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What is the Plastic Project?

The "Plastic Project" is a project that I started, because i was getting bored from POE and the meta builds at the time, so i wrote a list about possible skills and build defining items, that i can make it into a build, even if it's just a meme build. However, most of the builds turned out pretty well. The twist with this list is that I usually choose the next build with a random line generator! In this series I will make guides for my so called 'Plastic Project' builds. I hope you'll enjoy it! :)

Here you can check out the list, that i update after every 'Big' patch notes (for possible new builds, and also the new skills) : The list

Welcome to my build guide!

This is a pure Explosive Trap build with a pretty high DPS and survivability, thanks to the Saboteur Ascendancy and the huge amount of dodge chance! The Explosive Trap not as popular as the other skills that you can make into a trap (like Ball Lightning or Arc). I think this is because the Explosive Trap not have enough clear speed, and AoE. I needed to make this build work, so i founded ways to tweak the clear speed thing.

But what is Explosive Trap?
It's a trap skill, that is designed to beat bosses, with large explosions, which is followed by smaller explosions. You even can get a helmet enchant that grants you more smaller explosion.

The build is truly cheap, perfect for SSF or Private leages, because outside of Tinkerskin (I'll talk about it lower) it requires nothing. Also this was my starting build too, so i tested it as a 'League Starter'.

I recommend using Path of Building Community Fork.

I will upload videos in the next few days!

The Ascendancy

1. Pyromaniac: Good choice for leveling, gives you shock and ignite immunity, which is super defensive and also gives you a lot of life regen if your traps are triggered recently. Overall good for the Normal lab.

2. Perfect Crime: This Ascendancy node is not that solid as the one next to it, but it's required to be picked up, if we want Chain Reaction. Although it gives damage, especially if you have a high amount of trap placed. Perfect for Cruel Lab.

3. Chain Reaction: The ultimate FeelsGood node for a trapper. It's a different game, if you have picked this node up. This node gives you a bit of damage and AoE, but why is this is so cool? Because it's also triggers your traps that's nearby to the triggered trap. You will feel the difference heavily.

4. Born in the Shadows: This is a realy cool node. It makes you immune to Blind, which is great and all, but it also makes your nearby foes Blinded, which is the greatest. It's a massive survivability boost.

3 <--> 4 Option: If you playing SSF, or just having a bad time with one shots... You can switch up the Born in the Shadows and the Chain Reaction nodes, until you beat Uber Lab. This is an choice, that you need to make. You either go with the QoL that comes with Chain Reaction or the survivability that comes with Born in the Shadows, you'll have a good time overall.

Leveling and Final Tree

The Pastebin includes both of the leveling trees and the final tree.

Click here for the Pastebin


We utilize two Keystones outside the Acrobatic stuff!

One is Eldritch Battery. Only take Eldritch Battery, if you have Tinkerskin! This way you can reserve all of your mana, and convert it to damage and defense from auras. Do not take it, if you don't have Tinkerskin!

The second is Avatar of Fire! This is a tricky one for sure. This is definitely boost our damage by a lot, but it's so far away for us. What can we do? I advise you to buy a Xoph's Blood amulet, or get it somehow from running Xoph's Breachstones! This is quite expensive, I know, but it's needed at some point. You have to get Avatar of Fire manually from the tree, until you get the Amulet. After that, you can refound your points and use it somewhere else. Also, the Explosive trap itself is converting 50% physical damage to Fire damage, so with the keystone it will be 100%!

Outside of keystones, we focus on generic Trap nodes, and Life nodes. There are not much life nodes in the right side of the tree, so we use Cluster jewels to get even more damage and life. Of course this is a Trapper, and a Shadow, so we can't get out without some Dodge chance...

Gem Links

Body Armour

5 link Explosive Trap (In this order):

6 link Explosive Trap:

Awakened Gems:
You can use Awakened Gems, they are realy strong, and makes you even more powerful! They are not cheap, this is why i didn't link them in here. These are the ones that you can use:
-Awakened Added Fire Damage Support
-Awakened Elemental Focus Support
-Awakened Controlled Destruction Support

Helmet, Boots & Gloves

The Helmet and the Boots links can be switched.


If we have Eldritch Battery as a Keystone, we can reserve 100% of our mana. This way we want to use Anger, as it gives us more fire damage, and Arctic Armour, becouse there are not too many auras in the game that reserves 25% mana. (We use Herald of Ash in an other piece of armour, so the calculation is this: 25%+25%+50%=100% mana reserved! Hurray!)
Also in this link, we use Cast when damage taken, to summon the Ice golem, as it gives us a little dps boost. Keep the Cast when damage taken support at level 2 and the Ice golem at level 4 in order to trigger when you are damaged.


So here comes the Herald of Ash gem, for the plus damage and the 25% reservation! Personally I realy like this Portal + Faster Casting setup in all of my builds, because this way, I don't need Portal scrolls, and it's more comfortable to just press a button, than go into your inventory, search the scroll and then open it...
I also have a Bear Trap in there, i think it's great for bigger bosses, that can be slowed, and it's also gives a debuff to what it hits.


We always want to use Gloves for this build as a 'powerup' for our Flamethrower trap. We utalize it because it has great boss DPS, and sometimes helps with clear speed, so if we can get a free 5th link from the gloves, we should use it! Also, you can trigger the Combustion support with this, which gives a bit more dps overall with the minus fire resistance on the enemies.

Weapon & Shield

You can go either with a wand and a shield or with two wand, you'll have the same links.
In one of your hand, you have to have a Cast When Damage Taken setup. This will gives you a free Wave of Conviction cast basicly every time, when you getting a hit. Also, Immortal Call will help you stay alive longer.

We use Dash as our movement skill, paired with the Second Wind support gem, it's actualy a nice travel skill. Although you'll need a lot of dexterity to level it up further, but it pays off well.



Body Armour:

Tinkerskin is the best armour in the game for this build. It let's you allocate Eldritch Battery, causing you to reserve 100% of your mana, while constantly gaining energy shield, that you can spend to cast your skills. Not to mention that it's also provide you Phasing, and Frenzy Charges. Overall it's the best. The most recommended unique for this build.

If you are playing in an SSF League or don't have enough currency to buy a Tinkerskin, use a rare armour with resists and life, until you can afford it!


Try to get the "Explosive Trap causes 2 additional smaller explosions" helmet enchant, if you can. It is cool, and noticable! There is not much to say in this section, you want the highest rolls of life and resists that you can get, that's all!


Optimally, you either want Atziri's Step, or a Hunter influenced, tailwind boots with resists and life. You can aim for corruptions to the Atziri's Step. More precisely, for Dodge corruption's.

Again, if you lacking of currency, you can use some random rare boots with useful stats like resists and life. Movement speed is also great and helps to avoid bigger attacks.


The gloves part is a bit tricky. You either just want a pair of gloves with resists and life, or a Shaper influenced one. Why Shaper Influenced? You can get an additional link with it, which is valuable! You either want Trap and Mine damage support or Advanced trap support as a Shaper mod!

Weapons & Shield

Dual wield or Shield?

Okay... I tested it for you guys, so you don't have to!
The dual wield is much more stronger, but it is pretty expensive to create two of the best wands! I will show you what i mean by that!
So why Shield? I think rare shields are crap in life builds, so i wanted to used the buffed Kongming's Stratagem unique shield. It was used before by trappers who farmed Atziri. The shield is good for survivability, because of the reduce spell damage and the Blind.

So Conclusion?

-Have Currency? Use dual wield!
-Poor? Use Kongming's Stratagem and a wand!

Dual wield:




The go to unique as I mentiond before is the Xoph's Blood amulet. It is not needed, but highly recommended! You'll recive 8 passive points from it, because you'll don't have to get Avatar of Fire manually from the Tree, it's automatically give it to you. So what can be used before it? Some rare amulets with life and resists and crit multiplier for damage if you can get a similar one!


The goal of the rings in this build is two things. The first is obviously to fix your resistances and get a good amount of flat life. The second, is to get a Warlord influenced ring with the "curse enemies with level 5 flammability on hit" mod. This kind of ring is also can be found in deeper delves, if you can find Fire related nodes! We cant fit the curse anywhere else, so try to get this as early as you can. A curse is always a big boost to the overall DPS!


As for the belts, we want to get a high itemlevel belt with resists and life! A Stygian Vise would be the best with a good Abyssal jewel.

Jewels & Flasks

Of course we want to use Cluster jewels, since there are not enough life in the right side of the tree.

Cluster Jewels:

Here are some examples for the Cluster jewels. Mainly you want to get defense on the small jewels, and Trap nodes with the Medium ones. There is even a node that grants you Arcane Surge when your trap is triggered. Try to aim for these ones!

Basic Jewels:

In this section there are realy not much to say. Jewels are a nice way to fix your resistances if needed, and provide a little extra power with fire damage or crit! If you can, try to get ones, that has life on them!


If you willing to use Wise Oak, try to aim for your Fire resistance to be the highest. Otherwise it's kinda useless! Another important thing is that you need immunity in your flasks. I like to put my Bleed remove to the Life flask as usualy everyone else, but the rest is on you. Either way, just get a Freeze remove and a Curse remove and Immune roll, in one of your flasks and you are good to go! Here is my example:

Leveling with this Build

Leveling Uniques

Lvl 1

Lvl 10

Lvl 22

Lvl 37

Tips & Tricks

10% movement speed boots

Sell to any vendor: White boots + Augmentation orb + Quicksilver flask.

Miscellaneous things

Amulet Anointment

I think there is two relevant choice.

First and the cheaper one is:
Divine Judgement

The second one is a bit more expensive, but it's clearly more damage:
Heart of Flame


Major God:

Soul of Lunaris is great because with the upgrades you can get even more dodge, which is key to this build.

Minor God:

Soul of Shakari is the best choice. Simply because the other ones are just not useful for this build at all.

Min-Maxing the build

-Try to double corrupt 6 linked Tinkerskins for +2 trap or +2 Aoe gems in the temple. (It's realy expensive tho...)

-Atziri's Step Dodge corruption also helps a lot, but it's realy rare...

-Buy, or make one of these god tier weapons:


Kill all 3. We need as much passive points as we can get.


Can I use this build as a Leaguestarter?

Of course you can! Try to aim for Breaches to farm the Xoph's Blood for yourself! I did it this leauge, and it is easier than it sounds! Except the god tier weapons and the Tinkerskin, everything is craftable! Feel free to start with this build!

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nothing for gloves listed
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Why wont use a pseud 6-link gloves for clear? Fire ball + trap and crit multi from shaper

mine is kinda cluncky without life and can get slower proj, awakened fork or chain for mad clear would be nice

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