3.11.0f Hotfix

3.11.0f Hotfix:

  • Seed Caches in maps now drop more seeds than before, scaling up per map tier so that you'll get double the number of seeds dropped from a Tier 16 map.
  • Weightings of crafting outcomes have been fixed and improved. Due to an error, many seed types couldn't spawn certain rare crafting outcomes before level 80. The combination of these changes and the increased seed drops will result in seeing the rare outcomes more frequently than before, especially in higher-tier maps.
  • The difference in rarity of Tier 2 and Tier 3 seeds has been flattened, so you'll see the rarer Tier 2 and Tier 3 seed types more often now. Their drop chance from Tier 1 monsters has not been changed, meaning the increased Tier 1 seed drops from higher-tier maps will result in more Tier 2 seeds, and by extension Tier 3.
  • Recently-hatched monsters are now resistant to damage. This will prevent you instantly destroying them with abilities you have prepared before the start of the encounter. This is now consistent with our other league mechanics that give you time to prepare.

This was a server-side hotfix, no restart of client required for these changes.
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Last bumped on Aug 18, 2020, 3:16:16 AM
Obbamajaros wrote:
Is this restartless?

Yes, this is now live.
Apologies, there was a slight problem with the hotfix. These changes should all be applied correctly on live now.

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