[3.11] Doryani's Brain Rattler Inquisitor | Stunning Lightning

Delaai the Shocker

Main idea

In 3.11 we can see some new unique items and some updated one.
The most interesting item from my point of view is Doryani's Prototype.

This item is a core of the build.

So main idea is to use lightning damage with a lot of negative lightning res to make enemies exremely vulnarable to lightning.

One more great change is Brain Rattler.

With new stats it allows to convert all our damage to lightning using Physical to lightning gem and to easily shock bosses.

This two items combined allow to create build with any physical melee skill gem.

But do you know what is better then 2 unique items in the build?
3 unique items in the build!

By using this "crappy" gloves and Conductivity curse we are able to get our lightning resistance to -100%. Even to Shaper, because Doryani's Prototype ignores initial resistances of enemies.

Using this 3 items and some armor scaling you can use whatever class and melee skill you want.


+ Explosive damage
+ Need to scale only 2 elemental resistances. (More room to scale cahos res)
+ Fun oneshots of the bosses
+ Immune to curses, casted by monsters (can be replaced with our own conductivity)
+ Can run maps with Elemental Wickness
+ In optimal -150% to enemies lightning resistance (even to shaper)
+ Immune to Elemental Equilibrium
+ Low mana consumption (no need of mana leech or mana regen)
+ Cheap to start
+ Good scaling ability
+ Stun
+ Great support for all lightning classes


- Lightning damage is quite painfull, need a lot of armor
This guy is a nightmare

- Slow gameplay
- Can not run Elemental Reflect maps
- Can not kill atziri due to her 2% passive damage reflect. (2% from our hit is a oneshot for us)


Leveling is easy. Just using Ice Crash will take us from the begining to the maps because of 100% Physical to Cold conversion.
Or you can use Consecrated Path for more speeeed.

My variant


In 3.11 new mechanic was introduced, adding new gem tag SLAM.
So I would like to use Earthquake with the slow gem setup.
Gems: Earthquake, Physical to Lightning, Ruthless, Fist of War, Pulverise, Fortify.

Due to the nature of Earthquake, it do not need almost any attack speed and benefits hugely of heavy strikes.

Fist of War is shining with Earthquake as well, providing huge bust.

Another new gem there is a new Warcry gem: Seismic Cry.

Seismic Cry is adding massive damage for each our hit up to tremendous damage on 4th one.


Lightning damage is not as good at stunning an enemy as physical damage, but due to huge shock and recent stun immunity changes I am still using it. Lots of mace nodes at the tree have something related to stun. So we are getting both damage and some thicc stuns.
Also, I am using Heavy Strike in another 6L gem setup for more STUN.

One punch

Not at all times, but some times, we can do undeal damage because of
1. High roll of base damage
2. Flasks active
3. 3rd hit with Ruthless
4. 4th hit with Seismic Cry
5. Fist of War ready
6. Critical strike
7. Double damage from weapon base and passive tree


We do not want any +#% All resistances nodes on the tree, because it will increase our lightning res (enemies' lightning res as well), but in ascendancy tree we do not have much choice.

The Jinxed Juju

Amulet that covers our need in attributes + provides huge defence layer because of spectres.
Yes, I am using spectres.

This two big boys will cover our back.
In case they die we can summon spectres from any corpse. But they are the toughest guys I could find.

Also this amulet provides me some curse effectiveness, which allows to bust my negative lightning resistance.
And it has some aura effectiveness, which busts my defences and crit.

The Defence

Using this keystone I can improve my defence for oneshots of physical/lightning nature. However I am weaker for another types of damage. But, if I got it correctly, I can leave other elemental resistances at 50% point because they will not be working with >50%.
However, I prefer to refund this passive when I need to.

Passive skill tree

Path of Building is currently not working with the latest slam gems so all I can add is my current tree.

Current equip

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Looking forward to it! :D
very interested in! have u already kill some of endgame bosses? If yes, then how it was, i mean damage was great? and what about red maps clear speed?
SlizerFiend wrote:
very interested in! have u already kill some of endgame bosses? If yes, then how it was, i mean damage was great? and what about red maps clear speed?

Haven't got to red maps for now. Tier 6 bosses can be not noticed in a pack of monsters.
I will record some video when I'll get to higher tiers.

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