[3.11] The Bad Touch—Demo's Boss-Chunking Doryani's Fister

FINAL EDIT: I burned out on writing this guide. There are other people who made superior versions of this with better resources for the best gear.

[This is a work-in-progress, and will be updated as the build matures and I put together the proper images/etc]
[This is also my first guide so please insert your shame sticks gently]


Ever since its release, Doryani's Fist has had a...fraught history. Of disuse. This is a shame, in part because I love the item and its skill's aesthetic...and also because I created the Audacity div card out of hype. Which has only ever dropped for me once, but that's fine.

The wealth of changes to Slam-type skills (and the classification of Doryani's Touch as a Slam) in 3.11 has brought this skill to the forefront, but it's actually a certain set of other factors that really make this skill worth using in endgame content. Details below.

First, the usual top-of-page stuff for a build guide.

Pro's & Con's


+ Can scale to deal what could be the strongest single hit in the game
+ Can shock even endgame bosses to considerable effect
+ When using Doryani's Prototype, all enemy lightning resistance bonuses are completely negated
+ The two parts above combine for remarkable support usefulness in parties
+ Does not require a 6-link for maximum attack skill effect
+ Primary gear is relatively easy to obtain, and resistances are easier to max out depending on Thread of Hope investment
+ No need for Resolute Technique, allowing for Elemental Overload
+ Solid effective health pool
+ Can oneshot anything but the most husky bosses
+ Looks absolutely nutty with AoE scaling


- Cannot detonate corpses to any significant effect; more inconvenient than deadly to you
- Lightning damage—especially Crusader ground effects and Shaper beam—can be insanely dangerous
- Extremely dependent on getting the best armour gear possible in other slots
- Somewhat starved for gem slots, as with any unarmed build
- Requires some investment in a Supercharge jewel (large or Megalomaniac)
- Not for anyone addicted to blue-hedgehog-levels of attack speed
- No Atziri/reflect without considerable changes in investment
- Fist of War Support doesn't change the visual effect aside from AoE :(



Skill gems

Main skill (socket in glove): Pulverize - Fist of War - Added Lightning - Inc AoE
Bossing Switchables: Inc Aoe for Conc Effect, Pulverize for AED

Reservation: Wrath, Herald of Thunder; Empower on one or both is possible

Warcries: Intimidating Cry - Seismic Cry - Enduring Cry - Second Wind (optional, but a huge QoL improvement)
Switchable: Enduring Cry for Infernal Cry, assuming they nerf Enduring at some point or you somehow never need it; Rallying is an ok self-buff in parties

CWDT: CWDT L1 - Orb of Storms L1 - Inc Crit Strikes - Blood Rage LL - Molten Shell
Molten Shell should be leveled up to not trigger, and placed on your left-click.

Mobility: Dash - Shield Charge - Fortify - Faster Attacks
You can socket Dash anywhere you want, if you have to put Shield Charge into your shield sockets. No need for second wind; it's for terrain skipping.

Spare slot: Lightning Golem

Passive Tree



This build has two main forms of play, split between bossing and clearing.

Clear: Run n' gun. War Bringer allows you to get up to your maximum Rage pretty quickly, which is a requirement for the fastest and safest clear. With 0 Rage, your attack time will be over 1 second and your shield charge will be slower than an out-of-gas Ford Taurus. Approaching a beefy pack may require you to cast Intimidating Cry first, but sacrificing 10 rage for this every few packs is fine.


Be aware that this is not, by nature, a stand-in-place-and-DPS-the-enemy build. In fact it's closer to a bleed or fat-poison build in timing as far as bosses are concerned.

When you first approach the boss, you should have your gems switched appropriately. Pulverize can be directly replaced with Awakened AED because the increased area is not worth the slower attack speed. Same sort of reason for switching AoE to Conc Effect.

Run up to the boss, bait an attack animation, move out of the way (or interrupt with Seismic Cry). Use two damage warcries for best Rage generation; if you haven't sacrificed Rage this way yet, warcry a third time. Then slam. Reposition as you wait for Fist of War to come back up, and slam again. Recast warcries as your exertions run out, but try to keep your rage above 35 or so.
Also try to make sure your next empowered slam lands before your Shock effect expires.

With or without any investment in AoE, you will easily be able to slap the boss with your Bad Touch's inner radius and the Prototype resistance effect has a wide range, so don't feel like you have to step on the boss's toes for optimum damage. That said, virtually anything without phases can be oneshot with this build.


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I'm trying to make a General's Cry Doryani's Fist Hierophant right now. I get some damage from arcane cloak and mana stacking and crown of eyes.
It works a little bit like an auto bomber and I can ignore attack speed as long as my Warcry CD is not to low. I have arrived at maps and I must say I love how it sucks.
Last edited by Jeromeo on Jun 28, 2020, 10:36:16 PM
Yeah, I wouldn't go Hierophant for any build involving Doryani's Touch. Not great scaling in the ascendancy, poor synergy with things like Doryani's Prototype...not my thing.

I would go Elementalist, actually, if you're using General's Cry. Specifically golementalist with a bunch of Primordial Bond jewels.
Functionally, though, the problem is with the AI of the mirages. They'll try to slam enemies that are already dead or about to die, instead of diversifying their targets. Looks hilarious though, like a goon squad going after that xerox machine in Office Space.
Last edited by DemoDango on Jun 29, 2020, 12:45:34 AM
wondering if you ever got this build to work?

I did, but streamlining it took too much effort for the rest of the league and I burned out on writing the guide.

Sorry folks.

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