[3.11] Facsasd's Guardian Support: 9 Aura, 5 Curses.... and Some More


Heyo, this is my first build, so I'd appreciate any advice and guidance. Let me preface by saying that the build itself isn't cheap, and therefore, I haven't had the chance to test it out yet, so take this as more of a theory of sorts. The main idea is to use a ton of cluster jewels and to then use normal jewels to round out your defenses.

Pros and Cons

+ 90% Max Elemental Resistance for Everyone
+ Customizable for the people you're running with
+ Almost no Fusings needed
+ Almost no need to worry about Resistances in gear

- Still need to be slightly careful with Chaos
- Not Cheap
- Uses a ton of Uniques

I'll probably add more after testing the build... one day

Path of Building


I'm using the LocalIdentity Fork, if you don't have that, it might not work.



I would advise against it, and just respec after the fact... though, I'll see if I can come up with something.



Normal: Radiant Crusade
Cruel: Unwavering Crusade
Merciless: Radiant Faith
Uber: Unwavering Faith

Though, I don't know why order matters, since I highly advise against leveling as this build.



Major Soul: Soul of Lunaris
Minor Soul: Soul of Shakari

You pick Lunaris mostly because your minions don't have as much Evasion as you do, so they might get hit with a chaining projectile. Having Lunaris will prevent you from getting hit by that, and it also just adds more Evasion, Movement Speed and Defense.

For the minor soul, Shakari was picked so you can be safer on Caustic Ground, because even with 75% Chaos Resistance, you still don't want to have to use your Coruscating Elixir all the time. Especially since you don't have Life Regeneration due to Skyforth. Though... if you're pot-chugging, it won't matter.



[Alpha Howl]
Sockets: R R G B
Your most important defensive ones are going here for that sweet "+2 Level of Socketed Aura Gems". The antifreeze is also nice to have, along with the reduction of reserved mana.

Body Armor
[Victario's Influence]
Sockets: R X X X X X
Only one of the gem is fixed, the rest (the "X"s) can be changed for whatever color gems are.... or just run whites, up to you really. These will be the offensive auras, as you're giving them out with Generosity.

[Vixen's Entrapment]
Sockets: R G X X
Same as body armor, you can run two whites if you're lazy. These gloves make your life easy, allowing you to cast only one curse and triggering the rest of them. this is also your first source of additional curse.

Sockets: R-R-R-G
One of the few pieces of gear that needs linking... and off-coloring, although Harvest makes it a lot easier to recolor. Another piece of gear to reduce your reserved Mana.

[Ephemeral Edge]
Sockets: R-G R
A weapon that boosts your Energy Shield by a good amount, what is there not to love.

[Prism Guardian]
Sockets: G G B
Reserving some of your Life to take some weight off your Mana.

[Doedre's Damning] [Doedre's Damning] / [Doedre's Damning] [Rare Ring] / [Rare Ring] [Rare Ring]
You already have enough Elemental Resistance, and you aren't doing damage, so you might as well as get two more curses with Doedre's Damning. You could switch these to Energy Shield rings for more defenses, and lose out on two curses. Or you can use one of each, your choice really.

[The Jinxed Juju] / [Rare Amulet]
You aren't using specters, but you'll be using this amulet anyway to further buff your Auras and Curses. You could switch this for an Energy Shield Amulet for more defenses.

You can Anoint it with Soul of Steel for even more Elemental Resistance, or Champion of the Cause, for more Aura Effectiveness.

[Baited Breath] / [Darkness Enthroned]
Use Baited Breath for more Energy Shield, unless you're comfortable with the amount you have, then you can switch to Darkness Enthroned for more utility.

[Coruscating Elixir] [X Jade Flask X] [X Quartz Flask X] [X Stibnite Flask X] [Seething Divine Life Flask of Staunching]
The Prefix for the Jade, Quartz, Stibnite Flasks can be changed to your preference, though for Suffix, you want one of each:
- Curing: Anti Poison
- Warding: Anti Curse
- Reflexes: More Evasion


Coruscating Elixir is your life saver when you're fighting chaos mobs, just make sure to pop your Life Flask after. The rest of your pots are utility, though they boost your Evasion by a ton, helping your survivability. If you usually press your flasks "quickly", one after the other, make sure to have your Coruscating Elixir before your Life Flask

[Magic Jewel] / [Rare Jewel]
You mostly want: "(6-8)% Increased Maximum Energy Shield" as a Prefix and "+(7-13)% to Chaos Resistance". The higher roll the better. This is where most of your Chaos Resist come from. If you feel like you have enough Energy Shield and Chaos Resistance, or if you're using Darkness Enthroned, you can add some Abyss Jewels

Abyss Jewels
[Ghastly Eye Jewel]
Here, for prefix, you can just get more Energy Shield in the form of "+# to maximum Energy Shield". As for the suffix, you can get "Minion have #% Chance to Blind on Hit with Attacks" to increase the chance of the enemies not hitting you, or "Minion have #% Chance to Taunt on Hit with Attacks" to get them away from you completely... or you can get both.

Cluster Jewel
[Medium Cluster Jewel]
This is where the build becomes expensive, assuming you already had a Skyforth. You need six Medium Cluster Jewels that "Adds (4-5) Passive Skills".

All of them will need:
"1 Added Passive Skill is a Jewel Socket"
"1 Added Passive Skill is Pure Commander"

The other prefix on these cluster jewels should have on of each:
"1 Added Passive Skill is Pure Aptitude"
"1 Added Passive Skill is Pure Guile"
"1 Added Passive Skill is Pure Might"
"1 Added Passive Skill is Stalwart Commander"
"1 Added Passive Skill is First Among Equals"

For the last one, if you're using Anger, Hatred, or Wrath, get:
"1 Added Passive Skill is Vengeful Commander"

Otherwise, go for another of either:
"1 Added Passive Skill is Stalwart Commander"
"1 Added Passive Skill is First Among Equals"

Skill Links


Purity of Fire, Purity of Ice, Purity of Lightning

For the last slot, choose one of following:
War Banner, Dread Banner, Flesh and Stone


For the Purities, you can bring a Vaal version if you know your party is running one of the elements. Activate it for extra elemental penetration. Though, if you don't need the extra damage, don't bring too many extra Vaal skills, as they unnecessarily eat up souls.

For the choice pick, Bring War banner if someone on your team is doing Physical Damage, and still not hitting 100% accuracy with Precision. Adrenaline is nice too. Dread Banner is for an extra Physical boost if needed. Flesh and Stone can be used in Blood Stance for the Maim, or in Sand Stance for defense, in the form of Damage Reduction.

Body Armor
Purity of Elements

Then choose 5 of the Following:
Anger, Pride, Vitality, Hatred, Precision, Zealotry, Wrath, Malevolence, Clarity


You always want that Elemental Resistance, either for you or for your Magic Find Friend.

The other 5 depends on your team composition and what they need.

Enfeeble, Temporal Chain

Then Choose 2 of the Following:
Vulnerability, Punishment, Projectile Weakness, Poacher's Mark, Elemental Weakness, Flammability, Frostbite, Conductivity, Despair, Assassin's Mark


Enfeeble is there for your survival, and Temporal Chain is there to slow them down, and extend the time between reapplication of the curses if needed.

For the choice, again, just pick two that your party needs. Though I'd highly recommend the ones that lower the enemy's Elemental Resistance.

You won't need any of these on your skill bar, as you're going to be using the gloves' effect to trigger them.

Shield Charge - Smite - Fortify Support - Faster Attack Support

This is your movement skill, which also gives more defense, what more could you want. Smite is also included for extra damage, make sure you have "Attack Without Moving" toggled for that, so you don't accidentally walk into a slam.

Herald of Purity - Blind Support, Warlord's Mark


Heralds of Purity will guaranteed that you can activate your Radiant Crusade Ascendancy when you're in a party, while Blind Support lowers your chance to be hit, which is always nice.

Warlord's Mark is just here to trigger the rest of your curses through your gloves. I picked this one as the trigger as Endurance Charges generated from it is another layer of defenses for you.

Grace, Haste, Discipline


You can use the Vaal version for any of these, according to your preference, though I'd advise to at least use Vaal Discipline, in case you ever need to instantly start your Energy Shield regeneration. Vaal Haste is also a good contender to a quick boost of dps, while Vaal Grace will give you some more defenses.

To Do


- Add color coding to skill gems and such
- Link the gear
- Test out the build
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How are you getting 90% max res?
What are you doing with the chaos damage?
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haamoo wrote:
How are you getting 90% max res?

I think it is possible to achieve the perfect 90% elemental resistances through one of the new medium cluster jewel for a specific node called Pure Commander.

Pure of Commander provided 10% increased Aura effect for all 3 Purity and 30% for Purity of Elements.

For each jewel contains Pure of Commander, he gained up to 60% increased for all 3 Purity aura effects! That is lot more than half of its full add to top of it!

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