MF Ranger [3.11] lightning arrow (NON LEGACY LEAGUE FRIENDLY)

- Lightning Arrow - Maximum Juice - No legacy items -

first things first, this build comes at a price but the good knews is this investment pays for itself in the long run and your in max quant items so expect a few splats.

Generally the max version will farm 1-7's no issues, you can drop one pariah for the taming and be a top end yellow map farmer, drop all the quant stuff to be a endgame build, its very versatile and you will just have to fiddle around to find what works for you.

it is not made for killing bosses but still rocks barrage with 300k+ shaper dps in max quant gear (not considering the two inspired learning buffs) the resistances can be a bit annoying but i got it all figured out for you, make sure you check over everything carefully, ive included everything you need to know in the guide.



-- Skill Tree --

-- Levelling Guidance --

-go for essence sap on the tree right from the get go, until you have a lioneyes fall with all those claw nodes(for life and mana leech), then remove essence sap.

-Prioritise all the life and resistance nodes

-Dont get Vaal pact until you have done all your labs, run your labs with 2-3 life flasks, if your really struggling with traps turn off acrobatics and use a basalt/granite flask to tank them better and dont try to move when you get spiked. you will more than likely need someone to carry you through the 4th lab and kill izaro for you although it can be done solo if your good.

-Dont level up in the quant gear, it will be a nightmare, use rares/uniques and worry about mf when you are in maps, unless you dont mind dying tons of times trying to do the 10 acts.

-- Bandit + Pantheons --

Kill Alira

~~make sure you do the vessels for your pantheons asap~~
Soul of Lunaris
Soul of Ryslatha

-- Flask Setup --

Your life flask must have remove bleed (of staunching)

Your jade flask must have remove freeze/chill (of heat)

Stibnite flask must have additional resistance (of resistance)
Note: ideally you want to find a way to resistance cap and bin this for a quicksilver but keeping as much quant as you can, shaper amulet/good rare 6l is the best way with an anoint on the amulet with more resist.

Your Diamond flask must have removes curse (of warding)

You dont have to have a dying sun there just nice to have for clear speed.

IF no dying sun yet use a quicksilver flask by all means.

-- Items + Gem links are inside the items --


Note: This item goes with +1 pierce on the tree or the clearing wont work well



Note: you can drop one of these for "the taming" or a strong opal ring, ditch Vaal haste if you do.


Note: i anoint this with Lightning walker for some much needed resistance, a shaped Quantity amulet is probably better than a bisco's plus we can gain more life and resistance that way

--Body armour
Note: Get as much resistance and life as you can on it, evasions a bonus.

Note: i choose devoto's because no quicksilver, the best enchant is LA hits +2 not mandatory though. Rat's nest / Starkonja's can work too if enchant prices are crazy.

--Jewel Sockets

Note: Lioneyes Fall is mandatory but i usually use "essence sap" until i get one and go for this node first on the tree when levelling to rid the pesky mana flask.
Two of these for maximum juice.

-- If you want to be end-game viable you need to gear swap out of MF --

You need to wear these items and you will be a red mapper no problem.

Bubonic trials (two abyssal sockets ideally, drop faster attacks and second wind)
Tombfist (two abyssal sockets ideally, drop the golem or immortal call and phase run, plug your hoi/curse setup in your helmet.)
Stygian vise belt (or HH if you got the moolah)
you can now plug in 5 abyssal jewels with
x-x lightning/fire/cold damage to attacks,
x-x lightning/fire/cold to bow attacks
x to maximum life

The taming rings or opals with lots of ele/res/life

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you wear legacy gear. but you said no legacy :D
fk archnemesis.
We don't need another mf guide...
SuperDrop wrote:
you wear legacy gear. but you said no legacy :D

didnt notice as i plugged an old char to work from, the items are still obtainable in the league just a bit lower quant, i have fixed the pob so this is now 100% true :) thanks for pointing it out, by non legacy i mean not demigods expensive as shiet and non league functional 20quant mirrorworth stuffs :3 theres a lot of us that are not into standard play
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andrew8448 wrote:
We don't need another mf guide...

for the league you carrot, yes we do i couldnt find one no1 sent me one after 2 hours of making this post so ive stuck one here either roll with it or dont, dont care XD just sharing for those having the same issue.
@we dont need another mf guide,

dont click it then. its your mouse that brought you here.
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TWO replies/quotes to my post? I'm flattered!!! <3
How high map tiers can you run with an aura bot with this gear? And does it have enough ST damage for map Bosses?

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