead of Blood and Sand + max level Precision
-Extra Curse
What's the bare minimum/budget items needed to get the build started? Just reached maps and i'm going to respec.

How does the build compare to other general's cry builds like consecrated path?
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I'm not sure how hard the cluster jewels will be to get in Heist, there's some alternative pathing for more life and damage from the tree instead of clusters that could be done (Duelist area has a few life rings and a few shield rings). The final build shown is built around having 30% life as ES from chest+timeless to make have way more eHP; Leveling with it I refactored the tree a few times as I fleshed out the build.

Gear wise, You'll need enough warcry cdr to make it not feel slow and a high armor shield. The plus side is that shield charge has some really, really good damage scaling (high base damage with a proper shield, 100% more mod); but the downside is shield charge is often a pain to use compared to consecrated path. the general's AI handles it well, but if you are using shield charge yourself it can be annoying to use in small indoor maps with doors (Like Heists).

Magna Eclipsis would be the baseline shield to use before crafting a rare colossal tower shield.

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