[3.11] General Aurabot Guide

This is a guide for how to build your aurabot from twilight strand to Sirus 8 with the new cluster jewels added in Delerium. The beginning of this guide will focus on the most general knowledge needed and I will delve into more specifics near the bottom. I will get into finding groups a duo etc.

My current Character has 90 all res 26k evasion and 44 phys mit no flasks 90% phys mit including 16k armor 48k evasion with flasks. Attack block cap with recover ES on block. and I take my TS carry from 51k dps to 423k tooltip dps in hideout no vaals. I'm CI with 6.2k ES. This is plenty I never die. Currently level 99.

when you have 90 all res 90 phys mit and CI, you don't take much damage btw

As a note, you can start this build with just a few exalts, but it scales incredibly well with currency. I'm at 30+ ex in my setup and I want at least 60-70ex of gear before I would be content with my setup.

Get as many Vengeful commander notables as you can + 200% general aura effect and don't die.

My PoB: https://pastebin.com/wdEgrAWn


I frequently get asked If I am following a guide. people ask for my PoB, how I'm granting so much damage etc. so I decided to make a guide I could just link to. I'll include some screen shots of carry dps and whatnot later but for now I just want to get my thoughts out there. I'll also be adding my leveling trees that I followed and set up before league start as PoB links after I hit 100.



Aura Effect is the most important part of an aurabot contrary to popular belief.
Why would you want Purity of elements over increased effect of discipline grace wrath anger etc. If you are ever in a situation where you think you "need" more auras but don't have maximum aura effect, you do not need them. More is nice but not needed.

although there are some specifics that may be higher priority for your carry


There are a bunch of specific breakpoints for increased aura effect that will give you huge increases. The most notable is max resists from Purity of fire/lighting/ice. once you get level 23 Puritys by whatever way you choose (the easiest being lvl 21 gems in an alpha's howl)

you get 1% max resist from every 20% increased aura effect. This still works with lower level purities, albiet worse. Still worth pushing even if you don't have 23s yet.

The goal is to have 200% increased general aura effect. This will net you 90% all res with lvl 23 purities, but there are other breakpoints met by this that are just as important if not, more.

the guardian ascendancy and the scion guardian node grant 1% physical damage reduction per aura. This is affected by aura effect. by getting 200% increased effect you gain 3% physical damage reduction per aura.

The weapon I suggest using is a rare with auras grant 2% increased damage. this affix also gets scaled to 6% per aura. as does the 2% increased attack and cast speed from Scion Necro.

If you decide to go a certain way with the build you can get over 300% aura effect but that is for you to decide.


As an aurabot you will be ES based. That being said you do not have any leech, ES gain on kill, or anything of that nature. You will need to find a way, or more than one way, of getting your ES back mid combat.

recover 5% Energy shield on block shield is a very good option if you aren't using a prism guardian. Vaal Discipline is almost mandatory, but if you use the soul catcher unique flask your Vaal skills will be much more reliable. WARNING This comes with the downside of no mana regen. This restricts you from using any abilities on mana so make sure you know what you are doing.

Zealot's Oath + Enduring Cry has become my favorite thing within the entire league to this point, but this restricts you from using the skyforth unique for mana reservation. Remember what I said at the start though. If you don't need Purity of elements, don't break your back trying to get it. Your auras are useless if you're dead.

Wicked Ward is a nice pickup Especially if you can get any "faster start of energy shield recharge" modifiers, which exists in essence surge and ring crafts.


There are many many gearing options available to you not just shav's alpha's howl, prism guardian, ephemeral edge, skyforth, and shaper's touch. Your gear slots are much more available than they used to be with aurabots. With every 1% reduced mana reserved corrupted jewel or pure guile aptitude or might small clusters, you get more freedom to use what you want.

some general good rares to keep in mind are an enchanted hubris circlet with reduced mana reservation of a skill you need. I chose determination. You can use a deafening Loathing Essence on one to get 5% reduced mana reservation. This is less than Alpha's howl, but the enchant and ES make up for it.

getting any shield with 15% reduced mana reservation of socketed gems + recover 5% of ES on Block are in high demand. you can craft ES on any Shield that has an open prefix. I'm using an armor evasion hybrid currently. This is the ideal shield for CI aurabots as you cannot use prism guardian. If you can get %spell block on top of the other two affixes, that is about as GG of a shield as you will ever get.

The dream weapon is one with increased damage with auras, +1 to all spells, socketed movement gems have no mana cost with crafted +2 socketed support gems. If all you can get is increased damage with auras, that is okay too. Also if you use smite, you drop the +1 to all spell gems.

Your amulet is one of your most powerful slots. getting a 5% reduced mana reservation amulet is very strong. with life/mana catalysts this goes to 6%. using Seeds to craft good ES on your amulet might be much easier than you may have anticipated as well. regardless of whether you use Presence of Chayula or a reduced mana reservation amulet, you need to annoint champion of the cause. Unless you are pathing down there for some aegis aurora Iron reflexes memes, I don't see how you could gain more out of not just anointing it.


As you are gearing and leveling the main factor of getting higher aura Effect will end up being by sacrificing your Energy shield nodes. All of them. To achieve this you will need to get ES through Gear and very good jewels. Every time you get more Energy shield, this is also a time to contemplate if you could be getting closer to that 200% increased aura effect breakpoint.

This becomes a bigger issue at the end game when you are looking at filling out 6 6-point medium cluster jewels.

you don't need that many for the 200% breakpoint, but that is when you start specializing.


Possibly the most important thing for current aurabots is your jewel setup.

corrupted jewels with 1% reduced mana reserved are your main building block. A somewhat unknown budget jewel is "fertile mind" this jewel gives you Int, which in turn gives you ES. normally ES jewels go for 2-5 exalts. fertile minds are only half as good but generally go for much closer to a 0 mod jewel in price for reduced mana reservation. If you can afford to make all of your jewels reduced mana reserved, including things like intuitive leap, might of the meek, energy from within, cluster jewels, etc. if you can afford reduced mana reserved versions, GET THEM

In terms of cluster jewels though this is where things get complex. This is where you specialize. any carry that you run with should be able to benefit from wrath anger or hatred. maybe not all of them but at least two of them. for this reason you want ALL of your large cluster jewels to have 3 notables including Vengeful Commander. the others dont matter. The reason you get 3 notables is because it moves Vengeful Commander from the back of the large jewel to the side. this saves 2 passive points on all 3 jewels by making it a travel node.

For medium jewels, if your carry is benefiting from Anger/Wrath/Hatred a lot then you want to really focus on getting as many Vengeful Commander nodes as you can while still staying over that 200% general aura effect point. I'll get more into the specifics of how I do this later

If your carry does NOT benefit greatly from more than just 1 of those three auras, which means they are some kind of chaos or autobomber build more than likely, than you want to just scale general aura effect. This can be a bit more difficult to reach the next breakpoint for guardian, but you don't necessarily HAVE to get there. The best way to scale general aura effect after this point is getting as many i84 6 point cluster jewels as possible. This will be expensive since they don't drop unless in a watchstone +1 level t16. You want to get 35% increased effect of small nodes. That is all you need. if you get more than that, thats awesome. This makes all of your small nodes give 8% increased aura effect. x5 per jewel. is 40%. x6 jewels is 240% increased effect. with nodes in tree and gear you get over 300%. this is the best way to scale malevolence Zealotry, the necro ascendancy guardian etc. you do not need all of that aura effect, but you will need a lot of it. if you can roll "first among equals" and "replenishing presence" you might be able to get away with far fewer i84 jewels required for this.


I just wanted to touch on this subject briefly. when you are ignited, bled, or poisoned you cannot recharge ES. For this reason I'm CI taking the burning ground pantheon and have an ignite immune flask. I don't hit anything so I don't have to worry about bleed much from corrupted blood, and non-corrupted blood bleeds are so rare that I just use Vaal Discipline and stand still for 2 seconds to deal with it. I'm using rumi's so I don't have the affix available for that.

you also need an alchemist quicksilver of adrenaline flask. if you don't use one your carry will (or should) leave you in the dust. also using curse immune flask and freeze immune flask because I'm using a crafted helm.


Should you use an AG? Depends. are you doing duo moderate investment maps? maybe you can use an AG. AG will die if you go into a t16 delirium orbed double beyond map. he just can't survive that. The answer to this purely depends on the content you do. I like to do crazy maps so I've decided to drop him after having him for a while.

There are some amazing gearing options for them now from garb of the ephemeral to Mask of the stitched daemon. Kingmaker is okay I guess. These are expensive items to lose if he dies though so be careful if you do go this route. I'd suggest trial running a cheep one. if he dies, maybe don't buy 3 ex of gear for him.

There is also a little known spectre support. you can grab some of the monkeys that summoners use to give their minions frenzy or power charges. summon them then socketed in the blood magic gem after. now you can give your carry either frenzy or power charges. there are some other neat options. I used the proximity shield guys since my carry generated his own charges. I've dropped this too since they die too often and are annoying.



In Path of Building there is a commonly Missed dropdown at the bottom left of the UI. Just to the left of "reset" is a selection for multiple points of leveling trees. Kill all bandits. First 2 ascendancy points grab stats, then Go Necro, then Guardian unless you're planning some extra special weird stuff.

Leveling Trees: Plural "Trees" click the dropdown don't ask about it in the comments.

You may need the community fork to view this POB link:

My actual current PoB

Personally what I did to level was I played an SRS summoner and leveled with my duo (who was also an SRS summoner) after having leveled as ED into bane for several leagues, I would highly highly recommend leveling SRS. the new unleash nodes and the minion duration nodes by the witch tree are just amazing. I was playing SRS all the way until like level 86. That isn't required thats just when I was able to afford the gear I wanted to switch.

I continued using SRS until I met the bare basics of being able to swap to aurabot. 3 puritys discipline and 2 dps auras. If you can get that on mana, you can drop your minion nodes and grab 3 medium cluster jewels for aura effect. Having alpha's howl and victario's influence were huge in making this happen.

Honestly thinking back on it, I think I only had 2 puritys

after that I went right from hybrid to CI. 4.5k ES total. It wasn't great, BUT it wasn't horrible either for low level maps. The way I did it was actually by staying hybrid while respeccing all of my life nodes into ES nodes. I had to make sure I had Stalwart commander notables on my medium jewels as well to keep my ES high. I never went low life, just temporarily hybrid aurabot.


As an absolute minimum You should have victario's influence and alpha's howl and 3 medium aura effect jewels to be at the very beginnings of aurabotting.

Ephemeral Edge is a nice weapon if you are lacking ES early as well as Auxium as a belt and sin trek for boots. Shaper's touch is okay for ES but early on its overshadowed by nice ES gloves unless you need a corruption on your gear.

you also can get some pretty nice rings with %ES on them for not too expensive. if you can afford to get "increased defence" catalysts don't forget those too, but not required for budget or start.

from there you will need as many 1% reduced mana reserved jewels as you can socket, including getting a conqueror's efficiency. That doesn't need to be 1% reduced reservation to start. some things that are nice to have is an intuitive leap to save 3 point grabbing the last 2 in Charisma, might of the meek for 2% mana reservation from the small node in the leadership wheel, energy from within in the melding section if you are lacking ES. if you get 1% reduced mana reservation on these, good on you, but thats expensive and can wait till later.


trying to snipe increased energy shield reduced mana reserved jewels can be expensive and so is this whole section. This is where I'd suggest to get some specific upgrades. if you don't already have them, buy your 21 puritys you are missing. you will want to get a shaper's touch with +2 to level of aoe or aura gems. once you have that you can buy an ES based helm with reduced mana reservation of a skill you need and throw a Deafening Essence of Loathing on it. Hope for some decent rolls. maybe seed craft later. I chose determination. if you're following my gearing, grace and haste are also valid options.

Your shield and your amulet are next up. the amulet will get expensive but the shield can get expensive. you might want to start with the shield. 15% reduced mana reserved of socketed gems. if you can get any ES on it, thats amazing.

For your amulet you want 5% reduced mana reserved. remember that shaped can roll 3-5% and redemer can roll 4-5% on the high roll and 2-3% on the low roll. this means you can divine any shaper amulet, but only 4% redemer amulets. With these you will need 20 of the life/mana catalysts and get a golden oil. this will be your largest expense so far for an individual item more than likely, but this will net 11% reduced mana reservation. if you get an amulet that is full on prefixes (like I did) you can remove modifiers with seeds and craft ES. I got a remove lightning craft and got access to 20% global energy shield.


As you get more ES from your gear upgrades this is when I'd suggest to start un-speccing ES nodes. The goal is to get 3 large cluster jewels and 6 medium cluster jewels by the end of this section. You want your GG shield a nicely crafted helm. level 21 Vaal Discipline (maybe in a voideye) You can trade out your ephemeral edge for a auras grant increased damage weapon.

This is the section you will hit 200% increased aura effect in. You'll also want many stalwart commander notables. once you have a very beefy discipline, there is a point where bated breath gives more ES than Auxium. This is also the section where some gearing options might diverge. some will opt to go for lots of General aura effect or focus on Stalwart commander. you can decide to focus more on getting additional auras instead by grabbing pure guile, aptitude, and might (though I suggest that on small jewels) or focus on less auras with more defences by dropping
cobalt jewel sockets in favor of ES small cluster jewels. From here I can only tell you what I did for my carry.


Having spent 30+ ex on my current build its very obtainable, though some would have to grind for it.


My cluster jewels are 3 small clusters 2 point for pure guile aptitude and Might. 6 Mediums that are 6 point. all jewel socket. all vengeful commander. 4 are stalwart commander and 2 are first among equals. with my current gear set up this gets me to exactly 200% increased aura effect while maximizing anger/wrath/hatred effect. Some of my reduced mana reservation jewels are a bit unreasonable, but I also have aspect of the spider on as well as dread banner (which is only serving the purpose of scaling guardian necro and weapon) you don't need either of those.


I'm level 99 so my first goal is hitting 100, but after that I have some specific gearing goals in mind. I need a better helmet for sure, but once I have a reduced mana reserved might of the meek and a level 4 enlighten for puritys, I can actually put on vitality not in victarios. that will allow me to use awakened generosity in my victarios with the wrath and anger. I still need a level 4 empower. level 21 anger. If I were to use a darkness enthroned with 2 ES reduced mana reserved abyss jewels, I could begin to unspec the pure guile aptitude and might and put %ES jewels there instead. that would be a net ES gain and I believe a net reduced mana reserved gain as well. If I got enough mana my next aura would be zealotry for concecrated ground followed by purity of elements just for the ascendancy scaling. I'm not positive that that is even possible as I think I need to make a reduced mana reserved jewel of one of my cluster jewels in order to get that. If I cannot I'll settle for a leveled precision.

I'd also like a +1 victarios or +2 aoe/aura but that might take a bit. It really only needs to be 4L RRRB with extra green sockets. Honestly I probably should have already gotten that before some of the things I have but That just wasn't something I was super concerned with. They don't cost that much, but if you are following my gearing exactly, just make sure to get a 15% aura effect. because I really am at exactly 200% increased aura effect



The easiest way to find people to aurabot for is to talk to your friends. convince them that path of exile is the way. they don't need a job or a girlfriend or any of that dumb stuff and to just play with you in this Diablo like game.


The second easiest way is to make friends within the game, because your real friend have actual lives. talk to people in global or find people in public parties in oriath. I've made plenty of friends just by being an aurabot and being nice to people. If you aren't a social person I don't have a clue why you want to play aurabot.


If worse comes to worse and you still can't find anybody (or when all of your friends are offline) you can just open a public party yourself. I do this frequently and, understandably I might have some biased results being one of the more sought after aurabots and running high tier maps, you can find SOME people in low tier maps to start. If you've already had another character this league and have some red tier maps, just run those. If your duo is going to bed ask for some maps to run.


This league us aurabots don't really have access to the farm very easily to make multiple mirrors crafting epic 1600 pdps axes or whatever is on reddit. When you do inevitably find a duo to run with and get well geared enough, run with leechers. I think that its a super scummy thing to do personally, unless you're doing high red tier maps, but thats my personal opinion. some people are actually so bad at the game that leeching a t5 port is better than running their own maps, so I guess thats on them. Don't be doing this for free for your carry either. 50/50 split or make some sort of agreement. The only way I could see doing this for free would be if you are under geared, he is over geared, AND you need xp fast.

The ideal Duo is a MF build. any MF build that can run with leechers. so long as they understand how to juice the maps properly.

Another way is charging for your services. I've seen this in the past and haven't done it myself. people charging 4c/map but they don't take anything. This has kind of gone away, I think mostly because of the wide distribution of mapping time. a less juiced map might take 2 min but a super juiced map could take 10-20min so the 4c/map rule might be a bit outdated. You can come up with some sort of charge for doing a specific kind of mapping. maybe 30c by the hour if you're a bit newer or doing some lower tier content, but you could be charging much more to experienced MF carrys if you have the gear to be worth charging.

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Never played aurabot, so I am gonna try it this time. It would be great if you add SRS leveling tree. But anyway big thanks for the guide.
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Would also like to see a leveling tree for SRS converting also please!
AltQ wrote:
Never played aurabot, so I am gonna try it this time. It would be great if you add SRS leveling tree. But anyway big thanks for the guide.

Added a leveling tree with several stages as well as all the way up to transitioning from SRS to Aurabot, it will take like 53 regret points to switch when you get there, but don't forget that you can buy regrets with scours in town.

its under the "leveling" section
hi pls add video of clear map and boss(conqure ) kill thx
im add ur levelign pob but i cant see any skill gem just i see tree can u add skill gem which gems should we had for leveling thx
shadow2A wrote:
im add ur levelign pob but i cant see any skill gem just i see tree can u add skill gem which gems should we had for leveling thx

I think you can use skill gems from any of necromancer srs builds. I used this one https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2563355
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cool ! wanted to try but couldnt find a guardian updated build, i think im gona try
I am planning to level up an aurabot,what level do i need to get the build running?
Hi, fantastic guide. Learned a lot from it this league.

I've been playing aurabot this league and was wondering your thoughts on a few items. Okay, turns out I have questions on quite a lot of items. :-) Feel free to respond to a few which you feel are most important. Note that for all questions this league at least the carry is a full MF zerker RoA. Happy to chat on discord or whatever if that's easier.

I see you're using large clusters instead of voices. Can you comment on the pros/cons?

I see you have fairly expensive jewels with RMR on them. In group play typically does the group put any money towards the aurabot build or is the aurabot expected to build it exclusively with their own cut? If the group does put money towards the aurabot do they put money towards any of the other builds and what is the priority of build ranked 1-6? How often do groups typically do a "split" to payout cuts to the group as they are playing? If you were adding members to the group one by one which order would you add them in? (I'm especially curious after what I assume is #1 carry + #2 aurabot, does discbot or cursebot come next and why?) What's most optimal for filling out slot 5 and 6?)

My group is running T8 100% delirious double beyond/nemesis fully juiced maps just fine. What are the most important things to add for the aurabot to transition to running T15 x% delirious double beyond/nem fully juiced maps? Beyond monsters tend to wreck us in those maps.

How important is Smite for the group?

On a defensive skill note, how would you compare the offerings, molten shell, steelskin, and enduring cry (assuming non-Skyforth)?

Do you feel losing out on a notable in exchange for 25-35% increased effect on mediums is always the right choice?

I notice a complete absence of the ever popular Skyforth. Why? I tried with/without them this league and with them equipped (without regen but with Wicked Ward) I felt far less tanky. Yet, they remain extremely popular so I wonder if I'm just not investing enough in faster start and/or recharge with them equipped.

How important do you feel it is to add yet another aura once you have the core auras in place? ie, is it worth it to sacrifice ES, attributes, or little stats here and there in order to get RMR for yet another aura?

Weapon options: I see you went with the rare there with the ultimate rolls. How do you feel this compares to the two popular unique options Sign of the sin eater (quite popular this league) and ephemeral edge?

Belt: How do you rate darkness enthroned vs. string of servitude with hatred/wrath, bated breath, or the incursion belt all of which I've seen in use?

Ring: why reason you're using Voideye instead of Vivinsect for +5 (Discipline in my case) ?

Gloves: How do you feel shaper's touch compares with hands of the high templar with juicy +x socketed skill gem rolls?

I see you chose to use jewels with RMR instead of small clusters in some cases. How do you feel these (jewels) weigh vs. small clusters with let's say stalwart commander which gives both you and your allies more ES?

Flasks besides quicksilver and rumi's? I've seen resist flasks, soul catcher, basalt/granite, jade/stibnite, quartz..?

I have about 12-14 auras at present depending on the setup. I'd like to ask what you feel are the pros/cons of the auras I don't have regularly or switch out from time to time which are:

All 4 aspects

Zealotry (if MF is attack based, is the consecrated ground really worth it?)

Pride (if MF is attack based and mostly cold followed by fire/lightning with very little phys leftover, is this worthwhile at all?)

Malevolence (at what point would skill effect duration help yourself and/or the party assuming non-DoT attack based MF carry?)

Skitterbots (These have been extremely useful in solo play, there was a time I'd add them to almost any build. I've definitely seen them in some aurabots, how do you feel about them in groups?)

Purity of elements (I had read that this shouldn't be necessary)

War/Dread banner

Determination (ie, how good do you feel armor is? tested with my MF it's about 20% phys dmg reduction. if you had to choose between this and vitality or this and 300-400 more ES for you+allies, which one would you choose?)

Clarity (I use level 1, how much utility does having a higher level clarity add?)

Flesh and stone (this was also quite popular in solo builds for a while but I don't see it as much any longer. I do see it in aurabots though, thoughts for importance in group play?)

Thanks! :-)

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