New player looking for some help!

Hey I started playing path of exile yesterday and I decided I would like to make a slayer that uses a 2handed sword, I havnet realy been adding any skill points as Im leveling because I don't want to mess anything up. Is there anyone that can help me out with a guide of some sort that can help me make build my slayer as I level. Please and thank you!

Deborah's eyes were adjusting to the light now that the camera had been turned off and was no longer shining in her eyes. She looked up as the two burly men approached her from either side and lifted her up off the floor as they carried her back to her cell. She could see the cot for the first time and the chains hanging from the black rings on the wall and those attached to the rings on the floor.
The men lifted Deborah higher off the floor, raising her in the air by her wrists as they attached the overhead chains to her leather restraints. Then they grabbed her legs and attached the leather restraints connected to the chains on the floor to her ankles as she hung freely, suspended in midair.

Both men had retrieved leather hoods from the wooden cabinet in the corner of the room and one of the men had a cat o'nine tails. Deborah was suspended in the air facing the wall and couldn't see what was going on, she could only hear the men's movement. Xavier handed the other man the cattle prod as he moved over to Deborah's left side.

Deborah could see her shadow on the wall in front of her as the camera and light were switched back on. Xavier had the camera zoomed in as far as it would go. He slowly panned and showed each of Deborah's wrists as they were attached to the chains and then down to her head and down her back and each of her legs as it became apparent that she was suspended in midair.

The camera then showed the upper bare torso of each of the heavily muscled and tattooed men with their evil looking leather hoods. The camera then panned to the cat o'nine tails and focused on it for several seconds as the man slapped it against his leg.

Now the camera was on Deborah's back as the men moved in and began to rip her dress away, starting at the neck. As the dress tore, the camera followed the tearing fabric until it came to a stop on Deborah's ass, now covered only by her new black lace panties. The camera was focused on her ass now and at no time did it reveal the welts that Richie had left, crisscrossing Deborah's back.

A long double-edged knife now appeared in frame and cut away Deborah's panties as they fell to the floor, with the camera following them. The sensitive microphone in the camera caught the sound of the knife ripping through the material on Deborah's dress as it fell to the floor on top of the panties. Next came the sound of Deborah's bra being ripped from her and thrown next to the wall.

All the while this was going on camera; the other man was rubbing ointment into the welts on Deborah's back. Deborah began to groan as she realized it was medicated and the more it was rubbed into the welts, the more they burned as her back was suddenly on fire, the welts reddening and becoming all the more apparent.

The camera remained on Deborah's bare ass as it swung freely in the air. With the first crack of the cat, Deborah let out a blood curdling scream. Each crack of the cat was followed by another scream. The camera caught Deborah's ass as it quivered with each blow.
After a couple of dozen cracks of the cat Deborah's body slumped forward and hung limply from the chains as the camera panned up to show the bright red glistening welts on Deborah's back. The camera's microphone captured Deborah's groans and whimpering as it was switched off.

That would scare the shit out of me, if it were someone I loved, thought Xavier. He had to laugh to himself at the trickery. His man with the cat had been thrashing it against the wall and the other man had alternately pinched and pulled Deborah's nipples to get her to scream or used the cattle prod on her tits.

Deborah had accommodated them with her screams as she was sure the cat would soon be used on her after they were through terrorizing her with the sound. She could see that this cat had metal studs in the end of each leather strap, and she knew it would rip her back to shreds. So, terrorized had Deborah become at the prospect that she passed out.

As Xavier looked at his men, he could see that they were completely aroused and consumed with lust. They looked at him with hopeful questioning eyes and he nodded his head. Screw the gringo, he thought, his men needed to be rewarded for their work. The men quickly dropped their pants and took turns relieving their aching balls by unloading into Deborah's pussy and ass.

As his men pulled their pants back on, Xavier switched the camera back on and moved in closer, exploring Deborah's gaping pussy and asshole as the cum dripped from the holes and down her inner thigh. He would send that along to Richard too. He was sure Richard could use this footage too if he were serious about motivating someone. This had been Disney World stuff in comparison to the videos they usually sent to the families of their own kidnapping victims.

Before they left, the men removed Deborah from the chains and moved her limp body back to the cot. They left the leather restraints on her wrists and ankles for future use, but she could now move about freely. One of the men came back in a few minutes and left a large plastic bottle of water and a bowl of rice and beans for Deborah to eat when she finally awoke.

Xavier returned to his office upstairs and uploaded the video to the server as Richard had asked him to do. Deborah must have really pissed someone off for them to have given her such a thrashing, Xavier thought to himself. He decided he would send one of the women to her cell later to wash her body by hand and put some real ointment on her back. She would need to heal up while she was in his care if she were going to earn her keep when they transferred her to one of their busy brothels. With those tits, she would command a premium price.

When the dialogue box appeared on his computer that said, "transfer complete," Xavier switched the computer off and headed to the patio for a late lunch.
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Every ascendancy has it's own guide section on the forum. Above is Slayer.
memidigo wrote:
I havnet realy been adding any skill points as Im leveling because I don't want to mess anything up

There are quests as you level up through the 10 acts where the reward allows you to refund a passive point.
Also Orbs of Regret give you 1 refund point every time you right click on one.
If it's your first character, don't try to overthink stuff just find a decent guide in the Class forums and follow it. There are also guides on YouTube.

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