Earlier this week we concluded the Harvest Boss Kill Event on PC, that would reward the first player to kill the Heart of the Grove boss in HCSSF league with Alienware m17 gaming laptop, provided by Alienware. As you may know, Waggle was the first person to achieve this goal!

The second player who would win a laptop has been chosen by a random draw from 3502 characters who managed to kill the Harvest's ultimate boss across all Harvest leagues. Congratulations, Ithrial!

We've also prepared Stygian microtransaction packages for ten random players from any Harvest league who killed this boss within the first week after launch. Here they are:
  • Zidos
  • cobravista
  • Myrmida
  • Eduu
  • KalashMikov
  • isonoob
  • RoyalAlkesh
  • Humanjambo
  • GomDwaeJi
  • Tzeencht

Congratulations to the winners! We'll contact you to arrange your prizes soon. Thanks to everyone who has participated in this event!
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Congrats to the winners!
Last edited by RescuePenguin on Jul 1, 2020, 6:03:06 PM
Congrats to those who won
Softcore trade league player here, and haven't even seen the boss yet. Amazing stuff from these racers.
So how about the people that got screwed out of it because the boss was released buggy and broken?
gz eduu
congrats to all :)
Holy shit I won
Congrats to the winners!²²²

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