[3.11] RF abberaths hooves Chieften 22mill dps minmax version inside

hi all so this is a work in progress build so be kind ive been trying my best but basicly it consists of just walking and dashing and shield charging when u want to i think it will be quite good for bosses considering the vaal rightious fire with soul catcher flask does 4 mill dps possibly more this isnt really min maxed at all just ideas put together feel free to experiment with it but anyway heres the POB


u can pretty much ignore that bit now because ive been doing some upgrading our vaal rf can now be upgraded to 22 million shaper dps and our normal RF is at 4 mill dps i wont be adding many videos as i dont have the budget to do so myself as crafting league isnt really my thing

Normal version
https://pastebin.com/x3JLAkFb <---- smexy new pob

Min-Maxed version

https://pastebin.com/PWs0f4Nh <---- super toasty boi 22 mil dps

Please get the fork edition of path of building to ensure u get the right calcs and so on

heres my twitch leave me a follow if u like the build many thanks : www.twitch.tv/DOOMSLAYER454

basicly the build is a walking simulator with extra spice and kaboom should i say

Leveling Guide

-Act 1 pick a fire skill to use ie fire ball tech slam molten strike so on

-Act 2 pick up herald of ash

-Act 3 Pick up anger and some better lvling gear such as tabula and more as u will now have enough gems for 1

-Act 4 Do ur normal lab run get a flame golem for inc dmg

-Act 5 set up some form of defence skill like immortal call as its the best for us since it eats endurance charges then Go slap that bitch kitava till he cries at u

-Act 6 do lillies quest then go smack that bitch shavrone again then kill the masterbaiter fish women

-Act 7 kill man with bad time dementia and tell that bitch to keep her ammy no one wants to do that quest and kill the lustful spider thing

-Act 8 attempt to resorect dumby hubby for dumby mummy then slap so angry ass rhino charging douche vaal conqorers effiency hope for reduced mana reseverved and then find the frog kick its ass then find too half parts of a ball make it into a ball and kill the bitch twins

-Act 9 farm aqua for abit if u dont already own a tabby then head over to sins daughter and kill her then kill his wife and then kill the lizards and chargy bois for their bits including lightning guy and then go into a rotten corpse to find the ghostie bois to kill mega bitch

-Act 10 ye boi time to help baron become a god and then slap them kitava tities till we reach maps XD

Pantheon for those without fork
Major - arakali
Minor - abberaths or what ever the fuck u want :P


Helmet - Vaal RF - Awakened Ele Focus - Efficacy - awakened swift affliction

Gloves - CWDT - Tempest shield - combustion - wave of conviction

Hooves - awake curse on hit - immolate/depair - flamabillity - ele weakness

Weapon - CWDT - immortal call X scorching ray(unlinked)

Shield - shield charge - fortify - faster attacks

If budget u will be running a Elder ring for Herald of ash and have maleovence and enduring cry in ur gloves instead of combustion and wave of conviction


Body - Herald of ash - malevolence - empower - enduring cry - flame golem

for annoiting use devine judgment but if ur rich use something like heart of flame or breath of flames

11/07/2020 - upgraded the pob through playing i found stun was a problem so i added stun immune more dmg and ways to improve life regen when on a budget i suggest using glancing blows to help u survive those shaper slams and such ive found ive been able to survive hard hits due to my glancing blow setup along with my immortal call setup so we are very beefy

- added a min max type of pob

- Added colors and upgrade pob to be newb friendly also lvling section

https://youtu.be/DufR6P97jM8 - lvl 78 T13 map budgeted gear no cluster yet
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I love abberath's hooves and RF so ill be interested to see how this works out
hi @horribad54 to keep everyone interested and to bump this thread up ive posted an update with improvements to the build i hope u like it enough to give it a go will be adding videos when i get to the point of doing content and such
heres what my current budget gear is at lvl 78

just to give u idea what budget gear to get as the pob show what id like to obtain u dont need the koams straight away as thats not budget a nice armour base with life and other misc stats will do u can add in more gems till u switch to koams like a fire golem or something like that
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Bump improving stuff still awaiting for any advise too build works well soon to do bossing content
Bumb updated forum added min-max version of the build

for those who cant wait for me to finish the build in game :P
bump upgraded the budget pob now u can auto use enduring cry using mouse 1
look at all those colours bois and that 22mil dps oooooof
Looking pretty good!

I might try this in 3.12 ^^ good work.

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