[3.11] Divine Ire CI Trickster chaos generator - 37m per hit, leaguestarter viable, all content

Hello, exile! Welcome to my Divine Ire CI chaos generator trickster guide!

With this guide I will present you how good Divine Ire still could be.

I'm still working on upgrading this build right now, so I`ll be pleased if you share your thoughts about some tree/gear changes and help me finish it. I'm not a very experienced player and this is my first guide, so I am open to suggestions and error corrections. If you have any questions, please ask them in this thread.

I must warn you, the stable (not even the minmax) version of this build costs a lot. Nevertheless, this build might be not so bad as a league starter (this is checked and confirmed by me): at the cost of 50-200c it can reach up to 2M per hit (not DPS; real DPS will be around ~1.5-2M depending on the cast speed). With this damage you can easily do all t16, Atziri; push atlas to A8 and kill low level Sirus.

The problem of this build is that it does not scale up gradually. For example, the next price threshold from 1 exalt is very high (5+ex), especially if you are playing this build in the first weeks of the league (I will talk about it later). However, if you want to go through all the content and to make the build feel really good and smooth, significant investments are required.



- Explanation to a budget variant of the build (only POB for now)
- Crafting and acquiring equipment section
- Leveling section
- Optimized/minmax equipment (?)
- Experiments with a life-evasion based variant (maybe, with 2 wands for skyrocket damage, but this build is always about good balance between damage and defense)

Showcase videos

Casual juiced t16 clear
10+ waves simulacrum (1 death because of my stupid dash to the boss with his boys)
A8 Sirus down (1 stupid afk death)
Deathless elder
‣ Deathless shaper down (down, video later...)
‣ All shaper and elder guardians deathless (down, video later...)
‣ Uber Elder (down, video later...)
‣ Juiced t16 delirium run (video later...)
Redeemer (1 shot)

About this Build

Pros and Cons

+ Good for boss killing, up to 29-37M+ per hit (with level 100 and some minmaxing). There is a potential to one shot bosses
+ Decent clear speed
+ Pretty tanky
+ Scales really good with each piece of puzzle
+ League start viable
+ Kamehameha?..

- Really expensive, like ~50-70ex for decent version
- Can't do elemental reflect maps
- Not HC/SSF viable

+/- Channeling gameplay might not fit for everyone, but for me it's kinda tactical and satisfying. Braindead is not allowed for sure!
+/- Gambling (yes, even here) damage output


The main source of this build`s power – maximum utilizing multi conversion with gaining chaos damage on each stage of this conversions.

We're converting
100% of our phys damage -> lightning with Divine Ire skill gem (50%) + divine wrath notable (25%) + Watcher's eye (rest 25%)
98% of lightning -> cold (2 call of the brotherhood ring)
50% of cold -> fire (cold to fire support gem)

You can assume, that we're dealing the same amount of damage, but the most cool thing about our scaling damage method is that we utilizing mod gain % of elemental damage as extra chaos damage and this gaining apply before conversations to all stages

A simple example of how it works

For example, we have 50% of elemental damage gain as extra chaos.
Initially, we have:
1. 100 phys 0 light 0 cold 0 fire - gain +50 chaos
Convert 100% phys -> lightning
2. 0 phys 100 light 0 cold 0 fire - gain +50 chaos
Convert 80% lightning-> cold
3. 0 phys 20 light 80 cold 0 fire - gain +40 chaos
Convert 50% cold-> fire
3. 0 phys 20 light 40 cold 40 fire - gain +20 chaos
=+160 chaos damage!

The more % of damage you convert at the stage, the more extra chaos damage you gain at the next stage.

Also we are utilizing as much elemental gain as possible to multiply converting damage every stage. The best elemental gainings are at the start of our conversion, like “gain #% of physical damage as lightning damage.

Our ascendancy node, Harness of the void, is also applied as a gain and rolls for every stage independently. It creates (with crits and a small chance of dealing double damage from clusters) a gambling element of the gameplay. Sometimes your hit can one shot everything, and sometimes the damage is noticeably low.

With all this we can reach up to 29M shaper damage per 20 stage hit (remember, that this is an average value) under all flasks. Without them, we can divide by 2 this number, but no one (maybe, except a8 sirus) will survive long enough to left us without charges.

I'm sorry for clickbait, but we can reach 37M+ only under vaal righteous fire, that can help us to one/two shot any conqueror/guardian/metamorph/regular map boss, but not sirus/shaper/elder (where we can`t get souls for vaal skills). To calculate more realistic DPS against bosses (if you really want it; if not, you can just accept the real DPS ~ 20 stage hit, more or less, depending on the cast speed), you can use this simple formula:

average damage per hit * cast rate / 10 + channeling dps

And this is why this formula is valid:
With Divine Ire we gain a stage every cast, up to 20. Every cast will trigger small arcs in the area around us. When we hit someone with these arcs (up to 5 enemies, but for this calculations we consider 1 boss), we gain an additional stage (depending on rarity of the enemy: 40% for hit normal or magic enemy and 100% for rare and unique enemy; bosses are always rare/unique). So if we cast it 10 times per second (cast rate = 10) and if our enemy stays in range of our arcs, we can gain 20 stages per second. We must also consider the damage from lightning strikes during the channeling.


This build has a lot of defense layers. It can't survive really deep delve (I'm at 300 now and it feels good, tho) or t16 100% delirious, but it feels comfortable to take most of the hard content of the game, including conquerors or guardians (some of them we can face-tank full time, like Chimera, Warlord or Snek conqueror).

First of all, we're building around trickster ascendancy, which gives us a good balance between offence and defense. It provides us a good chunk of ES, which opens for us Chaos Inoculation (short CI). It also has a good synergy with 10% spell dodge, because we are always on full ES). I have 5-6k ES (this amount is really small for ES build), and I sacrificed the defense to take millions of damage per hit. It allows to kill things before they get us (yeah, our best defense is a good offense). The main advantage of CI is 100% chaos resistance. It means, that we no longer need to stack some of them on our gear/clusters (or to catch a one-shot by some random rare chaos mob), to be afraid of poisons, caustic grounds, snek conqueror, etc.

Also we have 50% evade chance and 31% phys dmg reduction with our flasks and some cluster jewel nodes (Battle-Hardened) plus some phys and lightning damage mitigation from infused channeling.

Finally, this build gets a 62%/32% real block (without glancing blows) while channeling (it means almost always) + recovering 5% ES on block from rare shaper shield, that allows us to jump into packs of monsters. The only things, that can actually kill us, are phys crits from several legions mini-bosses or an angry over-stacked metamorph (we should kill them before they kill us, that we can easily do with our pretty high damage).

We can also get some ES leech (1000-1500). That's kinda minor, but still useful addition.

The main weakness connected to CI is that every single hit can easily stun us because of our hp eq to 1 (see more explanation here), but we have full stun immunity while channeling + ghost shrouds. They keep us alive while we are not channeling. But if we lose all the ghost shrouds (it is quite easy to do in a pack of mobs), panic and catch a skill like a all lightning or rapidly small attacks, this can permanently stun us to death.

How to play this

Most of the time you can just jump into packs of mobs and not even channel – one tap can kill all easily. In the boss fights we should place wither totems and the orb of storm (0s cast time actually) for curse and shock + activate vaal righteous fire.

Note 1: you should always hit a boss with Divine Ire’s arcs while channeling, otherwise you will lose more than half of damage and es leech. But don't be greedy, because two 10 stages hits will do exactly the same amount of damage like a one 20 stage hit, so you can charge for 1-1.5s for the 10 stage and dash out from the boss attacks.

Note 2: any usual cast (like a flame dash or an orb of storm) will interrupt channeling, but not a frostblink. However, i prefer a flame dash for boss fights, because a frost blink has a too long cooldown.

Ascendancy, pantheon and bandits

Ascendancy: Swift killer -> Ghost dance -> Escape artist -> Harness the void


Major: Lunaris is for usual clearing: I only died because of some random phys crits or angry metamorphs with their boys. Solaris is for strong bosses.
Minor: Tukohama or Abberath (ignite can be a real danger on some maps/deep delve).

Bandits: Kill them all! We are starve to passive points, because we can get much more, than any bandit could give, with them.


Normal build setup

Path of building

I'm using community Localidentity fork: https://pastebin.com/MquYh97P

Some notes

Why not Glancing blows???

Caster builds like this usually utilizing Glancing Blows` notable and 75%/~75% half-damage block. By math, this is the same amount of damage, but it has a good synergy with a shield mod "recover 5% of energy shield on block", and increasing defenses are really nice. It also benefits notables like Arcane Swiftness. But we can easily push our native block to 60%/30%+ with a channeling skill, thanks to a medium channeling cluster and Stoic Focus node:

In 3.10, when i was planning this build, it gave +4/+4% block, but now it is still viable in my opinion. The glancing blows` main problem is that it require 6 passive point to reach, and this build is so greedy to points because of the really strong clusters. I have tried some variants with glancing blows, so that we can drop our Rumi's concoction or take precise focus notables instead of stoic focus. I have even tried to hit Glancing Blows through Thread of hope with a very large ring modifier, but at the end I always got the same ~amount of damage and ~lower defences (actually, it is really hard to calculate a profit from the recover % of ES with 75% half damage block + minus some passives against 60% real block + recover).


Always look for the highest total energy shield and any resists you need.

All the parts of our equipment must have shaper influence. We will lose a lot of damage without it (one piece of shaper item before we get full shaper deck will cost ~5% of damage). The best high level bases with shaper influence cost several exalts. Finding the one with some good mods would cost you even more, so I prefer to craft my own gear or to buy (for wands/accessories, when we don't need 30% quality) something with good mods and to finish it with target harvest crafting. The main advantage of self crafting is the possibility of getting 30% quality + some harvest crafting crazy stuff. Crafting can help us save a huge amount of currency.


Body armour

Our most important piece of equipment – the unique chest, The Eternity Shroud. It might cost 20+ex at the start of the league (because of the hard access to uber elder with a new atlas), but after ~2-4 weeks it can be 2-3ex. It is really important to have max roll on gaining.

Best option for crazy minmaxing - double corruption with mods like “+2 to Level of Socketed AoE Gems” and/or “+2 to Level of Socketed Gems”.


Then we take ES based rare shaper rares like this:

You might also want Divine Ire deals 40% increased Damage with a helmet enchantment, but a shaper base with it is very hard to buy (at the first weeks of a league it is impossible, but you can also use harvest craft to try gambling shaper influence).


It would be nice to get some spell multiplier/cast speed/spell damage on our gloves. We can also save 1 gem slot “faster casting with totems” by "faster casting support" shaper mod for extra vaal grace/portal.


We want 30%+ movement speed and some resistances with increased energy shield on our boots. You can minmax it with hunter double influence and the tailwind mod.



Best bases: Opal Wand (more spell damage)/Profane Wand (more cast speed).

The must have mod here:
‣ t1 "Gain (7–8)% of Elemental Damage as Extra Chaos Damage".

Other good mods:
‣ Gain #% of Physical Damage as Extra Lightning Damage,
‣ Crit multiplier,
‣ Cast speed,
‣ Crit chance

You can craft the other things with multicraft (must have craft mod – (70-74)% increased Spell Damage with Gain 5% of Non-Chaos Damage as extra Chaos Damage). I have personally hit a top needed mod with t1 flat lightning, which is also pretty good, cuz this is our 2nd stage of the conversion. So flat cold is worse than lightning, and fire is worse than cold.


Best bases: Harmonic Spirit Shield (little more spell damage)/Titanium Spirit Shield (actually better, more ES)

Our must have mods here:
‣ recover #% of energy shield on block
‣ increased ES
‣ some flat ES

From the shield we can take 1000+ ES, so this is why ES is so important here (we are increasing shield defenses with the skill tree).

Other good mods:
‣ +1 to lightning/physical spell skill gems
‣ + chance to block
‣ + chance to spell block
‣ cast speed
‣ inc critical strike chance for spells



Double call of the brotherhood, they must be shaped, too.

We have 3 ways to get what we need:
1. Buy a shaper two-stone ring with Cold and Lightning Resistances, buy Trash to Treasure Prophecy and chance it with a single orb.
2. Buy a shaper two-stone ring with Cold and Lightning Resistances and a ton of orb of scouring + chance orbs (tons are about 1000-3000 for each one) and spam it until you get your ring with a tunnel syndrome.
3. Just buy it on the market. It might be cheaper or costly, remember to check the market first.

I have personally tried to gamble this rings, but gave up on 1000 and bought a prophecy for the one. Then i noticed another ring on the market, it was cheaper than a prophecy. All the ways will cost you about the same amount of currency (~8-12ex), but firstly you should check the price of a shaper version on the market. It can be the cheapest and the easiest way. Also don't look at rolls, you can max them later with the divine orbs. We want to get a maximum roll on "increased lightning damage".

Remember to apply 20% elemental damage quality by turbulent catalysts, it will affect not only inc lightning damage, but conversion, too. It is a huge buff, actually. If you can't afford a shaper version of this rings, get maximum roll and quality.



The best base for the belt – crystal belt, but even a low level base will cost you multiple exalts.

We want the highest ES roll and some resistances with some nice shaper mods like additional spell damage. You can minmax it to double influence with crusader's mod "+#% increased maximum Energy Shield". Remember to get 20% quality (defenses) with Tempering Catalyst.



You really want mod gain #% of physical damage as extra lightning damage. Ideal goal is to have it with mod gain #% of physical damage as extra cold damage and crit multiplier. At the end you can get some utilities like stats + ES (ideally, both flat and %).

We need -3 channeling cost craft to sustain our tiny mana pool. You can use the craft service to get it like me or you can find a lot of Jun's amulets and unveil them. You might use tempering catalysts, if you get nice ES bonus or turbulent catalysts (2 gain mods).


Tranquility is the best damage choice (~7-8% of dmg for us and some es).

Also good choices:

For damage:
Heartseeker (~7% of dmg)

Command of Steel (~6-7% of dmg + 3% block)

For defense:

Inexorable (armor, phys damage reduction and also endurance charges)


The best set of flasks:
- Rumi’s Concoction (with the highest block roll you can get)
- Diamond flask (with bleed/freeze immune)
- Atziri’s Promise
- Bottled Faith
- Quicksilver flask (with bleed/freeze immune)

Or you can keep some QoL sets of flasks for clearing maps with extra evasion and movement speed. We don't need so much damage from both Atziri’s Promise and Bottled Faith:

Take Atziri’s Promise instead of Bottled Faith if you can’t afford it yet.
You can swap Jade flask for Quartz flask to get phasing for delving.
A major note: we always need bleeding and frozen immunity.

I highly recommend to take Cinderswallow instead of quicksilver for simulacrum/high % delirious maps to easily sustain our ES + some extra cast speed+damage. Also it give us more damage, when we're not using Elemental Focus support gem because of igniting.


Default jewel for every free slot
For a budget setup (a few chaos) you can take a jewel with two of these multiplier mods:
+(9–12)% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier (actually, it is the worst one because of its low maximum value)
+(12–15)% to Critical Strike Multiplier for Spells
+(12–15)% to Critical Strike Multiplier with Elemental Skills
+(15–18)% to Critical Strike Multiplier with Lightning Skills

For a minmax setup (6+ex per jewel) you can search for 3 of these mods + inc energy shield.
Link to search those jewels.

Thread of hope

Thread of hope with a medium ring mod allows us to take many useful nodes, especially those that have a block and a conversion (!).

Place it here


Watcher’s eye
Must have mods

First of all we should convert the rest 25% of our physical damage. The best way is convert it into lightning because of conversion order (phys->light->cold->fire), but cold is also acceptable, especially if lightning with some good mods costs too much.
- #% of Physical Damage Converted to Lightning Damage while affected by Wrath
- #% of Physical Damage Converted to Cold Damage while affected by Hatred

Then you should hunt for 1-2 of these mods (in order of importance):
- Gain #% of Physical Damage as Extra Lightning Damage while affected by Wrath
- Gain #% of Physical Damage as Extra Cold Damage while affected by Hatred
- #% to Critical Strike Chance while affected by Hatred
- #% increased Cold Damage while affected by Hatred

Same method here - lightning is better.
Energy from within
Place it here:

Gem setups

Divine Ire

A casual setup:

Divine Ire - Cold to fire - Inspiration - Infused channeling - Elemental focus - Controlled destruction

More defensive setup (because of the ability to freeze enemies):

Divine Ire - Cold to fire - Inspiration - Infused channeling - Energy Leech - Controlled destruction

Maximum damage for bosses setup:
Swap Controlled Destruction for Concentrated Effect:

Divine Ire - Cold to fire - Inspiration - Infused channeling - Elemental focus - Concentrated effect

A few words about awakened gems:

Awakened Elemental focus and Awakened Controlled destructionactually will give us ~2-3% (against level 21 gems) of damage for the each one. I think, this is ok, but you may minmax it at the last queue.


Maximum damage:

Wrath + Hatred + Herald of Ash + Enlighten (level 4)

You can actually take Enlighted level 3 (it is much cheaper) with some reservation nodes, but you will lose some damage/ES from some better nodes:

Defensive and budget setup:

Discipline + Wrath + Herald of Ash +Vaal Grace (off, use only vaal version like panic button)

You don’t need Enlightened here at all, but you`ll lose a huge amount of damage (~20-30%, it depends on your Watcher’s eye type) in case of trade of ~900es and 2 good panic buttons.

Totem setup

Wither + Multiple Totems + Increased duration/Faster casting + Spell Totem

3 totems need less than 1s to get 15 wither stacks on boss, this is actually a huge buff for our chaos damage (remember to check it at the pob configuration).

Curse setup

Orb of Storms + Curse On Hit + Assassin’s Mark

Apart from having a curse, this setup is good, because the orb of storms can shock enemies (we can't shock ourselves because of conversion/Elemental focus).

Movement setup

Flame dash/Frostblink (level 20) + Arcane Surge (level 6 to trigger by any use)/Frostblink

CWDT setup

Cast when Damage Taken (level 4) + Steelskin (level 12) + Summon Ice Golem (level 6) + Tempest Shield (level 9)

Vaal Righteous fire

It would be great to take it with inc duration, but we don't have enough gem slots for it.

Cluster Jewels

Cluster jewels are very strong. They are much better, than almost every passive ring on the default tree. We can even drop crit multi nodes, especially after their nerf in 3.11.

I prefer physical cluster over elemental/spell/chaos (the chaos one has an explode on a kill, that is actually pretty good, but other chaos nodes are really not) because of the highest amount of % increase.

Large cluster jewels (max 8 nodes)
So, we take 2 large physical cluster jewels.
The strongest node for us is Force multiplier .
The alternative for the prefix node – Furious Assault , but i recommend to hunt exactly for Force Multiplier.

I prefer to have Battle-Hardened node, because we don't have too much good choices here and an additional defence is always good. As a 3rd node we should take Iron Breaker. We can’t utilize overwhelm, but we don't have any better options.

Medium cluster jewels (4-5 nodes)

We can take up to 4 of the channeling medium clusters.

The best nodes here: Rapid Infusion, Precise Focus and Stoic Focus.
Rapid Infusion and Precise Focus give us ~equal amount of damage, but i prefer Rapid Infusion, because it give us a nice 5% bonus to MS, and it's nice, that we don't need to channel always exact 1 second every cast to gain its damage bonus. For our shield and the defences at all I always get Stoic Focus as a second node.

Important note: we need 1 Unwavering Focus to gain immunity to stuns while channeling, which is essential considering CI (we have 80% stun immunity from the tree without it, which is not enough).

Small cluster jewels (2-3 nodes)

I recommend to take two ES clusters: the one with Energy from Naught node and the other one with Conservation of Energy. Energy from Naught provide us a ridiculous amount of ES (~400 for one cluster), but we always need to have an ES leech to conserve energy, even without Atizir’s promise and energy leech gem. You can replace it with some usual jewels like a good alternative and take Light Eater node of the tree. It will give you more damage and leech rate in the trade of some ES with stats/resistances from cluter’s modifiers.

I don't like taking a lot of small clusters, because they are locking the jewel slots, and every single jewel can be very strong by itself (triple crit multi – 9-10% of damage, this is pretty huge for 1 node).

Crafting section

Updates later...


Poor man build setup (league starter) and how to raise good chaos snek out of it

Path of building

I'm using community Localidentity fork: https://pastebin.com/3XZbfMLa


Updates later...

How to slowly upgrade it to main version

Updates later...


Updates later...

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Thank you for this new new Spin in Divine Ire, one of my favourite skills.

I have been following the 50m version that is apparently very popular. I find it very squishy.

I will definitely try out this build and let you know how it went.

Wouldn't it make sense to somehow generate 3 endurance charges? That would make this build even tankier.
LukeHimself wrote:
Thank you for this new new Spin in Divine Ire, one of my favourite skills.

I have been following the 50m version that is apparently very popular. I find it very squishy.

I will definitely try out this build and let you know how it went.

Wouldn't it make sense to somehow generate 3 endurance charges? That would make this build even tankier.

We can take 2 sources of the endurance charges: an anointment (I mentioned one in the accessories section) or the Enduring Focus cluster node. If we pick an anointment, we’ll lose a damage anointment, which can be very powerful (~7% of damage). Also, we should trade some damage/block for a cluster node. We need to channel too many seconds without stacking them. We actually didn't do it on maps, so it isn't so valuable. 3 endurance charges give us just 12% phys reduction (and an option for IK?), so yes, I think you can trade it for damage, if you want even more defense. But that’s enough for me without endurance charges.
Divine ire had my interest, but now it had my attention.

I love the idea of a full shaper infulence gear wall, and the poor man's version seems very capable regardless. CI is my favorite playstyle, so this has all of the pieces that makes me finally take the skill to endgame.

I know you're working on guides for the poor man's version, so with the transition guide to work towards the full build, a full gear swap is... expensive, so I'm wondering if a middle ground to reach into the full build would be appropriate?

Namely a cast speed variant, whereas neither build really accentuates the stat.

When starting the transition, a minimum set of gear to maintain the dps/survivability of the character when donning the poor man's suite is a good place to start, but how about an intermediate stat like Cast Speed? Divine ire can feel clunky to anyone that dislikes channeled skills, but I've always felt that cast speed could help bridge the dps disparity during the transitional state while acquiring the shaper gear.

Thoughts? I feel like if you stack enough, even 50%, that you could cut some cost out of the upper end of the build.
Hey! I am thinking about doing this build for my league starter. Do you have any tips/thoughts about the initial gearing phase?
Very helpful introduction to understanding Chaos conversion, will use as a reference when trying out Divine Ire this league.
Nice guide, thanks for writing this up. I ended up following this for this league but made some changes to go full ailment immunity and with a few different support gems. Did you end up doing this one for heist yourself? Curious if you have any tips or suggestions.
one of the best guide i ever seen
really tnx
try at next league

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