[3.11] Bleed Earthquake Gladiator

Hey all and welcome to my Bleed EQ Glad build, i'm abit of a newb to build guides so pls if you need more info ask in this thread.

Current Gear

Skill Tree (lvl 91)

blood in eyes > Grat violence > challenger > outlast

Major > Brine king for stun... Minor, this depends on map mods for me.. e.g abberath for those burning ground maps etc

Gem Links

Main damage.
Eartquake > fortify > fist of war > less duration > melee phys > brutality

flesh and stone linked to maim
blood and sand

Dash linked to second wind

steelskin (higher the level the better but keep matched with what cwdt gem allows) enfeeble > increased duration

Seismic cry linked to second wind


For quality of life you'll want a mana leech jewel so you don't need to spam a mana flask all the time.

Rest of jewels are upto you for capping res, more life and more damage.


Drox kill

More videos soon

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Hey man, thanks for dipping your toes into guide making :) I'm using your guide to hopefully inspire me with my gladiator, as I tried a lacerate build and just hated how it felt bossing lol, great clear but super squishy to heavy hits. Gonna see how it feels with these changes, seems like a great way to mitigate the bs big phys hits most bosses can do!

Also, a Path of Building link would be leagues of help!!
Get a Mana leech jewel and get rid of the mana flask :)
Hey :) glad you're finding the guide useful !

sorry but i haven't updated to pob fork yet so don't have a pastebin for the guide, my profile is public though if you'd like to take alook at the current state of the build in ssf.

Oh and have now rolled a mana jewel.

Do you have a POB?
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