Some positive things about HARVEST and POE

I just want to make a thread about some positive things about the league and in general for poe. The hating on forums, especially on reddit is just too much rant in my opinion....every time.

I really like Harvest how it is. Yes, there could be things that are more "fun" in the sense of killing and looting things. But its not the tenor of this league. Its a crafting league and in its way, very well made. If you dont like crafting, probably not the "best league ever" for you, but no reason for a shitstorm.

All those other stuff we had already and we should be happy, that something new is tried out. There are sooooo much things in poe you can have fun with, if you dont crafting things. Some ppl want more loot, more monsters, faster clear every league....thats ridiculous. If you are upset about the game and dont have fun anymore, its probably because you are burned out of poe...dont set a game to you life priority number 1 and take a break...

Im playing since early Beta 2013 or 2014 and also have phases, when Im bored of it....thats just normal. But it makes no sense to flame the game for that, constantly!

Some complain that harvest is to difficult, the gardening. have to connect 3 colour zones with each other....nothing more...thats it. Connect it with 2 different building parts and done. What is difficult on that? I dont get it!

League start was also well done this time, you can see improvements on that.

I just want to say thank you GGG!

...for this awesome game, wich is and will be unique in its genre! We can be thankful to have poe and support it more with acceptable critic and no hate speeches! Try to find an alternative in this genre....nothing really good is there like that!

Chill a bit out exiles! Enjoy your lives and concentrate more on the positive things in general. I wish you all the best and more positive vibes...

I just want to say that, now I am happy :) Come in and post some positive things about POE or Harvest.

Sorry for any mistakes, english is not my native language.
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Not getting anything from maps and wanting to, you know, at least have a good drop from time to time is ridiculous?
Well it's not an overly exciting mechanic but it's nice mechanic to get some of the tedious crafts a bit easier allowing you to get in to red maps easier if you know the seeds to look for. One thing that would make the mechanic of this much nicer however I find is if you could could click on the on the collectors and be able to have a listing of seeds of what you want to grow and the ability to turn off auto-planting seeds you don't want to grow in that plot. Allowing you to name the plot would go a bit further so you can sort each. I think the only way to allocate what you want to grow is by planting them one by one. I think this would make the harvest plots less tedious when trying to plant certain seeds and more enjoyable. Otherwise it's not bad asides possibly accidental clicks on on different objects because they're is a lot of objects to place in a bunched op place. In regards i think that'd be an easy fix by implementing the garden like your hideout does by just having a bar that allows you turn on and off the editing. I think harvest will also be good if it's more implemented in solo as well where you can't trade with others to get the crafts you might need and allowing it to be a more enjoyable experience.

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