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[3.11 Harvest] General's Cry - Shield Charge Autobomber

[3.11 Harvest] General's Cry - Shield Charge Autobomber

Hi! This is the first time I share a build with the PoE community so please be understanding about the form of my post :)

Some of you may have seen a diabloyd build before based on the Consecrated Path. When the league started, I had the same feelings about General's Cry as he and probably many other players - "something's wrong and I have to figure it out to make it work". Consectrated Path was also one of my choices, but in the end I opted for something that surprised me - Shield Charge. I hope you will like my use of General's Cry as well.

To the point. Only the "no mana regeneration" mod can be annoying, the rest looks like this in the video below:

Tl;dr – PoB passive tree link

Pros and Cons:

+ great starter build
+ cheap and easy to develop
+ all content viable
+ all mods viable (no regen can be a pain tho)
+ we scale the strength as much as possible to raise the damage - easy and cheap to get

-you will cry very often;)
- Scales great with war cry cooldown reduction which can be hard to come by
- doesn't make billions of dps like some high ends builds for 1000EX
- there is a short "window" between the Cry and the actual appearance of Exerted ghosts
-In my case I have to use a mana flask with „extended duration even when mana is full” mod (Enduring)

Why Zerker?

Shield Charge needs not only high armor value on the shield, but also movement and attack speed on our character.

I use Berserk all the time - frequent use of War Crys generates so much Rage that the cooldown is negligible in terms of the benefits and duration of this buff. Crave the slaughter is also helpful because during the Cyclone I constantly hit enemies and generate Rage.

My first pick was War Bringer - you will have ~ 25 Rage constant, and it mitigates General's Cry "less dmg" tag. My next choice was Aspect of Carnage (MORE DMG) and then stright to Rite of Ruin to make better use of rage and sustain it a bit more.
Rite of Ruin gives us Stun Immunity if we have at least 25 Rage. Sadly oure rage metter goes up and down like crazy so i took Unvawering Stance just for being safe.


Cyclone - Fortify – Desacrate - Cast While Channeling
Thats oure source of „ammunition”, Mirrage Warriors spawn from corpses so we have to always have some close by + it gives us fortify.

General’s Cry - Shield Charge - Impale-Brutality - Melee Physical Damage - Pulverise
Were running full phys dmg build so impale is a must. Pulverise is a bit less dmg then ConC Effect and Ruthless but gives better clear.

More dmg!

Herald of Purity – Pride – Blood and Sand – Enlighten
Dmg dmg dmg… :)
CwDT - Tempest Shield - Molten Shell
Defensive Setup

Other gems:
Leap Slam - mobility
War Banner- impale Chance and effect
Ancestral Warchieff – damage boost
Berserk – damage and defence boost


We are maxing strength so this weapon is great for this build, very cheap at every stage of the league.

Keep in mind that it is absolutely not necessary to have such a shield to clean T16 maps without any problems, my previous shield had about 2200 amor when i cleared T16 maps.
Essence of the Dread is irreplaceable when crafting this armor level, and the current league also makes modifying equipment easier. In this case, an additional bonus is War Cry Cooldown reduction. I used about 50 essences to get this result + added a defensive mod from Harvest beasts. Additionally, I plan to add Quality from Hillock as a final touch.

Cheap and underestimated armor that gives a lot of strength and additionally increases our bonus to damage from strength. It gives us more chance to block too.

A helmet that gives us an additional Mirrage Warrior, which significantly increases our damage.

The rest of the equipment is rare items that boost our resistances, strength and life

Cluster Jewels
The only „must have” options in my opinion are jewels with Mob Mentality and Lead By Example – these two notables provides constant Onslought and free generation of Endurance, Power and Frenzy charges

Cooldown recovery

I’m not a math master so I wont try to make any fancy math magic. I’m a simple man – I see coldown reduction, I take cooldowon reduction. From my point of view, the Mirrage Warriors now appear perfectly after their teammates melt into thin air after damaging opponents, which seems like the best option. I probably missed something and timing it can be better optimized but ... the build works :)

How to play passive skill tree from the start:

Have in mind to pick Resolute Technique when needed, u may even skip it if you have enough accuracy.
The best dps option for Anoiting amulet is Gladiatoral combat.

Final thoughts

In PoB I have now broken 2m dps, after the corrections it will probably jump slightly higher. Nevertheless, I am sure that the users of this forum will get even better results and improve my Shield Charge Autobomber concept if they only take matters into their own hands and try it out.
Last bumped on Jul 25, 2020, 1:30:44 PM
cool concept fun build so far

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