[3.11] KobeBLACKMAMBA's Harvest lvl 100 VD Necro Spellslinger Build

Path of Building Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/ESHvAHmv

I used this build to level to 100 as necromancer in the recent Harvest league. I did not get to use cluster jewels as they were too expensive to roll. This character was able to do all content deathless before hitting 100 including full delirum maps and Simulacrum. I am using a Doryani Jewel for 20% of max life gained as Energy Shield. This in conjunction with Enduring Cry along with Zealot's Oath allows me to instantly heal my ES pool like a flask.

If you have any questions about this build or want to see the map clear, feel free to ask on the thread or on my stream at Twitch.tv/KobeBLACKMAMBA

Mirror Wand Service for Volatile Dead: https://imgur.com/a/oOiImyp

This wand was just created after synthesizing 1000s of wands.
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Will try this, why you use Zealoth´s Oath if you have much more life than energy shield?...

And, could you link flasks in your gear?... Thanks

And in wich jewell socket you use glorious vanity in your tree?...

Till I got Exalts, what belt you think is better instead of torrent´s reclamation?...
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I updated the post with my flasks. I use Zealot's Oath for enduring cry to regenerate the energy shield. I have fire leech on my amulet which is used to regenerate life. Otherwise, when your energy shield is zero, it will never go back up and not be part of your effective hp pool.

The glorious vanity is socketed near the scion health wheel.

I think a rare belt with cooldown reduction with resists and some sort of damage could be a suitable alternative.
If you use frenzy you don´t need barrage, that´s it?...
For Belt isn´t good the flow unthetered?...
And why - total mana cost on ring if you have inspiration?... Thanks
I don´t understand so good The Agnostic + Zealoth´s Oath...

Its your pastebin ok?... It says Necromancer Arc...

And I run out of mana most of the time... I can´t use shield charge or flame dash...
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I fixed the pastebin and removed the skills pertaining to my next build.

You get -total mana cost so that you can use shield charge and flame dash since shield charge will have 1 mana cost in my setup. The belt is the upgraded version of the flow untethered from the new infused beachhead map. Zealot's Oath makes it so that you can instantly regenerate your energy shield when you press enduring cry.
ok thanks so much, for now I only have 200 energy shield, that I think is better to don´t use zealot Oath for only this ES, I´m wrong?... Thanks... Isn´t better for me that I heal a part of life with warcry?... Thanks...
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You should only go zealot's oath if you have the doryani jewel so that 20% of your life is added on as energy shield.
I can´t find what is this doryani jewel, Could you link it?... Oh is the Passive you got with Glorious vanity yes?...
Nah I see is this way, thanks
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yeah the glorious vanity is slotted next to the scion life wheel.
Impulsas its really necesary?... to improve maps fast?... Or its too a great dps improve to kill bosses?...

And if its nice too a yellow body armour should be nice:

to maximum life
% increased life

And what more to look for on it?...
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